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Drill My Hole: Butt Dial (Colby Jansen & Rod Daily)

Butt Dial (Colby Jansen & Rod Daily) at Drill My Hole

Butt Dial (Colby Jansen & Rod Daily) at Drill My Hole

Butt Dial (Colby Jansen & Rod Daily) at Drill My Hole

Butt Dial (Colby Jansen & Rod Daily) at Drill My Hole

Watch Colby Jansen & Rod Daily at

Rod Daily makes an accidental phone call to his new trainer (Colby Jansen) and unknowingly reveals his horniest fantasies to eavesdropping Colby! Armed with the secret knowledge that Rod is DTF, Colby invites Rod to hang out and makes his move. Seconds later, Rod is sucking Colby’s dick and soon bouncing on his boner!

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  • swim400

    will pass on this one.

  • darkthunder1983

    I guess I will always be in the minority. I like Rod, granted though I hate his new tats. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s a certain selection of men who can pull off numerous tats on their bodies. Rod Daily is not one of them. It just becomes a mass confusion of skin works.

  • Nucleosynthesis

    Both guys are obviously off-cycle and look terrible

    • elmtree

      I was thinking the same thing. I normally like both these guys but these pics do nothing for either of them…

  • manu

    Colby needs to use his ass a lot more.
    Never really cared for Rod Daily

  • scottnyer

    i’ve always like Rod… but for some reason in these pics he looks different and less attractive to me. I like his bad-boy look and think he still looks decent but not hot.

    • Daniel

      Colby’s not helping things either.

  • MissUnderstood

    My eyes are burning , make it go away

  • landreau

    Hell, we didn’t even get a decent look at Colby’s ass in this one. Maybe should offer him a solo toy scene. May be the only way we can finally see that ass get what’s coming to it!

  • ChillPoint

    And I didn’t know all of this MEN stuff was filmed in Atlanta…

    Makes a lot of sense now though.

  • Hunter

    Both look very un keep. Rod usually shaves but just didn’t care to. No hair cuts, stop working out for a 3 weeks or so. Its all good because we are all human .I go though the same shit myself each and every year but im no porn star.