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Tanner To Pop Brandon’s Cherry in Brandon’s Bareback Bottoming Debut at SeanCody

Tanner To Pop Brandon's Cherry at SeanCody





We’re a little late to the party here, but it’s official; Tanner is topping Brandon this coming black Friday at SeanCody!


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  • Jazz

    I’m just glad it’s not Abe. That means I can get excited about this scene. I wonder if this will be his only bottoming scene. Randy’s not much to look at but I wouldn’t mind seeing him plow Brandon’s ass. Also, Sean can have a go for that matter. I think it will take a sizable dick to really get between Brandon’s lovely cheeks.

    • Rico

      Tanner’s a logical choice for the honor. He’s not superhung, but does know what he’s doing, and he’s been around SC for a fairly long time now and is a trusted performer–on both ends of the dick. And whether you like him or not, Tanner does have a pleasing personality and attitude and still bills himself as straight. The two seem very compatible.

    • Cameron

      “and still bills himself as straight”

      Not true.

  • Clusterfuck

    I’d like to see Brandon develop his bottoming skills with the help of SC’s stable of tops til he gets good enough to work himself to a handless cumshot a la Joey.

    • CA

      I’ll leave that wish under my pillow for the tooth fairy too.

    • andrew

      If SC is smart they will offer Brandon some good money to come back every couple mos to bottom for some of the hot guys he topped in the past.

    • numbs

      Do you

    • Brandon85

      I don’t ever want to see him topping again

    • cammaxx

      Agreed. That would be very, very hot. And based on all the moaning and whimpering Brandon’s done in the past whenever anyone plays with his hole, it might very well be possible.

      Here’s hoping he turns into a great bottom to make up for the fact that he was never a particularly great top.

  • whalewasker

    shaw should top …… meh for tanner

    • andrew

      Tanner is the Cock Of The Walk for now. He got the Kings cherry. You the man Tanner.

    • 1234

      Though this is a letdown, I wonder why Taner was allowed to do that- both were already paired in a previous scene (it doesn’ matter that Brandon allegedly chose him)

  • Colton, The Major Hussy
  • Clusterfuck

    Brandon and CF Jensen both bottoming this weekend… I should get ready.

    • Brandon85

      Oh Jensen is bottoming too.

    • Zombieking

      how do you know that ? and who is the top ?

    • Clusterfuck

      Sorry I meant Jasper – they look like brothers to me. Marc is the top. The scene’s already available at CF.

    • 1234

      Though I’m not a big fan of Jasper, it was a pleasure watching him take dick. I hope he gets fucked harder next time

    • Sask

      It was a delight to watch Jasper’s furry bum slide up and down on Marc’s dick.

  • gaycockluvr

    I didn’t expect Brandon to take Sean’s dick for his first scene, so I am happy with this. I just love seeing Tanner’s sexy ass self.

  • loveyouxxx5

    Please more of Shaw….. not Tanner

  • Alann6

    Love Tanner and Brandon! Can’t wait.

  • Brandon85

    I knew he’d pick Tanner. He is the best possible option. Not likeBrandon would pick a dominant guy.

  • The Anonymous

    LMAO!!!!! I FUCKING CALLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSS

    • The Anonymous

      Quoting myself: “Brandon is one that would only bottom for someone smaller than him. That way he can still be somewhat dominant if he wants to.Someone like Parker, Dean, or Tanner.”

  • Adam Cardin

    Six inches of heaven. Wait, Tanner is 6.5″…………………………………………..right…,

  • Johnny2x4


  • andrew

    Tanner is a good choice. He is a really good performer and he and Brandon have had good chemistry in the past. Seems like Brandon choice Tanner to give it up to. Should be hot to watch.

    • lemonline2

      I rarely give much thought to the top anyway. The bottom is the most important guy in the scene. I just like to see a guy get dicked — don’t care if it’s huge — actually prefer the ass to be be huge and the penis to be average (in terms of porn size).

  • Zombieking

    WTF !!!! what a fail ! Why Tanner ? I use’ to think that the new guy Brennan was Brandon ‘s friend and he will fuck his buddy like Bailey long time ago ! where are Ollie and Trevor to do this job ? Tanner already have a scene with Brandon what the point what a deception for me it’s already a fail like the identity of Red John on Mentalist expecting a good surprise and finally have Tanner if they really want to repair Brandon with a model I would prefer Nathan or even Daniel but not Tanner. Please Sean Cody tell me it’s a bad joke pfff…..

    • thisisalark

      +1 purely because I love finding another Mentalist fan.

  • Loki

  • Lantoro7

    Ha, this was my guess too! Tanner is gentle yet enthusiastic, and a 6″ dick. I just hope that for foreplay, Tanner is willing to really put his face all up in that big round ass, like one of us would do.

  • David

    What if sc pulled a nds and did fake fucking like cody cummings … They would win troll award.

