Joel Birkin is Bel Ami’s Model of the Week

Joel Birkin (Model of the Week) at

Joel Birkin (Model of the Week) at

Joel Birkin (Model of the Week) at

Joel Birkin (Model of the Week) at

Our model of the week this week is XXL Joel Birkin. Joel has been a regular on both BelAmiOnline and KinkyAngels now for some while and has become a fan favourite for many people..

Our Hungarian beauty is probably best known for his starring role in Scandal in the Vatican 2, but has many other scenes online for you to enjoy as well.

When Joel first started filming with us he was quite detached in his performances, but has since become much more comfortable and has developed into an outstanding performer.

Watch Joel Birkin at BelAmiOnline

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  • Young Meesh

    Nice. Can you guys do something about his teeth?

    • Bighouse09

      Lol never. There are so many BA models with hideous teeth and I’ve only seen George mention that he would like to fix Marcel Gassion’s (?) teeth.

    • L. T.

      His teeth are nowhere near as bad as Sascha Chaykin’s. They showed a pic of him in the past and his teeth were crooked and yellow.

  • moondoggy

    As gut wrenching (literally!) as that dick might be, I don’t know that it’s my favorite at Bel Ami, nor even in the top three. Shape is as important to me as length, and I think a number of guys have him beat there — even Lukas, whose endowment is a lot smaller. Someone should do a ranking of the cocks at BA.

    • Steve Nieves

      I agree. Joel’s dick is long & nice but in my opinion, Jack Harrer has the most beautiful, almost perfect dick in the BelAmi model roster. Jack’s dick is thankfully uncut, the way God made ALL of mankind’s cocks on planet Earth. Jack Harrer’s pretty uncut cock is perfectly thick, not too long like Joel’s dick & Jack’s dick head is the perfect helmet. I can’t say enough lovely things about Jack Harrer’s gorgeous cock. I’m really not interested in any of BelAmi’s other boring models except for Jim Kerouac, Zac Dehaan, Florian Nemec, Arne Coen, Peter Annaud, Paul Mekas, Gaelan Binoche, Vadim Farrell, Alec Rothko, Adam Archuleta, Ariel Vanean, one of my all-time faves, Brandon Manilow, the sexy Marco Bill, cutie pie Dylan Maguire & hungry bottom boy, Marcel Gassion. But BelAmionline is really Jack Harreronline as far as I’m concerned.

  • gaycockluvr

    Joel is a beautiful man…gap teeth and all.

  • Kevin

    Too bad that almost none of the BA models can take all of Joel.

    • Bighouse09

      Some have. And by some, I mean, like four.

  • Zombieking

    Why he never had scene with Kris Evas & Jim Kerouac ? and Why he never bottom ?

    • L. T.

      Same reason Jim never bottomed: I have no idea.

  • Caprice Goldberg

    These must be very early shots of his, he looks considerably younger than now, his hair is different than in recent scenes, and I’ve never seen his butt unshaven.

  • SacsayhuamanAntoninus

    YUM :)

  • Miloš Del Rey

    First of all, no one is looking at his tooth gap everyone is looking at his dick. Secondly I wish he would do more scenes, he’s fucking gorgeous. He can replace diesel washington any damn day.

    • L. T.

      Well put me in my place with the truth why don’t you. LOL

    • Miloš Del Rey

      I’m just saying, what everyone is thinking LOLOL 😂