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Connor Maguire and Will Braun Fuck Max Wilde in ‘Watch Me Cheat’ at MEN

Watch Me Cheat (Connor Maguire and Will Braun Fuck Max Wilde) at Drill My Hole

Connor Maguire and Max Wilde get to his place and are hot and heavy getting it on. Unbeknownst to him, Will Braun is hiding in the other room waiting to surprise him but is surprised himself that Connor is cheating on him. He’s mad but he’s also ready to give Connor a taste of his own medicine and makes him watch while he pummels into Max.

Arad Winwin Fucks Sir Jet in ‘Behind the Curtain’ at MEN

Behind the Curtain (Arad Winwin Fucks Sir Jet) at Drill My Hole

Arad Winwin has just checked into his room and doesn’t know Sir Jet is hiding behind the curtains waiting for him to leave so he can sniff some underwear. Upon returning he finds his clothes thrown about and Sir Jet hiding. Well, the games are over and a new one is about to start!

Darin Silvers Fucks Wesley Woods in ‘Robbing Dick’ Part 3 at MEN

Robbing Dick, Part 3 (Darin Silvers Fucks Wesley Woods) at Drill My Hole

Wesley Woods is still on the prowl and set his sights on Darin Silvers. Now what he wasn’t expecting was for Darin overpowering him and taking over and making him his bitch.

Wesley Woods Fucks Tom Bentley in ‘Robbing Dick’ Part 2 at MEN

Robbing Dick, Part 2 (Wesley Woods Fucks Tom Bentley) at Drill My Hole

Wesley Woods is out on the prowl again and finds a new target in Tom Bentley. He can’t wait to get inside that ass.

Aspen Watches Cliff Jensen Fuck Casey Jacks in ‘Cable Guy is a Porn Star’ at MEN

Cable Guy is a Porn Star (Aspen Watches Cliff Jensen Fuck Casey Jacks) at Drill My Hole

Casey Jacks is at home watching some porn while waiting for the cable guy, Cliff Jensen, who happens to be a pornstar. He doesn’t actually need the cable fixed, he just wanted to get Cliff over there so he could get a taste and feel of that famous dick.

William Seed Fucks Brandon Jones in ‘Winter Games, Part 1’ at MEN

Winter Games, Part 1 (William Seed Fucks Brandon Jones) at Drill My Hole

Brandon Jones and William Seed are getting ready for the Winter Games in their respective sport and cross paths in the locker room after training. Both men decide to help each other out with an extra sweat session that involves lots of dick sucking and ass hole stretching.

Damien Stone Fucks Jake Porter in ‘Masterclass, Part 2’ at MEN

Masterclass, Part 2 (Damien Stone Fucks Jake Porter) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Jake Porter teaches this second installment of Masterclass and the topic is bottoming. Damien Stone is the happy and willing teacher’s aid.

Ashton McKay, Tobias and Damien Kyle in ‘Dick Patrol’ Part 2 at MEN

Dick Patrol (Ashton McKay, Tobias and Damien Kyle) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Ashton McKay gets called in to check out a disturbance complaint and to his surprise finds Damien Kyle and Tobias with his dick out. Instead of hauling them in, he offers to join in on the action.

Wesley Woods Fucks Casey Jacks in ‘Robbing Dick’ Part 1 at MEN

Robbing Dick (Wesley Woods Fucks Casey Jacks) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Wesley Woods is out and about and spots Casey Jacks walking down the street. One thing leads to the next and he finds himself inside Casey’s apartment and his ass.

Rafael Alencar Fucks Will Braun in ‘Pursuing The Bait’ at MEN

Pursuing The Bait (Rafael Alencar Fucks Will Braun) at Drill My Hole

Rafael Alencar finds a stranded Will Braun on the side of the road and offers to take him home so he can call a mechanic and warm up. Rafael knows just what to do and quickly gets both their temperature’s rising.

Justin Matthews and Johnny Rapid Flip-Fuck in ‘Fleshjack in the Flesh’ at MEN

Fleshjack in the Flesh (Justin Matthews and Johnny Rapid Flip-Fuck) at Drill My Hole

Johnny Rapid catches Justin Matthews pleasuring himself with none other than his own Johnny Rapid edition Fleshjack. Johnny decides to fulfill his fantasy and offer him a chance at the real thing.

Aspen Fucks Casey Jacks in ‘Head Butt Fuck’ at MEN

Head Butt Fuck (Aspen Fucks Casey Jacks) at Drill My Hole

Casey Jacks gets Aspen to play a little game that eventually leads to his ass getting rimmed just the way he likes it.

Alex Mecum Fucks Max Wilde in ‘Masterclass, Part 1’ at MEN

Masterclass, Part 1 (Alex Mecum Fucks Max Wilde) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Alex Mecum and Max Wilde are the first ones up in this edition of Masterclass. Max, an expert cock sucker shows us how skilled he is.

Ashton McKay Fucks Vadim Black in ‘Dick Patrol’ Part 1 at MEN

Dick Patrol (Ashton McKay Fucks Vadim Black) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Vadim Black gets stopped for speeding while on a suspended license and can’t afford to pay the tickets or time. Ashton McKay, the cop, is corrupt enough to take in some ass in exchange for a pass go.

Jordan Levine and John Magnum Tag-Team Jake Porter in ‘2-For-1’ at MEN

2-For-1 (Jordan Levine and John Magnum Tag-Team Jake Porter) at Drill My Hole

Jordan Levine sets up a blind fuck date and heads into the shower. Meanwhile, John Magnum is snooping through his phone and sees how hot his soon to be visitor (Jake Porter) is. He then decides to intercept when he arrives so he can take advantage of this hottie. Jordan walks in on them but soon joins in on the action.

Diego Sans Fucks Julian Knowles in ‘Stalked’ at MEN

Stalked (Diego Sans Fucks Julian Knowles) at Drill My Hole

Diego Sans spots Julian Knowles on the beach and can’t resist following his sexy ass. He lucks out when Julian discovers him; Diego is actually just what he needed.

Cliff Jensen Fucks Roman Todd in ‘Counting Cards’ at MEN

Counting Cards (Cliff Jensen Fucks Roman Todd) at Drill My Hole

Cliff Jensen and Roman Todd are playing cards with the boys and no one notices Roman jerking off under the table. Cliff gets upset at Roman’s plays which end up losing him money. He soon finds out why! He rewards himself for losing with a blowjob and some deep ass plunging.

Wesley Woods Fucks Alex Chandler in ‘What Are You Doing Here?’ at MEN

What Are You Doing Here? (Wesley Woods Fucks Alex Chandler) at Drill My Hole

Alex Chandler sets himself up to be tied up and ass out just in time for Wesley Woods to get home and find him. A shocked Wesley wastes no time and gets right to rimming that hole before giving it a good pounding.