  • Clusterfuck

    First, Tanner dipped his dick in Stu, now Brandon. He is #BLESSED.

    • Ivan Jimenez

      Next is probably ABE, SHAW, BRENNAN, RANDY…

    • KB ADMIN

      Stu, oh Stu how I longed for that man.

  • Ivan Jimenez

    When is ABE going to bottom?

  • Jack

    Between todays update and this im waving the white flag. No more sc will u get my hopes up. Long live the glory days im out lol

  • airh0ps77


  • elmtree

    Seriously? All this buildup then SC let’s the “boring” cat out of the bag 3 days before the actual update? So now I have 3 additional days of disappointment. What ev…

  • Ethan

    I don’t see what the “big deal/hype” is all about…Now what makes it shocking is if he is actually seems into it and bottoms in more than one video like Harley ! Harley was AMAZING !

  • Quinton Jackson

    I’m looking forward to this tbh, love both of these beautiful men, yes hunty bring it on!

  • jesusfarts


  • Torrie

  • Zuulie

    I feel like Brandon bottoming should have happened 2 or 3 years ago when he was in his prime. Tanner’s a great performer though so this could be good.

  • Sushi

    I just hope it’s better than most “first time fucked” scenes. ‘Cause most of them are pretty bad.

    • Clusterfuck

      Dan and Randy… Unless you’re a fan of yelling in great discomfort

  • David

    Now is this a full bottoming scene for brandon or will it be a flip scene… I hope it’s just a full bottoming scene for brandon and there better be some rimming and maybe brandon will suck dick again….

  • Mihcael Davies

    I can’t with SC breaking their one time pairing rule for their poster boy Brandon. I’m kinda hoping this is just a one time thing, we don’t need another CF on our hands. I’m impartial to Tanner, don’t hate or adore him but he’s better than some other choices. Now let’s see if SC can produce a winner for a change

  • Igloo Australia

    Ughhh SC… I was lowkey excited cos I wishfully thought it’d be his friend Brennan then I found out it’s actually Tanner, a guy whom Brandon already had a scene with and is ridiculously overused

    • The Anonymous

      I know. :) It hurts to be let down so much.
      Fortunately, I love both Tanner and Brandon.
      The way Tanner got on top of, rode, and fucked Joey’s phat ass while he was laying down on his stomach tells me Tanner is the perfect candidate.


    All that buildup and for what?!? Tanner!!??!

    There goes ny hard on.


    While seeing the update…

    • The Anonymous

      Hhahahahahahahahahaha. Well, that’s what you all get!!! Especially for liking Lane and Dean.


    Oh well.

  • The Anonymous

    I am genuinely thrilled that most of you are upset…sooooo sooo sooo SO thrilled. Usually when the majority hates something with SeanCody, I absolutely love it. :)

    • 1234

      You and Bair are related

    • The Anonymous

      Who is that?

  • Alex

    Yes! That would be hot. I wish David would be there too but tanner will definitely do. Can’t wait

  • 1234

    You’re (MG) hyping this scene up too much. Do you really think it will be the best scene ever? Are you that stupid? Let us be the judge, and stop promoting it so heavily

  • DaveAtom

    Well, there you go. Not surprised.
    I think I like Tanner better than Brandon.

  • TomCNR

    Aaaaand I said it. Big chance they’d mess it up. But in their defense, Tanner is the only top/vers with an average sized cock that Brandon would be able to take for his first time. I hope they save the better tops for later when Brandon gets used to it

  • TomCNR

    Nearly my exact reaction upon seeing this on the feed

  • John Iii

    i wonder if they “practiced” before the shoot. It would hardly the first time. Pete was quite open about the fact he gave it a go prior to shooting to make sure he was up to it

    • 1234

      I think you meant Peter, the tall guy w/the big dick, not blond (former) twink Pete

    • John Iii

      Correct. Peter. He’s not normally my type but he loves sex and it showed.

  • Roc Xian

    if brandon is getting fuckd by all the men who were fucked by him at an orgy scene, it will be great. such as brodie….


    Could be Cory, master top of Sean Cody !!!

  • L. T.

    Oh, fuck me! They couldn’t have chosen someone else? Brandon was already fucking paired with Tanner before! Tanner should NOT be the one to do the job!

    • Ben

      it was Brandon’s choice, allegedly

    • L. T.

      Just my opinion, his choice sucks. This leads me to believe that he and Tanner must hang out or something. They’re the Lucas and Dawson of SC. Next thing you know we’ll thousands of updates of the two of them.

    • Ben

      Meh I don’t care about it. They’re both average performers to me. I lost my excitement over Brandon after his 5th or 6th scene. If he stays, he better bottoms for other more popular tops (Shaw, Abe or Brennan).

  • Clusterfuck

    Patience, grasshopper.