Dudes In Public

Dudes In Pubilc 17: Risky Massage (with Manuel Skye and Kit Cohen)

Dudes In Pubilc 17: Risky Massage (with Manuel Skye and Kit Cohen)

Why miss out on an opportunity to get some quick and dirty action? Manuel Skye and Kit Cohen make the most of their time while waiting for a massage by blowing each other right in the waiting room. Manuel & Kit keep getting more and more bold, taking things to the next level while staff and patrons remain oblivious.

Dudes In Pubilc 15: Garage (with Alex Fortin and Thyle Knoxx)

Dudes In Pubilc 15: Garage (with Alex Fortin and Thyle Knoxx)

This garage is about to get lit. Alex Fortin is busy repairing a motorcycle, but Thyle Knoxx insists it’s his body that needs a work over. While the coast is clear, these hard bodied babes get down to sucking and fucking. And when another mechanic shows up they see no reason to stop! How long can they get away with this greasy garage fuck? You’re sure to blow your load before you find out!

Dudes In Pubilc 14: Tavern (with Carter Michaels and Gavin Taylor)

Dudes In Pubilc 14: Tavern (with Carter Michaels and Gavin Taylor)

Carter Michaels is getting this party started and Gavin Taylor is invited. The bar-keep isn’t too keen on hosting a fuckfest but these two can’t contain themselves. The party isn’t over until Carter & Gavin’s cum-lust is satiated. This bar’s patron’s will have some juicy stories to tell!

Dudes In Public 13: Dirty Driver (with Cliff Jensen)

Dudes In Public 13: Dirty Driver (with Cliff Jensen)

There’s nothing quite like mixing business and pleasure and Cliff Jensen is the master of doing just that. Watch him stroke & drive like a pro while his passenger is none the wiser. How long will he get away with being such a dirty driver? He’s gonna stretch this public wank out as long as possible.

Dudes In Public 11: Jack Kross Fucks Tobias James

Jack Kross Fucks Tobias James at Dudes In Public

Have you ever thought you were alone for a parking lot wank, then caught someone filming you? From what we can see, it should be on everyone’s bucket list. Jack Kross and Tobias James don’t hold back, with one backing up on a dildo & giving head, while his new buddy films every detail. Watch as they scandalize passerby’s to the point where you’ll wonder: will this public fuck land these two in jail?

Dudes In Public 10: Jimmy & William

Jimmy & William (Flip-Fuck Bareback) at Dudes In Public

Every bartender deserves a barback like this. Someone eager to suck, rim & fuck despite how many customers are around. Taking a break from slinging drinks for a moment gives these two babes the opportunity to cum hard, no matter the consequences.

Dudes In Public 9: Gage Unkut Fucks Michael DelRey (Bareback)

Gage Unkut Fucks Michael DelRey (Bareback) at Dudes In Public

Watch as Gage Unkut and Michael DelRey fuck and suck all over a public bathroom without a care in the world.

Dudes In Public 8: Dane Stewart Fucks Zander Cole (Bareback)

Dane Stewart Fucks Zander Cole (Bareback) at Dudes In Public

Horny and utterly carefree, Zander and Dane go all out on each other in the middle of the gym. Deep-throating, rimming, full-on bareback action, with some hot cumshots, all the while the gym patrons are obliviously walking by.

Dudes In Public 7: Pierce Paris Fucks Tony Shore (Bareback)

Scene 7 (Pierce Paris Fucks Tony Shore) (Bareback) at Dudes In Public

We’re sure Pierce and Tony set out to have an actual workout, however all they accomplished was a public fuck-fest we sure won’t soon forget. These guys are not very bothered by the fact that a bunch of people can (at any moment) see them blowing, rimming, fucking each other hard and raw, and we’re definitely here for that kind of action.

Dudes In Public 5: Miles Taylor Fucks Lucky Daniels

Scene 5 (Miles Taylor Fucks Lucky Daniels) (Bareback) at Dudes In Public

Another beautiful day outdoors, another golden opportunity to plow some ass behind some bushes. that’s exactly what Miles Taylor and Lucky Daniels did, and we’re all the more grateful for it.

Dudes In Public 4: Spencer Whitman Fucks Brandon Evans

Scene 4 (Spencer Whitman Fucks Brandon Evans) (Bareback) at Dudes In Public

A walk on the beach quickly turns naughty as Brandon Evans and Spencer Whitman begin exploring their tight bodies, huge cocks, and hot asses while being perfectly hidden in plain sight.

Dudes in Public (Scene 3): Grayson Danielz Fucks Alex Chandler

Scene 3 (Alex Chandler & Grayson Danielz) (Bareback) at Dudes In Public

Fucking in an open field has never been such a rush. these two hot guys are intensely going at it and giving us the full treatment: blowjobs, rimjobs, and full bareback action, all at the risk of getting caught at any moment.

Dudes In Public (Scene 2) Myles Landon & Jacob Durham’s Hiking Hookup

Scene 2 (Myles Landon Fucks Jacob Durham) (Bareback) at Dudes In Public

A beautiful day of hiking is made even better when a chance encounter turns raunchy. two big-dicked, hot dudes, Myles Landon and Jacob Durham, get down and dirty on the side of a mountain and recorded all the juicy bits for our viewing pleasure.

Dudes In Public: Scene 1 (Charlie Pattinson Fucks Conrad Logun) (Bareback)

Scene 1 (Charlie Pattinson Fucks Conrad Logun) (Bareback) at Dudes In Public

When a simple ttrash run turns into a full blown sexual fantasy, we all win, as is the case for the first installment of Dudes In Public. Charlie Pattinson and Conrad Logun are partaking in some risky and amazingly hot outdoor fuckfest that’ll leave you wanting more.