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BrokeStraightBoys: Rocco & Bobby

Rocco & Bobby at Broke Straight Boys

Rocco & Bobby at Broke Straight Boys

Rocco & Bobby at Broke Straight Boys

Rocco & Bobby at Broke Straight Boys

Two hot boys, Rocco and Bobby, are in bed together. It’s a day of discovery for Bobby as he learns how to suck dick and later, Rocco has the envious task of popping Bobby’s cherry!

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  • jazz

    The top has a nice wiener.

  • fresero_abre_culos

    Straight? LOL These two queens look broke!

  • Fazz

    FUCK YEAH! So awesome to see bobby bottom.
    But could have done without that crackhead Rocco. Gosh he completely cancels Bobby’s hotness out. Such a fucking boner killer! :(

  • jinger

    Hey that’s Connor Dane from CD :( Is he on drugs? He looks like shit.

  • Orochimaru


  • adowhat

    broke…they aint joking

  • baz

    Goddamn, Connor Dane has seen better days. Hell, this site itself has seen better days. The old BSB actually had a quite a few hot scenes, but this revamped shit has put out only ONE scene I think had any form of heat (Jason and Mick).

  • von schlomo

    Who wants to see a stretched out asshole? The only kinda ass I wanna see is the complete opposite!

    One other thing I’d like to point out…the scenes usually end up being better/hotter when actually viewed as opposed to a bunch of stills on a porn blog, IMO. And, yes, Connor Dane isn’t looking his best here but he’s still hot in my book and ya gotta love his hard dick!

    • porndog

      Agreed. Connor/Rocco may not look as fresh as on CD but his dick is a beauty and he can get & stay hard quicker than anybody I’ve seen. And he can cum pretty much on command.

  • Mike

    I thought Connor Dane was very hot. And when he showed up here as a long-haired Rocco, he still had a low-rent sexiness. But now shorn he just looks…bad. And sad.

    • jinger

      Yes :( he looks skinny, he’s pale, his eyes are red, he really does look sad

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    I thought the bottom looks really cute. Has that Amish/Mormon boy looks.

  • porndog

    The revamped BSB is still getting it’s sea legs. This was a pretty good scene and it would’ve been hotter with better direction, editing, etc. The fact that the guys seem to be coached into acting as str8 as they can makes the whole thing uncomfortable to watch and demeaning to viewers, imho. But both these guys are hot and have a lot of potential as performers, and better suited to a more quality site.

  • Daniel

    Errr no.

  • Ashtom

    The guys look sick.