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CorbinFisher: Cade Fucks Todd

Cade Fucks Todd at CorbinFisher

Cade Fucks Todd at CorbinFisher

Cade Fucks Todd at CorbinFisher

Cade Fucks Todd at CorbinFisher

Cade Fucks Todd at CorbinFisher

Cade Fucks Todd at CorbinFisher

Watch Cade & Todd at

Corbin wrote:

I think it was pretty clear, when he got paired up to bottom for Brent, that Todd had a real curiosity about doing stuff with another guy and was more than willing to get fucked. It was pretty hot seeing the looks of obvious pleasure on his face as Brent did him, and immediately after I filmed that video I decided we really had to get another one shot, as well!

With Todd being so big and muscular, Cade seemed like a perfect partner for him as he is also a big, muscular, buff stud. Clearly, Todd appreciated that fact and you can see that from the looks on his face as the action gets going here! Just as he did with Brent, Todd gets this focused look on his face, as well as a smile he can’t hide, that betray the fact that he couldn’t possibly be more excited about what is going on. I think we’ve officially passed the “curious” stage and are at the point where he’s just doing what he loves to do! As Todd sucks Cade’s dick, it looks like a labor of love. I don’t think I’ve ever filmed a guy enjoying themselves so much while sucking off a fellow CF stud. There are times where he’s obviously sucking with the intention of making Cade feel good, but other times where he’s obviously just relishing the fact that he has another man’s dick in his mouth and is entirely consumed by that fact.

By the time we get to the fucking, both of these guys are in top form! Seeing all that muscle flexing, tightening, and glistening with sweat is pretty damn hot, and hearing Todd’s moans as Cade pumps his ass is hot as heck. Cade’s dick is definitely thicker than Brent’s but Todd handles it with no problem!

There’s something insanely hot about seeing a stud as big and buff as Todd getting totally worked over by Cade. He obviously couldn’t be happier as Cade pumps his ass, and the closer he gets to orgasm the more he begins to talk dirty and beg for Cade to fuck him harder. Todd looks like he’s in heaven as he covers his own rock hard abs in his load while Cade fucks him. He looks even more in heaven when Cade cums in his mouth!

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  • Prince

    I thought he left this site…anyway, me likes what I’m seeing

  • Rey

    Damn. Todd is hot. Love that built chest. I would love to get a piece of that. Cade is lookin good too.

  • Dolphin8762d

    Thanks CF. I’m this close to joining again as long as you promise one oral cum shot each week!!

  • Nick

    Damn. I didn’t know Todd was a total bottom slut! I hope he keeps this up at Chaosmen.

  • elephunk

    Todd is cute. Cade still looking inbred, as usual.

  • lylll

    cade is not hot anymore

  • Jace

    LMAO @ “curious”. Sure. These boys are HOMOSEXUAL. It’s the reason why they’re there in the 1st place! Just admit it!!! lol :D

  • jason

    aw man, i thought they were about to do a bare scene for a minute

  • Worth Your While

    OK Todd is now officially my favorite! With those lips, that body, and the fact that he LOVES to take cum in his mouth, what more can I ask for???

  • DarrylO

    Well, this confirms Todd is totally cute, totally gay…. and a site jumper.

  • Gimme More

    This Todd guy is so fucking awesome he needs to be deep, really deep fucked ´till there is no tomorrow. Only by brutally fucking him, his curiosity can be compensated, and I mean fucking him bareback.

  • chris

    I’m just curious what it is they’re so darn curious about … after all they’ve both had enough gay sex by now that I can’t for the life of me figure out what they’d still be curious about! But I’m a fan of Cade so I don’t mind that he keeps showing up!

  • Aaron

    I think they’re curious to see how long Corbin will keep claiming that they’re straight. I mean Lucas has fucked about 20 guys and been fucked by about as many and Corbin’s only let him cop to being “bi” in the past month.

  • peter parker

    Hottest. Scene. Ever.

    What over sites has Todd been on with what names, I wanna see more of him!!

  • brucesteggert

    Todd: what a fierce body, what a tight hole, what a willing cum whore. Bravo!

    Soo glad that Todd has “crossed back.” He is a great member of the CF stable.

    And–shoot me, if you must–I do think Todd and Cade were good together.

  • Nick

    Peter Parker, Todd is also Zane at Chaosmen. But so far he has only done a solo over there.

