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ChaosMen: Ceasar ‘Edge’

Ceasar 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Ceasar 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Ceasar 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Ceasar 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Watch Ceasar ‘Edge’ at

Chaosmen wrote:

It still surprises me when the models suggest to me doing these Edge videos.

To be honest, after getting my Trilogy done of 3 DVDs, I thought it was time to put the series to rest. Retiring the theme is harder than I thought when adorable 20-year-olds are actually asking to do them.

I started doing the Edge vids as an easy way for “newbies” to get their dick sucked and explore gay sex, if only for a few brief moments!

Ceasar’s best friend Clay had done a Serviced video with me, and apparently went on about how good the blow job. So every time Ceasar came down, he jokingly teased me that I hadn’t sucked his dick and that would be fine by him. He has also done some fetish work, and thought that the Edge videos were right up his alley.

I figured we could do one “sometime” when I didn’t really have someone appropriate to work with him- he was certain he would never bottom. So we kept putting it off, and then I ran out of guys willing to sit on his dick.

So we talked about finally doing an Edge video. I thought maybe we could do some cocksucking lessons and maybe he could learn taking a cock wasn’t THAT bad. Since I have a “starter” cock, I knew he could take it AND have a good experience where he could control the depth.

Since I am gay, and most of the guys are indeed straight, their dicks tend to get wobbley quick, so slow inserts are challenging. Mine however, can stay hard as he takes his time to work it in.

This Edge video basically de-vigininizes ‘lil Ceasar. I am not sure he will be bottoming a bunch, but I do know it is no longer in his mind that is an absolute “No” to doing it.

So I guess in all, the Edge videos are still doing what they need to do. Getting the guys comfortable doing guy-on-guy work!

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  • Riley

    Love Ya Bry and everything,but HOW come Stash couldn’t EDGE lil’ Ceasar? That would have been HOT!!! Hell I’ll ride him if you can’t find guys to take his Love Muscle

  • David

    What’s up with the old dude? Can’t any of the other models edge him?

  • XYZ-1 [º¿º]

    Wow, what a THICK cock that the young twink has. I just hate it when Bryan plugs a toy or dildo up their ass when he does the EDGE video. Just blow the twink and get it over and one with or atleast have him plow Bryan’s ass or something.

  • MM

    jake cruise jr strikes again. what a turd he is slurping on dick that a younger man should be on. get lost loser.

  • Mark

    Just watched the video. He takes it up the ass by the troll camera guy. Gross. Disappointing.

  • Eric

    That poor guy looks so scared. Jake Cruise Jr indeed. Nice fat cock though

  • evan

    total hotness — loved it!

  • Kevin

    Because a handsome older man who many straight men consider to be fucking HOT enjoys sucking dick and seems to be doing a pretty god damn amazing job of it with straight men, it doesn’t mean queens who are jealous it’s not them orchestrating something as amazing as Chaos should be flaming. Just my 2 cents.

  • LadiezMan

    If I was gay, Ceasar would be my play toy, I would suck that big ass fuckin dick balls deep! What a dick on this cute ass dude. Shit, and after I made him bust with my oral skills, I would fuck the heck outta him with my huge dick, nice slow and sensually. He’d beg for more. If only I wasn’t straight, the things I would do to big Ceasar…

  • mike

    @Kevin: They don’t consider him hot, they consider him wealthy. There is a difference. These straight guys don’t care what he looks like, just look around the web. they just care that he’s paying them to let him suck their cocks.

    That guy in the video is not an attractive man. when you watch the video you’ll see that his skin is rough as leather, he’s got a huge bald spot and he’s wearing his hair as far forward as possible to cover a receding hair line and he’s covered in sun marks.

  • brandon

    well the other guys can’t suck a dick worth a damn and in just a cocksucking video the guy needs to be able to suck cock

  • Craig

    one word Bryan – ROGAINE …

  • rei

    This is the SECOND comments page I’ve seen with JC bashing in it (not that I’m complaining LOL).