Amateur College Sex

American College Sex: Brady’s Huge Load

Brady's Huge Load at AmateurCollegeSex

Brady and his thick cock were a sight to behold during his introductory video, where he showed us his tricks and strokes to getting himself off. Today he shows us how he puts that fat dick to work – by fucking our coed senseless!

American College Sex: Timothy Fucks Deep

Timothy Fucks Deep at AmateurCollegeSex

Timothy, our resident cliff diver, definitely made a splash with his solo entrance to Corbin Fisher, so we’re pleased to bring him back for an action installment, so that he can really show us what that huge cock of his can do!

American College Sex: Barron After Hours

Barron After Hours at AmateurCollegeSex

Barron woke up with a burning urge to fuck, and luckily for him, our eager co-ed is happy to help him out, sucking his big dick and tonguing his hot, furry ass. He fucks her mouth, before loosening her up with a little oral action of his own to get ready for the main event – a long, hard pounding!

American College Sex: Rocky & Wesley’s Bi Fuck

Rocky & Wesley's Bi Fuck at AmateurCollegeSex

After his recent performances here on Corbin Fisher, we really thought that Wesley deserved to be the center of attention, so we’re happy to present him in our latest bi tag-team with Rocky! Wesley is definitely not one to complain about being between a hot college stud and a pretty co-ed and Rocky’s on a mission to prove that three is better than two!

American College Sex: Rocky Goes Deep

Rocky Goes Deep at AmateurCollegeSex

You know, I’m beginning to suspect that Rocky enjoys the feeling of a hot mouth on his cock. You can judge for yourself, though, as you watch him stare at his own member as it slides in and out of a hot girl’s mouth, getting harder and harder with each stroke, before pushes it all the way inside her tight hole.

American College Sex: Barron Blows A Load

Barron Blows A Load at AmateurCollegeSex

Barron and his big dick are ready to blow a big, beautiful burst of jizz, and we’re happy to let him go to town on one of our coeds to do so! Barron’s thick cock was made to be worshipped, and that’s exactly the treatment it gets before he slides it inside her. He builds up a rhythm and really goes to town on her, his sexy, built chest and muscular arms flexing and throbbing as he pounds a hot hole!

American College Sex: Fletcher & Baker Fool Around (Bareback)

Fletcher & Baker Fool Around (Bareback) at AmateurCollegeSex

Baker, in the long Corbin Fisher tradition of our veterans showing newbies the ropes, is here to help Fletcher realize his full potential. Being the generous soul that he is, Baker’s going to share not only our hot co-ed with Fletcher, but will offer up his own hot jock ass for Fletcher’s pleasure!

American College Sex: Royce’s Happy Ending

Royce's Happy Ending at AmateurCollegeSex

Royce and Victoria start out stripping down and making out. It’s hard not to stare at Royce’s plump lips as he pulls coed Victoria in to kiss, but as much as she likes his mouth – what she’s looking forward is getting his dick!

American College Sex: Breaking In Beckett (with Dave & Beckett)

Breaking In Beckett (with Dave & Beckett) at AmateurCollegeSex

It’s Dave’s lucky day! Tall, lean stud Beckett is back to pound his ass and our coed’s tight hole, and Dave is hard as a rock watching the two of them go at it as he waits for his turn. After fucking her, Dave goes down on Beckett with her to get him ready to fuck willing ass. Beckett is eager to put on a show and really goes to town on Dave, ploughing him roughly.

American College Sex: Wesley’s Big Load

Wesley's Big Load at AmateurCollegeSex

Texas stud Wesley is back and he’s raring to show off his skills in the bedroom again. Wesley’s tan, slightly hairy physique always looks great while he’s fucking and this is no exception.

American College Sex: Conrad Unloads

Conrad Unloads at AmateurCollegeSex

Conrad seems cute and kind of shy at first, but when you really wind him up and let him go he really doesn’t hold back with a tight hole! Conrad’s sexy, lean build and hairy physique look great on display here as he lays down a hard, sensual fuck.

