SeanCody: Michael Fucks Owen!

Michael Fucks Owen! at SeanCody
Michael Fucks Owen! at SeanCody
Michael Fucks Owen! at SeanCody

Michael Fucks Owen! at SeanCody
Michael Fucks Owen! at SeanCody
Michael Fucks Owen! at SeanCody
Michael Fucks Owen! at SeanCody
Michael Fucks Owen! at SeanCody
Michael Fucks Owen! at SeanCody

Watch Michael & Owen at

Sean wrote:

Ever since Owen first appeared on the site, the response from fans has been overwhelming.

Owen has the great combination of a muscular, manly body and a sweet, innocent, boyish face. This seems to have resonated with a lot of people.

He’s fucked Billy and Brant. Now it’s Owen’s turn to get fucked!

He was, however, nervous that it was going to hurt.

“This is my first time,” he said, “for, um, taking it.”

Michael, who is slightly older (but not much more experienced), was sitting next to him.

“This is my first time,” Michael said, “for, um, giving it.”

They both smiled. It was cute to see how quiet and shy they were.

Michael got Owen naked and started to play with his hole. Owen is really smooth, but he has a nice hairy hole…

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  • chad

    Oh wow. I can almost hear the stampede of queens screaming over this now!

  • kevin

    First time I don’t think sooooo!! He Cum while he gettin fuck in the ass that’s hard. To do it… My friend fuck me but I can’t cum while he’s dick up in my ass its hard

  • Blah!

    I just don’t understand that goofy haircut that is running rampant in internet porn. Owen has a nice ass tho, I will give him that.

  • EagleBoy

    That kid has a great body! That is one hairy hole though. And what’s this about it being hard to cum while you’re being fucked?…..I don’t think so.

  • DMWN

    I hope no one is truly thick enough to believe that Owen or any of these guys are actually “dick virgins,” and that the first time they *ever* received it up the shitter was during a photo/video shoot. If that were truly the case, they wouldn’t even be able to even complete the shot because as most of us know, the first time is a lot of discomfort and pause.

    That being said, I do find it a bit unsettling how they’ll have the guys make all of these tormented faces—as though they are being brutally raped. Despite how vanilla Bel-Ami is, at least they present the guys having fun with sex, as opposed to being quasi-tortured. Why can’t they just present these guys as lovers who’re enjoying the sex? Not straight guys who either lost a bet or had to be coerced into it and now have to suffer through being fucked

  • chip

    awesome. Owen is very, very hot. The haircut is youngish: fine.

    Kevin, you’re hyper-critical and with due respect, your writing skills are poor(maybe you were just rushed). You come off well and it makes for a confusing post.

  • chip

    ‘don’t come off well..”
    so, maybe you were, just rushed.

  • J

    Owen’s hair is a mess. He looks like a girl with those dainty locks.

  • andrew

    LOVE Owen’s hair, body, face and it’s good to know he is GAY:P

  • Anthony

    Hurray! I don’t the hair hate though – I think Owen’s hair is cute.

  • bigwad

    Chad: Oh you were so right in your speculation.
    Chip: Really??? Are you going to check up on our writtings????
    DMWN: Well I know deep inside that you are right but hey it could be the second time that is getting fucked.
    Kevin: I always cum while getting fucked, perhaps I am the odd one. Actually I cum better if I am getting in the ass.

  • Chaos

    Why does Sean Cody pair up Owen with the worst-looking men from the site? Can’t we have videos of Owen and goodlooking men instead? He keeps on fucking effeminate guys and now he got fuck by an effeminate guy too. Sean, you could do a lot better in Owen’s future videos. Why don’t you pair him up with Chester, Reid or Bryant?

  • Chad

    Owen’s hair is terrible. He looks like Bonnie Franklin from One Day at a Time.

  • ram

    What a waste. Owen should have been fucked, for the first time, by someone with far more experience, and someone who he could at least be attracted to. What a waste!!!! This was very boring!!!!

  • ram

    Did you guys ever stop to think that maybe Kevin lives in another country and English might not be his first language?

    As far as coming while getting fucked. I don’t believe, at least the part of coming from the act of being fucked. With the power of editting, they can do a lot. He probably sat in front of a tv watching a stright porn until he was just about to come, then Michael stuck his cock in.

  • RJ

    Great update, I didn’t think Owen would get fucked so soon, he definitely looks awesome taking cock and that he kisses is a big plus. My only “but” is that the guy who topped him is too plain, I don’t even remember him being on the site before or not. Hopefully this will be the first of many, I would like to see Owen with Cooper, flip flopping, and same with Danny. And eventually fucked by Parker and Harley.

  • Jamie

    Seancody rocks….atleast don’t update boring stuff….love it new,fresh and served HOT!!!

    keep going

  • Tobias

    Gee Sean, aren’t they “straight?” I think both men are solid, but that Owen is a real cutie. The other guy is not bad, either. Anyway, about the hair. How out-of-touch are some of you guys? Don’t you have any nephews in high school? Well, I do. That haircut is all the rage amongst teen white boys across the entire U.S.A., especially those in their own garage bands. It’s called the Kiera Knightley cut.

  • Chad

    I don’t care what it’s called, it’s still lame and he still looks fem with it.

  • Vic

    Tell you what, you boys fuck his hair and I’ll focus on that sweet ass of his. It’ll give me alot more room to work!

  • Blah!

