SeanCody: Owen & Harley Flip-Flop-Fuck

Owen & Harley Flip-Flop-Fuck at SeanCody

Owen & Harley Flip-Flop-Fuck at SeanCody

Owen & Harley Flip-Flop-Fuck at SeanCody

Owen & Harley Flip-Flop-Fuck at SeanCody

Owen & Harley Flip-Flop-Fuck at SeanCody

Owen & Harley Flip-Flop-Fuck at SeanCody

Owen & Harley Flip-Flop-Fuck at SeanCody

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Sean wrote:

Baby-faced Owen has come a long way since his first appearance here. Not only has he packed on even more muscle, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a straight guy get so much pleasure out of having another guy’s dick up his ass. Hard cocks don’t lie and Owen’s is often at full mast while he’s getting pounded.

This time Owen meets up with Harley, who has proven himself to be truly versatile.

So what could be better that to have them take turns fucking each other?

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  • drake

    When will they suck some dick or eat some juice?

  • Mike

    straight guy and he takes a dick up his ass? yeah, right!

  • fattyacid

    no sucking? this got to be boring….

  • Jay

    Real men suck dick. I’d rather not see them take it up the ass again if they can’t handle a little cock on their mouths.

  • Alfred

    Only bottoms suck cock.

  • fattyacid

    and only bottoms ride cock…

  • HuskerFan

    What? No cock sucking on a Friday update from SC? No cum lapping? I have to admit that these two are hot together but that is about it. Owen’s cock is rock hard…a first for him.

  • Ned O

    Sure Sean Cody, straight. What a freakin’ homophobe you are, you self-loathing loser. That’s why you don’t have my money. The only straight person you know Sean is your mother. That said, Owen is adorable. The other guy I can take or leave. But Owen – the straightie in love with dicks up his ass – ha ha ha – is sweet and humpy.

  • RJ

    Two hot pieces of ass, yumm. I have to say, though, Owen taking pleasure from getting fucked? he always looks like he’s giving birth or something

  • mike

    does anyone else notice that this was shot at different times. the first time owen gets fucked he has a full set of pubes. the last time he gets fucked he is all trimmed

  • Dz

    Thought maybe they’d finish off with that double dildo up their asses…

  • FAN


  • Travis

    Owen is amazing. Owen has got to be my most favorite guy ever, I would do anything for a chance to have my first time with a guy to be with a guy like Owen. I think its because he reminds me of a guy I know that I would always fantasize about.

  • elephunk

    bah, i’m over it.

  • MM

    dildos are disgusting. harley needs to become a man again and start topping. parker needs to return and top cooper.
    i mean owen,err is that cade.

  • martin

    hot pairing, like Owen’s muscles, they need to suck cock, they kiss?,nad very nicely too, If they’re still around ,team Owen up with Ford & Danny, 3way fip fopr get both to tag him, maybe DP him. or have him fucked by Berke:)

  • don

    Owen looks like he’s enjoying himself as he gets fucked, instead of looking like he’s passing a gall stone…hot! Harley’s cockhead peeking out of its hood as Owen punds him…hotter! Sean Cody pairing up the lean and ripped Harley and the muscle-bound boy Owen…hottest! Now how about Reid and Barry flip flopping, Sean Cody?

  • brad


  • matt

    i love Owen hes so fucken hot

  • daniel

    This movie is one of the best ones that I have seen that have come from Sean Cody. This is easily one of my favorites of all time.

  • Sean

    When can I get to see more Owen and Danny…?
    Please help us make their best connection…
    Thank you.

  • Andy

    I am completely in love with Owen! He is fucking hot! He is my dream man!

  • diddid

    owen is soooo hot and owen start cock sucking plz

  • jag2power

    This is a way too late entry, but after hearing about Owen losing his legs in combat in Afganastan I needed to remind myself why I adored him. That man pussy of his should had been eaten into a New year and I would be happy to oblige.