  • Brad

    Cade is about attractive to me as Jake Cruise, and that’s saying alot. Something about his face puts me off. Someone saying that he looks inbred aptly describes it.

    I’m just waiting for Parker’s sex scene. If Cade is in it I’d rather turn straight than look at that nasty mug.

    Just my opinion.

  • DMWN

    Todd may have a Zeus-like body, but his gayness is a bit obvious.

  • phunky

    I can never get enough Cade! Hot stuff. Todd needs to chill out with the steroids though.

  • Topher

    When Todd bottomed for Brent in January, it was a perfect example of a guy not having to fit the standard goodlooking norm to be smoking hot. Todd (Zane at ChaosMen) IS smoking hot without trying. I have been looking forward to Todd bottoming again, and this video looks like it will not disappoint. Keep the pretty guys, and give me more guys like Todd…

  • jugde6

    Cade gets a 8.9, he looks still hot to me
    Todd gets a 9.9, almost perfect
    And he is gay for sure.
    The almost bareback pic is really turned me on.

  • ron

    Now, give me flip flop of Todd and Austin! :)

  • daniel

    danger – massive manboob alert. they should cut down on the steriods. plastic cloned men – quite unattractive.
    cade 5.0
    todd 6.0

  • Dolphin8762d

    Y’all do realize that a guy can get big and muscular without steroids right? Before I started working out, I was 6’2′ and 155. With out any protein product or any enhancments, I am not 6’2′ and 225.

  • Dolphin8762d

    That should be I am now 6’2…:-)

  • alias74

    Todd is super hot…and it makes him all the more so because he is NOT a cookie cutter pretty boy! I agree…could be steroids, could be not (but the man boobs are sometimes indicative of steroid use but not testicle shrinkage here!). Hottest part of this is a) watching him zonk out as if possessed while getting boned, b) his total swallowing of Cade’s spunk: note – no cuts, edits, or invisible spit takes, he swallows! and c) if his interview at Chaosmen is to be taken as true, he is not cougars and totally straight identified! That makes his bottoming and cum-swallowing even hotter…

    Bring this motivated HOTTIE back for more!!!

  • AL

    Two magnificent bodies. But prefer the circumcised one for being that tiny bit more naked…

  • Peter Pan

    Amazing sex. Two stunning guys, both in their prime, fuck with vigour and some of you bitches are complaining? Some of you even manage to make being gay sound like a bad thing! Why don’t you peel yourselves out of your wank chairs and see what you can get in the real world. You’ll be back at CF soon enough.

  • Worth Your While

    I agree, alias74! That’s one of the things I love about Todd – he doesn’t “fake-swallow” — he indeed swallows!!! Somebody needs to return the favor, I’m first in line!

  • mplsmech

    Todd definately needs a personal trainer. Yeah, he’s super big, but his pecs are not formed correctly as a result of poor workout routines. See how there’s like 3 inches between them? not normal. Still a hot scene though.

  • BD

    I’d like to see Todd from Sean Cody getting fucked again soon.

  • EM6

    Hard to imagine looking like Todd at age 19 without the use of steroids. Could his really puny cum shots be a confirmation of that?

  • karl

    Why don’t they look happy?

  • Topher

    Karl: I agree. I just watched the video. The January CF Todd bottoming video was much better because Brent is always conscious of what his partner does not like, and tries to make him feel good. In this video, Todd kept giving Cade obvious signals, which Cade totally ignored. When Cade was pounding too hard, Todd was hurting and started using four letter words and pushed his hands against Cade’s abdomen as a sign to ease up a little, Cade ignored him and pounded even harder. It is obvious whatever the bios say that Todd is into gay sex. When Todd wanted to touch Cade’s dick to get himself more excited, Cade rudely pushed his hand away. Yes, the video is a keeper, but one can tell that Todd enjoyed bottoming for Brent in January, and will probably refuse to do another video with Cade. I have to admit though, the last few minutes of Todd swallowing Cade’s cum, and then making love to Cade’s dick, even deep throating to get the last drop of cum in the final seconds was HOT. I really like Todd! His out of the gay porn norm Mike Phelps type face is a nice change from the usual pretty guy clones.

  • don

    My, but that boy Todd sure has big everything…big chest, big legs, big cock, even big nipples! He is just an oversized piece of hunk!

  • Yule

    Do you always use the same guys? They must be rich. Get new ones!

