ChaosMen: AJ ‘Serviced’

AJ 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

AJ 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

AJ 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

AJ 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Watch Davin Service AJ at

ChaosMen wrote:

I am still trying to “spread out” the Serviced videos with some of the other models. Right now it may seem like I have stepped way, but no worries for you fans of the Bryan Ockert Blow Job, there will plenty coming up at the end of the month.

I was actually set to do AJ’s Serviced video, as well as another model coming in the same week as AJ. Both models were coming in to do a solo, and maaaaybe might get their dick sucked the following day if they felt comfortable.

So far everyone has opted to do the Serviced videos when I do this ‘no pressure’ offer. But because they might not do it, I don’t normally schedule another model to “stand by” in case there is a blow job to be done.

But Davin had a bunch of drama with his rent, and despite just having done a video, was texting me for more work. Wife and kid soon to be evicted. ~sigh~

Davin’s main strength is his big cock. He sucks dick pretty good in the videos, but he is straight and we all know the straight guys doing the Servicing usually don’t want cum in their mouth or will even rim. I wasn’t sure about him doing these, but again, have been interested in these video not being me every week.

Davin said he would rim and not be worried if he got cum in his mouth.

As for AJ, he was nervous only for a moment or two as he worried he wouldn’t stay hard. That was not a problem!

Between camera shots, AJ asked Davin if he was gay, because he could feel Davin’s cock on his leg and thought he was hard. Davin and I laughed because his dick wasn’t hard, it’s just so big that even soft it seems hard, and fills up his underwear.

It wasn’t exactly an invitation, but I figured AJ might not freak out if Davin took his dick out, if only to see what we were talking about.

I usually don’t expect the straight guys to “make” the guys cum, so I asked AJ if it would bother him if Davin took his cock out and stroked along with him. “Naw,” he said. So AJ got an eye-full of Davin’s hummer.

Davin hadn’t had sex in days and was certain he could cum right alongside of AJ.

Sure enough both boys fired their guns at virtually the same time!

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  • bonerboy

    Of course “Davin” isn’t gay…he just takes other mens penises in his mouth and ass for the hell of it. All hetereosexual men do that!

    Oh silly, silly world of gay porn. So in love w/the fictional idea of actually being able to seduce straight men into gay sex that it’s becoming nearly cartoonish now.

    • ThomT

      I’m with you on this one – I haven’t yet met a straight guy who sucks dick, gets fucked, rims and swallows. They might be self-defined as straight but I think they need to look up the definition because the only thing that defines you at straight is that you don’t have gay sex – even for money. I can buy the fantasy but I can’t accept it as reality.

  • Riley

    DAMN HOT SO GLAD AJ is BACK YAY!!!!!!!!!!! ;) Davin Looking Sexy HOT TOO!!!!!!!!! :)

  • BrianRatliff

    Did Davin dump his gay friend, Mio? If you recall, Bryan did a video of the two of them together. So this crap about saying, “I ain’t gay bull is getting pretty old…so I wish he would quit sending me offer’s of lower prices on his site to help out his non-gay boy’s he lets work at his abode.”

  • brandon85

    I don’t know why it is hard to understand why someone who is dead broke would have sex for money and some of them seem to have drug problems so I don’t know if they are straight or not but I can totally see someone who is desperate having sex outside of their orientation lol for money

  • DolphSeal

    So true Brandon85. Look at the other side of the world. There are plenty of women that have sex with nasty old men just for the “money”. Speaking of money… If he didn’t mind the cum in the mouth, where was the money shot? :-)

  • Zuck

    It’s just my idea, or he totally looks like Lukas Ridgeston? He’s one of the best models I’ve seen lately.

    I’d really love to see him doing mainstream porn.

  • Established One

    Another hot one! This Davin and AJ is so hot. AJ has all the great quallities that I love. Nice dick too. It’s A YES for me!!!

  • custard

    AJ is uber hot.

    Love the hairy hole 2!

  • Daniel

    Who’s a dirty boy nowww