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ChaosMen: JT

JT at ChaosMen

Meet JT. He’s half twink, half military dude, and all SEX! This former army guy seems to like boys and girls equally, but I’m wondering if he is starting to want to play on our team a bit more…

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PerfectGuyz: Matt Casey (Sexy Amateur Boxer)

Matt Casey (Sexy Amateur Boxer) at PerfectGuyz

Matt is one of the most sophisticated men we’ve met to date. He’s demeanor is best described as “cool and confident” – apropos for a competitive athlete. He is very masculine and deadly handsome. He has a remarkable body, sheathed in muscle. His broad shoulders and powerful biceps indicate that he takes his training seriously. He has a well-sculpted chest and rock solid abs. His 8″ thick cock is impressive…

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RandyBlue: Jordan Santelli

Jordan Santelli at Randy Blue

Jordan Santelli shows of his incredibly hot body and beautifully large cock in his first video for Randy Blue.

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SeanCody: Willis

Willis at SeanCody

Willis is one of the most colorful characters I’ve ever met. He’s 18 and from Tennessee. He was the star quarterback on his high school football team. “I think I got a little bit of a country accent,” he understated. “But I don’t think I’m too country…”

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YouLoveJack: Pascal Johnson (Shot By Jack)

Pascal Johnson (Shot By Jack) at YouLoveJack

Pascal showed up for his video wearing a butt plug under his clothes. He loves the idea that he can be getting off in public and nobody else has to know! I say, fight the power… just let me watch! He doesn’t waste any time stuffing three fingers in his hole before fucking himself silly with a bunch of dildos. Dirty French guys rule! ..

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NextDoorBuddies: Steven and Josh

Steven and Josh at Next Door Buddies

Steven made his debut on the other week, but this will be 18 year old Josh’s first scene with us.

Josh was out walking in the forest, enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful trees. There’s nothing better than to enjoy yourself while enjoying nature and that’s what Josh takes to heart by pulling out his 10 inch cock…

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BangBangBoys: Joey Angel Sucks Davyd & Gill

Joey Angel Sucks Davyd & Gill at

These are great pics of Davyd, Gill and little Joey playing around in the spa. Joey goes down on both big cocks and loves every minute of the sucking action, as do Davyd and Gill of course. These are three of my favorite models and I would love to hear what you think about these guys, or other guys you might like to see together in three-way action.

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ChaosMen: Camden & Leo

Camden & Leo at ChaosMen

I couldn’t be happier with the way Camden responded to Leo in this video. His energy emanated and bounced back threefold! These two really got into each other…

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CollegeDudes247: Shawn, Landon & Shane

Shawn, Landon & Shane at CollegeDudes247

Shane and Shawn have fun with Landon in this hotter-than-ever three-way! After some generous dick slurping, Landon gets down to business as Shane and Shawn take turns on his ass. Landon craves even more dick, though, and soon is begging for both of these hung dudes to fuck him at the same time! We were amazed at how fucking HOT it is to see Landon rammed by two hot dudes at the same time! After Landon is fucked into a hot cumshot, Shane and Shawn simultaneously blow their loads all over him. Double Penetration like you have never seen it before, only at CollegeDudes247!

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RandyBlue: Blake, Cody Fallon & Derrek

Blake, Cody & Derrek at Randy Blue

Derrek Diamond was a little bummed that he didn’t get to have sex with Blake Riley and Cody Fallon when making our Halloween video. Today he gets to live out his fantasy in this smokin’ hot three-way.

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CorbinFisher: Brent Fucks TJ

Brent Fucks TJ at CorbinFisher

A nickname for this video should be “Attack of the Tall, Dark and Handsomes”. It sure seems that the pendulum swings in favor of the blonds here at CF, but if TJ and Brent have their way it will be the brunettes that we’re known for!

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SeanCody: Emory Blows Cooper

Emory Blows Cooper at SeanCody

Cooper hadn’t gotten off in about a week. “My girlfriend gave me a blow job last weekend,” he said. “You mean your fiancee?” I teased. “Yeah,” he said, smiling. “So why did you decide to come back?” I asked. “To experiment, I guess,” he replied.

Emory was sitting next to him, grinning like a Cheshire cat. He liked Cooper a lot. I could tell.