American College Sex: Colt’s POV Fuck

Colt's POV Fuck at AmateurCollegeSex

This latest episode gets you right into the heart of the action, where you’ll get to see Colt’s (aka Calvin Chambers) thick cock stretch out a tight hole and a hot mouth from his own point of view! Being on both sides of the camera at the same time has Colt in a dominant and directorial mood as he bosses our co-ed around and has his way with her.

American College Sex: Tyson Goes Deep

Tyson Goes Deep (Bareback) at AmateurCollegeSex

If you watched Tyson’s introductory scene, you can see why our lusty coed wanted to spend as much time worshiping his spectacular cock as possible. A dick that big requires quite a bit of time to adequately cover every throbbing inch!

American College Sex: Lane Gets Laid

Lane Gets Laid (Bareback) at AmateurCollegeSex

I knew Lane’s toned and muscular body would look amazing during sex, but who would have guessed how much passion the young hunk would bring to a scene!

American College Sex: Warren Feeds Barron (Bareback)

Warren Feeds Barron (Bareback) at AmateurCollegeSex

“Oh, fuck, you’re big!” Barron whines as Warren slides into him. They’ve both just taken their turns with our co-ed and now it’s time for Barron’s ass to be the focus of Warren’s attention.

American College Sex: Colt Busts A Nut

Colt Busts A Nut at AmateurCollegeSex

One of the many things that we love about Colt (aka Calvin Chambers) is that he always goes all out, whether it’s in the gym sculpting his perfect muscles, or here in bed showing us just how good he is at pounding a hot hole!

American College Sex: Fletcher Has Fun

Fletcher Has Fun at AmateurCollegeSex

Fletcher is nothing if not enthusiastic with his work – he can barely keep his hands off of our co-ed when we let him lose on her. His tight muscles are on full display as he takes control of the situation and shows us what he can do.

American College Sex: Kyler’s Huge Load

Kyler's Huge Load at AmateurCollegeSex

Spoiler alert: our co-ed is going to get covered in Kyler’s huge load. I bet you could guess that from the title, but this particular load is one for the record books. In fact, when he finally busts his nut, he manages to cum all over her stomach and chest, while also giving her a facial in the same volley! That’s the kind of talent we like to see in our freshmen here at Corbin Fisher.

American College Sex: Troy’s Happy Ending

Troy's Happy Ending at AmateurCollegeSex

Football stud Troy is eager to show of for you in our latest episode. He’s got those All-American, country boy good looks and what’s more All-American than a hot fuck session with a cute coed?

American College Sex: Barron Gets Lucky

Barron Gets Lucky at AmateurCollegeSex

Barron and his thick cock have quickly become fan favorites, so it’s always a treat to get to show him off having a little fun! One of the things we like so much about Barron is that he loves giving it his all to make sure his partner has a good time – and with him inside them, they’re usually all smiles.

American College Sex: Baker & Warren’s Bi Fuck

Warren & Baker's Bi Fuck at AmateurCollegeSex

While Baker normally plays up his shy side, he jumped right into the action with Warren and our co-ed. My favorite thing about Baker is how eager he is to please – that makes him an excellent complement to Warren, who has more than enough horny energy to keep up with him! It’s definitely a pleasure to see boy-next-door Baker paired with Warren’s cut muscles and hot cock.

American College Sex: Beckett Gets Busy

Beckett Gets Busy at AmateurCollegeSex

We couldn’t wait to see Beckett in action, and he definitely doesn’t disappoint in this episode. It’s obvious that Beckett loves a mouth on his cock and we’re happy to help him out with that.

American College Sex: Chad Takes Control

Chad Takes Control at AmateurCollegeSex

It was clear from the word go that Chad enjoyed being in control with our coed – and she definitely enjoyed getting man-handled by our newest jock!

American College Sex: Van Busts A Nut

Van Busts A Nut at AmateurCollegeSex

Van got a lot of attention for his artwork in his solo video, so we’re excited to finally get to show him to you in action. Sensual, sexy, and eager to please, I’m sure you’ll agree that his talents in the bedroom are even more exciting than his talents with a sketchpad!