  • Dan

    Now here’s my perfect fantasy CF shoot:
    Seeing as Todd obviously loves to bottom, and being built so massive, how about a vid of some slim bookish hottie twink sporting an oversized cock, plowing him stupid, those huge legs akimbo, or wrapped around said twink…
    Oh, and yeah, the swallowing cum thing at the end would be the cherry on the cake of my fantasy too! ;-)

  • maberarc

    Todd (specially bottoming)+shower scene+oral cumshot=AWESOME!!!

  • New

    I LOVE todd’s nips……..

  • Valenchaev Rozumovsky

    The masks are made for guys like these a.k.a. THE BODIES… I’d do those two only if they were wearing masks.

  • Mjpe

    This guy todd is the porn equivalent of michael phelps-fantastic!

  • Stuppendo

    Topher and Karl,

    I am glad you have noticed the difference between a love maker: Brent, and a fucker: Cade, Dawson, Lucas, and a long etcetera.

    Yes, although the scene was hot, the way Cade fucked Todd was not tender and love making. He just fucked him.

    Brent as a top and Jeff as a bottom make the perfect love makers at CF´s stable

  • Ansgar

    Cade looks like a retard.

  • Riley

    TODD is a hottie I wouldn’t mind having a Valentine Day sexfest with!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s Awesome ;)
    Love those nips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • Lopez

    Tedd is ugly. Chaosmen can have him.

  • Worth Your While

    I take it back. There was a split moment where Todd spits out most of Cade’s cum onto the side of his mouth (away from the camera), which brings me to my theory that Cade’s cum either tastes bad or smells bad. The cum swallowers at CF all seem to spit it out – even Dante. I agree though with Topher that Todd’s “lovemaking” with Cade’s dick at the end was super HOT! Todd should be in each week’s video!

  • oh boy

    AL…..who is uncircumsised here? Cade isn’t neither is Todd, Cade has a fair amount of loose sking behind his knob, and that is hot I reckon!!!!!

    This is hot, Cade is ok, I’d go him, but I wonder why everyone does seem to have trouible keeping his jism down, maybe it is a bit off!

  • AL

    Sorry if I was mistaken about one guy being uncircumcised. In the close-up I misinterpreted those folds of skin behind the head. Anyway, those folds of skin still make him slightly more ‘clothed’ so I still prefer the other guy.

  • Worth Your While

    No, AL, you are not mistaken. Cade is indeed uncircumcised. Corbin himself described one of his videos with a different guy “one cut, one uncut”. However, cut or uncut, his dick is MASSIVE!

  • Lie

    Todd is hot, but why the hell is it have to be Cade… I don’t like Cade, even if he has a massive penis, no thank you… I want to see Todd fuck TJ Or Nick. I miss Nick, he’s so cute.. CF bring him back…

  • Kevin28

    Todd needs to be gang fucked by 3 or 4 guys. Noah, Alex and Taylor. WHERE IS TAYLOR???? ANd he should swallow all 3 loads.

  • Kevin28

    Corbin, when u get a big muscle dude like Todd, a little muscle/body worship would be hot. Also tell your boys to use some tongue when making out.

  • Nate

    I liked todd’s first bottoming video better. The oral here was ok. But, I didnt enjoy cade’s fuck performance as much. Sometimes his more hardcore pounding style works but for this pairing it just didnt seem to for me. Maybe it was the positions.

  • lob taylor


  • Calvin

    Todd is now Zane for CM. Still hot as hell

  • sureyeahok

    very hot… even hotter when to see a big todd gobble up the cum at the end….

  • mike

    TODD is VERY HOT i wouldn.t mind poundig that arse of his

  • Steve

    I too was troubled by the way Cade fucked Todd without seeming to care for his enjoyment. If this is supposed to be romantic or at least enjoyable and/or fun, I sure didn’t see Todd enjoying the pounding that Cade gave him.

    I almost felt that Cade said to himself, “Ok, Brent showed you care and tenderness, now I’ll show you what unabashed fucking is all about. So what if it hurts, you’ll get over it!”

    I just looked at the flick where Cade gets fucked for the first time. He needs to relive that moment. He was not abused, why would he think that anyone else would want it that way?

  • ryand1988

    everything looks great until Cade put his dick in Todd,
    like raped by a monster.

    Cade justs cold as Hagan,except Cade move his ass more often.