    LOL @ Vic

  • Armand

    Geez, why are you guys knocking on Sean Cody?!?! Don’t you understand that he plays with the “straight” fantasy? And for those of you who don’t like Owen or Michael, they may not be perfect but they are damn fine! So take a look in the mirror, stop bitching, and enjoy or find another porn site that better suits your tastes!

  • sean Maloney

    bonnie franklin. lmao.

  • Edwin

    This is just ridiculous. The top guy is so ugly.

    But at least this video shows some real life and actually has the bottom guy cum while he is getting fucked. All bottom guys cum when getting fucked…otherwise why would they bother to do it?

  • don

    The comments on this thread are so funny! One of the freshest, hottest guys on Sean Cody gets fucked for the first time on camera…and you’re all obsessing about his hair?! A. Hot. Boy. Is. Getting. FUCKED, you guys! Sometimes queens can’t see the forest for the end table lamps, I swear.

  • Brad

    I agree don. I think a lot of posters here must be bald because all they’re so concerned with hair. Methinks the queens doth protest too much.

  • Caelus

    i think Sean deliberately paired an ugly guy with Owen, a cute “straight” college boy fucked by ass ugly man, its Sean’s fantasy.

  • jj9

    From the look of hurtful pain on Owen’s face, I say the only part he enjoyed was putting his pants back on after his shower and shutting the door as he left Sean’s abode.

  • whoa

    Michael has a handsome, rugged face. I will ride him anyday…


    hey dude either top or bottom who wants to see a top go bottom yuuuck either be the man or be the fag
    btw both are hot and can’t wait 2 get it (the vid) 2 bad michael isn’t included STAY TOP MICHAEL NEVER BOTTOM!

  • MercuryRising

    I’m still laughing over Sean’s comments. What a fantasy world he must live in. “Psst, kid, wanna get fucked?” And thanks to Tobias for the information about what the haircut is called – I always wondered if things like that have a name and how they get started. I’ve seen that look a lot lately. As for the guys, I can believe it’s Owen’s first time getting fucked. I’m 26, have been out since my senior year in high school, and have sucked cock and fucked some men, but have never been fucked. Regarding Owen, I think he’s attractive with a typically youthful body. Michael isn’t half-bad, either.

  • don

    “Who wants to see a top go bottom yuuuck”? Who writes stupid comments so divorced from gay sexuality like this? Hey, JUST KEEP LOOKING, THEREALBLAH, NEVER COMMENT AGAIN!

  • brandon

    my first time was with a guy that was 9 inches but I managed to finish and cum. I praticed with a dildo ahead of time. They’ve talked about preping with dildos so I’m sure it could be his first time

    also what therealblah said I think was for attention but sadly I believe a lot of people feel that way and that’s why they get mad when people like harley bottom

  • ram

    I’m just saying;

    If this was Owen’s first time, don’t you think it took a lot for him to do it AND THEN to put him with someone who has no experience fucking guys. I just think it is a waste and may have Owen running off, never to be a bottom again. If he had been with an epxerienced top, he could have had a far more enjoyable experience causing him to want to do it again. Why would you take a chance like that on such a cute guy, who could be a big money maker. Just seems like a stupid business deceision.

  • Cain

    you posters are a riot. I do however agree with ram’s last posting. You do all the ‘prep’ for the shoot and they pair you up with someone like Michael. Hell I would have been making the same faces too being totally uninspired to really let go and enjoy the ride (pardon the pun) so to speak. “Sean’s fantasy” really cracked me up with that one.
    Aside from that Owen just looked marvelous.
    SEAN if your are reading this Owen’s next round should be someone stunning.

  • Y! ID: thegirl_next_door14388

    Hi. Why does Sean Cody pair up Owen with the worst-looking men from the site? Can’t we have videos of Owen and goodlooking men instead? He keeps on fucking effeminate guys and now he got fuck by an effeminate guy too. Sean, you could do a lot better in Owen’s future videos. Why don’t you pair him up with Chester, Reid or Bryant? CONTACT me with Y! ID : thegirl_next_door14388

  • TC

    This is a hot video, that’s all i’m gonna say.

  • boris

    owen is by far the hottest guy on the net. wow. the other guy, i couldn’t care less. i just wish i could see the video.

  • Kaleb

    Lol. About the hair..
    There’s 2 names for it, Surfer hair, and Keira hair..
    To Chad, and every other 50 year old guy posting on this with receeding hair lines..The hair is VERy popular with teen boys 12-19..It’s just the new hair style, it changes every year..Sometimes it’s short, sometimes it’s long..Stop being so whiney about it and pay more attention to something more important..Like how nice his body is and that hot ass of is is..
    I bet they even have this hair style in the wig shop you go to, maybe, if you’re lucky enough :].

  • chris

    actually the haircut is called a Zac Efron and unfortunately until all the ‘tweens’, queens and twinks quit screaming over him, or he changes his hair style, it’s going to be around for a while no matter how terrible it looks on some guys … half the time I can’t tell Zac Efron from Brent Corrigan simply because of the hair …

  • Riley

    DAMN HOT video Freaking on FIRE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DTG

    Keira Knightly is a woman. Don’t tell me young boys these days are getting hairstyle cues from females.

  • rick

    this is crazy…owen is the best looking model i have seen in years. i just do hope that sean cody will protect him from temptation of drugs and unsafe sex. this kid is awesome. and his hair…i dont see him with any other style…better than some bald ones we are subjected to. its a cute style and fits his perfect face. guys please be polite and if you hate his hair keep it for yourself…the kid doesnt derve this rick