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Chris at SeanCody
Chris at SeanCody
Chris at SeanCody

Chris at SeanCody
Chris at SeanCody
Chris at SeanCody
Chris at SeanCody
Chris at SeanCody

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Sean wrote:

Chris is a 19-year-old college sophomore.

“How would you describe yourself?” I asked him. “Ummm… I’m a meathead,” he said, laughing.

“What is that exactly?”

“I dunno… jock – slash – party goer I guess,” he replied. Most of his buddies are jocks and he’s on the wrestling team.

“Were you on the wrestling team in high school?” I asked. “Yeah, I was the captain,” he replied.

“Did that get you a lot of play?”

“Hell yeah. Girls love wrestlers.”

Yeah, I bet Chris is popular with the ladies. Smooth, muscular body and cute face. I bet his cock has been inside a lot of pussies.

“Girls like to get me drunk so they can have their way with me,” he confided jokingly. “Um, do they really need to get you drunk to get you to put out?” I asked.

“No, but it’s more fun that way!”

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  • Petr

    I’d do him, I like wrestlers.

  • tofer

    Dumb as a box of rocks. My perfect man.

  • Mac


  • Jonnee

    Sean Cody is on his game again!

  • Brad


  • Chris

    man what a body!

  • mike

    i agree with jonnee, next we need 2 see him with terry & then pinned- both shoulders 2 the mat by billy or harley!

  • JJ9

    Needless to say, he would have no problem getting his female contingent pregnant.

  • Ben

    one of the hottest guys sean cody has featured recently! i would love to eat that load. such a waste for it to go on the mirror.

  • Tobias

    Oh yes. Everything works with this one. He is a very hot man and, what, he’s gonna do gay sex scenes because he’s straight? Oh Sean, stop it already. Ha ha ha. But, I will say this, Sean has an erring eye – 90% of the time – and he’s really uncorked a beautie this time.

  • randomguy

    Okay, someone introduce him to Billy right now! That thing should be in someone’s mouth or ass and Billy is, IMO, the best candidate!

  • Worth Your While

    I agree with you, JJ9 – I was thinking the same thing! His load is VERY thick – would love to have tasted it myself! That being said, for Chris’ first BJ video, I vote for either Cole or Terry, as they are the resident “load-gulpers”! LOL

  • Riley

    Freaking awesome ;)