Corbin Fisher: Keegan

Keegan at CorbinFisher

Keegan at CorbinFisher

Keegan at CorbinFisher

Watch Keegan at CorbinFisher

Who doesn’t love a cute surfer boy? We’ve brought Keegan a little out of his element here to a snowy day in Nevada – you did know that Nevada means snow-covered, right? He’s a good sport about the cold, but he’s much happier when we get him inside and give him a chance to show off that defined body and nice cock of his!

Keegan’s sun-bleached hair gives him that classic surfer aesthetic and makes you want to run your fingers through it. Along with his pretty blue eyes, sexy muscles, and cute ass, Keegan is the whole package. We’re sure that Keegan is used to being wet and salty as a surfer, but from the bright grin he’s got at the end of working himself up to a huge orgasm all over himself, we think that he’s found a much more enjoyable way to accomplish that!

Watch Keegan at CorbinFisher

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txhorn says:

OK, how old is he? A humorous typo on the site currently gives his age a 118! Doesn’t look a day over 40! ;-D Did they mean 18? If so, that’s a rough looking 18!

von schlomo says:

You take the given 118, right, and you add the ones together to get a 2, then throw the 8 with it to get a final answer of 28 years old, which is closer to reality than 18.

DaveAtom says:

Errrr… Nope, nopety, nope.

JK3 says:

The only person happy about this update is the landlord getting a rent payment this month.

Cubankid says:


ArgleBjargle says:

Hey, Keegan…the 80’s is calling and wants its hairstyle back.
Maybe he’s channeling Farrah Fawcett…
He has a certain “derrr” look about him…not at all sexy.

SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:

You Need To Leave Mrs. Farrah Fawcett out of your comment

ArgleBjargle says:

Oh, really? Why?

Ultra Instinct Shameronstar says:

Wow I hope I look that good at 118

ajholditdownbaby says:

118?! So they hiring Benjamin Button now? What’s sad is somehow, someway, he’ll be back 😒

Scrapple says:

That hair is so wrong I wouldn’t even know where to start. And there’s something borderline creepy about his face. The whole “weathered surfer boy” look is not working. At all.

I’m offended on behalf of Keegan-Michael Key and Keegan Connor Tracy.

slipperyslope says:

LMAO. Never has a typo been so apropos.

david david says:

He’s okay. I learned not to judge solo models too much since I saw Timothy’s first gay sex scene. LOL! But he really does look like he came out of a time machine. I swear he’s not from this decade. And why does he look like he was giving a major in one of his photos? Is that supposed to be a sexy pose or what? I’m confused.

emercycrite says:

My god, how much has Corbin Fisher fallen

Mr. Grey says:


Curlee says:

Just a few days ago Corbin Fisher gave us Max and Wesley and everyone was raving. Now you think Corbin Fisher is losing it with just this dude? Drama much?

Mr. Grey says:

I don’t want to see this guy back in another Corbin Fisher scenes.
Wasting time and money.

andrew says:

Keegan is one great looking guy head to toes. I totally want to see him in action.

peter says:

I think he catches for Jack Wrangler in Kansas City Trucking Company. Or maybe it was Night at the Adonis

peter says:

It’s like he stepped out of a 1981 Blueboy, which isn’t a good thing.

freater says:

His face looks 80 years old ?

Brovaries says:

Something about his head just does not fit his body. It makes all of the shots look juxtaposed and weird af.

Hard pass.

WhimsyCotton says:

He’s either the best-looking 118 year old, or the roughest-looking 18 year old I’ve ever seen.

Nikko says:

So I’m guessing that the guy who wrote the profile thought he was from another decade too. Seriously, on top of looking he stepped straight out of a vintage recreation set (or a time machine), he doesn’t look a day under 30.

Denver2020 says:

Oh my god Corbin Fisher. Where is your standard? This guy is like 48 years old.

Ivan Jimenez says:

He looks really good for someone who is 118 year old!

Cubankid says:

He looks old and worn out. I saw the first couple of pictures and just scrolled down. It doesn’t take much for me to know when i’m not into a guy.

Cubankid says:

I’ll give him a 2. He isn’t as repulsive as Henry, who I hope we never see again.

sam my says:

disre fuckin spectful Cuban. Lol

peter says:

Try early 80s

Cubankid says:

I saw that part in the preview. I loved how he was sticking his ass out too. It’s obvious he wants something in it as soon as possible. I saw they just released two old scenes 😑😑 they need to get their schedule more organized if they want people to take them serious.