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SeanCody: Jacob Fucks Billy

Jacob Fucks Billy at SeanCody

“So how does the ass you are fucking here compare with the pussy you get on your route?” I asked Jacob.

With a coy smile he responded, “It’s different. Definitely. It feels good though.”

Billy was ready to have his ass fucked. He’s been hitting the gym hard and showed up this time with a freshly shaved chest.

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AmateurCollegeSex: Dawson & Cassie (Rematched)

Dawson & Cassie Rematched at AmateurCollegeSex

With every single new video, Dawson must be trying (and succeeding!) to kick things up a notch. I swear, he fucks faster and more furiously with every performance.

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SweetAdonis: Fabiano

Fabiano at SweetAdonis

Fabiano is cute, 19 years of age, and hails from Argentina. His amateur Photoset was made by one of his friends and the hot video shows him unaltered and raw in some hot jerkoff session. Although this is the first time he tries to perform for the camera, he comes across very hot (and in real live he also is very friendly and open minded) we hope to see more of him soon…

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NewYorkStraightMen: Carlos and a Viewer

Carlos and a Viewer at New York Straight Men

Our oh so horny New York viewer was granted two wishes. Blowing Jim was his first wish and servicing Carlos was his second wish.

Carlos was treated to an eager mouth that was warm and wet!…

Watch Carlos at

RandyBlue: Reese Rideout & Gage Wilson

Reese Rideout & Gage Wilson at Randy Blue

Gage Wilson gives his first on screen blowjob to the sexy Reese Rideout and Reese is more than happy to reciprocate. The intensity of this video is unreal.

Watch Reese & Gage’s Teaser Clip | Visit

LatinJocks: Rico

Rico at

We saw Rico on a drum dancing at local club. He was wearing white briefs so we got a pretty good impression of what he was packing! Well, we talked to Rico during a break and met the next day for his shoot. This guy works out 6x’s a week so his body is as big and thick as his amazing cock…

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ChaosMen: Woody

Woody at ChaosMen

What is it with these long gangly drink of waters with uber huge dicks?

Not complaining, but I knew when I saw Woody and his big ‘ole horse dick, that fans of the mighty would be super happy…

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CorbinFisher: Travis’ Audition

Travis' Audition at CorbinFisher

Travis has certainly made quite the splash here at CF and is on his way to being a CF star. He has a great face and body, an awesome dick, a truly endearing personality, and he’s not only been willing to engage in some hot guy-on-guy action with his fellow CF studs but his performances have been intense, natural, and downright hot!…

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MikeHancock: Sean Ash Fucks Ryan Andrews

Sean Ash Fucks Ryan Andrewsat MikeHancock

It’s no secret that Ryan Andrews and Sean Ash love sex. Both of these studs cum equipped with huge cocks and beautiful asses, so seeing them fuck has been on my wish list for awhile. There’s nothing sexier than seeing two straight guys secure enough with their own sexuality to breach the psychological boundary of intimacy and truly, madly, deeply kiss. So when Sean and Ryan started making out like high school sweethearts, I knew the sex was going to be off the charts! It may not be a love connection, but it’s definitely the next best thing…

Watch Sean & Ryan at

CollegeDudes247: Gavin Busts A Nut

Gavin Busts A Nut at CollegeDudes247

Gavin was rock hard throughout the photo shoot, so we knew that this would be a hot vid before we even started. Gavin likes to use a lot of lube – he went through half a bottle of it, but that was fine by us. He even gave us a little peek at his hairy asshole. This guy has a nice butt, rock hard dick, and awesome load. You are definitely going to get off to watching Gavin get off!

Watch Gavin at

BlakeMason: Tom A

Tom A at BlakeMason

I just love it when a fit local guy applies to model – it’s just so much easier to arrange a shoot! So when Tom’s application landed, Lucas hopped straight on the phone to get this fella in and on that infamous sofa of spunk! Well, OK, it is wipe-clean due to it being leather, but even so, it’s seen quite a bit of the creamy white stuff in its time ;-)

Watch Tom A. at

SeanCody: Reid

Reid at SeanCody

Reid is a shy, soft-spoken 22-year-old who gets nervous around pretty girls…

Watch Reid at

NextDoorMale: Angel 3

Angel at NextDoorMale

The ‘ruthless’ Angel is back. If you didn’t know, this is one of our most requested young studs here on NextDoorMale

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