Sergeant Miles Fucks Kurtis Wolfe in ‘Shut Up And Fuck Me!’ Scene 1 at Raging Stallion

Shut Up And Fuck Me!, Scene 1 (Sergeant Miles Fucks Kurtis Wolfe) at Raging Stallion

Shut Up And Fuck Me, Scene 1 (Sergeant Miles Fucks Kurtis Wolfe) at Raging Stallion

Watch as Sergeant Miles Fucks Kurtis Wolfe at Raging Stallion

Kurtis Wolfe and Sergeant Miles are making out as their hard, hairy dicks throb and rub against each other. ‘You’re so hot,’ Kurtis says, to which Sergeant replies ‘Just shut up!’ That’s Kurtis’ cue to get on his knees and service Sergeant who barks out the commands to suck his balls and swallow his dick. Kurtis does as he’s told until he offers up his hairy hole for Sergeant to open up with his tongue. Sergeant takes his time, savoring the flavor and getting it nice and lubed and ready for something much bigger. When Kurtis can no longer take the anticipation, Sergeant stands up and shoves his thick cock deep into Kurtis’ eager backside. He pumps away, going balls deep as Kurtis enjoys every thrust with a smirk on his face. Sergeant wants Kurtis to do some of the heavy lifting and lies back to let the stud hop on his cock. Kurtis rides it deep until Sergeant is ready to blow his load. Kurtis eagerly takes his place in front of the muscle daddy until Sergeant sprays Kurtis’ beard and open mouth with all the jizz his big full balls can deliver. With the taste of Sergeant still fresh on his tongue, Kurtis returns the favor and unloads his massive cock, giving Sergeant a creamy facial. When Kurtis sees his handiwork, he bends down and the two kiss the cum away.

Watch as Sergeant Miles Fucks Kurtis Wolfe at Raging Stallion

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Scrapple says:

Damn. That arch/booty pop in pic four looks unreal. Now that Jay is an exclusive I hope he’ll finally get to do a scene with Kurtis. For some reason they were never paired at Randy Blue.

It’s a shame Miles’ hotness is matched by his stupidity.

elmtree says:

“Damn. That arch/booty pop in pic four looks unreal”

Omg, seriously! That pic alone is cum worthy.

paultacoma51 says:


simp says:

Poor Kurtis, he deserves so much better. As much as I like to see him on the bottom, the stills seemed to show that he’s trying to conceal his disdain for his scene partner and isn’t in the moment at all. Pass.

elmtree says:

While Mr. Miles would not make my top 100 list of guys I wanna see top Kurtis, I’ll never “pass” on seeing Kurtis bottom!

wdeee says:

This looks good. I’ll be sure to check it out.

lemonline2 says:

This is a great coupling, but I’m not crazy about Miles’ beard. I like beards that are more trim. I’m also not happy that it isn’t a flip scene.

DaveAtom says:

Looks insanely hot!

Young Meesh says:

Im willing to bet this was nothing more than soft fucking. Miles had better been really pounding him. IT’S A FAIL OTHERWISE!!!

jag2power says:

I’m lovin this new Curtis. Meaning, I always liked him, but he is starting to rock the bottom more often lately and that is a good thing.

L. T. says:

Yeah, he needs to teach that other (Austin) Wolfe to follow suit. Kurtis is more hung than Austin and even he’s getting down to bottoming though I’m not against Kurtis topping either.

L. T. says:

I remember when I used to not like Kurtis. Now his big-eared ass drives me wild. I am a little curious about why he left RB. He said it was due to them cutting filming time which meant that he would only get called once or twice for filming. The other reason is a rumor that he was HIV+ which is completely new to me.

sxg says:

I’d like to know who the fuck started that rumor because it is completely untrue. We talked regularly during that time and he already left the studio well before he found out they were planning on going bareback. Also, if he was HIV+ he probably wouldn’t have worked at MEN because they have some sort of testing policy, AND he wouldn’t have already filmed a barebacking scene for Raging Stallion.

L. T. says:

Kurtis didn’t elaborate but the rumor is just stupid to me. Either way, it’s pretty nasty for people to make rumors like that.

freater says:

DAMN. Two gorgeous men. No complains.

Young Neil says:

Looking at the guys that are supposed to be in this, this seems like it is going to be another really hot one from Raging Stallion. I’m really impressed, but too bad it will take a few months before we figure out who is paired with who or how many scenes it’s going to be. I also feel like the premise is boring, but they know what they are talking and who cares about the premise if the people in it are really hot?

I see a lot of hot guys, but I hope they don’t just throw most of them together in a sloppy orgy for the final scene. A lot of these guys deserve proper duos, like Giovanni Valentino, Ziggy Banks, and of course Jay Laniford. I’m hoping we get to see some of the expected positions reversed.

Ivan Jimenez says:

Kurtis bottoms more than Austin Wolf!

L. T. says:

Oh. Forgot about him.