Sean Maygers and Marco Lorenzo Flip-Fuck in ‘Big Dick Flip Flop’ at ExtraBigDicks

Big Dick Flip Flop (Sean Maygers and Marco Lorenzo Flip-Fuck) at ExtraBigDicks

Sean Maygers and Marco Lorenzo have been friends for a while, but have never hooked up. They discover that they have fucked the same guy and both know that he only goes for guys with big cocks.

Connor Halstead Fucks Jack Gunther in ‘That’s a Big Cock On You!’ at Extra Big Dicks

That's a Big Cock On You! (Connor Halstead Fucks Jack Gunther) at ExtraBigDicks

Jack Gunther is in the locker room undressing after his workout when Connor Halstead walks in. He too begins to undress, but he is being very shy about it because his cock is hard as a rock.

Lex Sabre Fucks Jett Rink in ‘The Glory Of BIG Cock’ at Extra Big Dicks

The Glory Of BIG Cock (Lex Sabre Fucks Jett Rink) at ExtraBigDicks

Lex Sabre is in the public restroom stroking his big cock and watching porn on his phone in hopes of someone coming to service him via the glory hole. Jett Rink comes into the restroom and discovers the urinal is out of order, but he then sees the glory hole in the stall and discovers a huge cock on the other side.

Jay Alexander Fucks Ceasar Camaro in ‘Train Me’ at Extra Big Dicks

Train Me (Jay Alexander Fucks Ceasar Camaro) at ExtraBigDicks

Ceasar Camaro is a boxer and has just finished his training session and is back in the locker room. Jay Alexander walks in and asks Ceasar if he would be willing to train him.

Alexander Garrett Fucks Ace Era in ‘Sex Club Fucking’ at Extra Big Dicks

Sex Club Fucking (Alexander Garrett Fucks Ace Era) at ExtraBigDicks

The scene opens with Ace Era standing alone wearing just a pair of boots and a jockstrap waiting for some action in the sex club playroom. We then see Alexander Garrett walk into the room and, like a pair of dogs, the two of them start circling each other and smelling each other. Soon they are lip locked and the heat is rising in the room.

Dylan Drive Fucks Leo Luckett in ‘Big Cock Yoga’ at ExtraBigDicks

Big Cock Yoga (Dylan Drive Fucks Leo Luckett) at ExtraBigDicks

Leo Luckett is instructing Dylan Drive in a few Yoga Positions and stretching exercises. When they put their feet together and start stretching, Dylan Drive’s big cock falls outside the side of his shorts and he is obviously getting aroused because he is leaving a pre-cum trail from the end of his cock to the exercise mat.

Marco Lorenzo Fucks Bruno Bernal in ‘Raunchy & Deep’ at ExtraBigDicks

Raunchy & Deep (Marco Lorenzo Fucks Bruno Bernal) at ExtraBigDicks

Marco Lorenzo and Bruno Bernal are cruising each other in the backroom. Bruno shows his beautiful ass to Marco first and then they approach each other. Bruno says he only wants 8 inches or more and Marco assures him he has what he wants.

Pheonix Fellington Fucks Chandler Scott in ‘My Big Cock Hookup’ at ExtraBigDicks

My Big Cock Hookup (Pheonix Fellington Fucks Chandler Scott) at ExtraBigDicks

Pheonix Fellington has led Chandler Scott into his bedroom where they have a little small talk. Both have been chatting online for a while and the time is finally here to hook up. Once the small talk is over, Pheonix pulls out his massive cock and Chandler is excited and scared of it.

Jay Alexander Fucks Hans Berlin in ‘Morning Sausage’ at ExtraBigDicks

Morning Sausage (Jay Alexander Fucks Hans Berlin) at ExtraBigDicks

Jay Alexander walks into the kitchen, wearing loose fitting shorts that reveal his massive cock beneath, and begins to prepare breakfast for Hans Berlin and himself. When he asks Hans what he wants, Hans replies that he wants Eggs. Jay opens the refrigerator and discovers there are no Eggs…

Pheonix Fellington Fucks Chris Harder in ‘Big Cock Stretch’ at ExtraBigDicks

Big Cock Stretch (Pheonix Fellington Fucks Chris Harder) at ExtraBigDicks

Pheonix Fellington is stretching on a mat in the locker room getting ready for his workout when Chris Harder walks in. Chris immediately takes notice of Pheonix and as he is stretching his big cock falls out of the side of his shorts. Of course this entices Chris even more and soon he is offering to help Pheonix stretch. As he hands wander up his leg, Chris grabs hold of Pheonix’s massive cock and starts stroking it as it grows in his hand. He is soon sucking the big cock and doing his best to take as much as possible.

Jace Chambers Fucks Devin Adams in ‘I Like Big Cock’ at ExtraBigDicks

I Like Big Cock (Jace Chambers Fucks Devin Adams) at

Jace Chambers and Devin Adams are back at his place and discussing what they like sexually when Devin tells Jace he likes big cocks. Jace tells him he has a huge one and that he likes a nice hairy ass to which Devin tells him he has that.

Marco Lorenzo Fucks Peter Marcus in ‘Big Wet Cocks’ at ExtraBigDicks

Big Wet Cocks (Marco Lorenzo Fucks Peter Marcus) at

Peter Marcus & Marco Lorenzo have met up in the showers and are admiring their big cocks hanging between their legs. Once under the water of the shower they start playing with each other and making their cocks grow even bigger.

Adonis Couverture Fucks Juan Carlos in ‘Big Dick Needs Release’ at ExtraBigDicks

Big Dick Needs Release (Adonis Couverture Fucks Juan Carlos) at

Juan Carlos is finishing up his custodial duties at his work when Adonis Couverture comes rushing into the bathroom area. Juan tries to stop and tell him that the toilet doesn’t work but Adonis needs to release his big dick. Juan takes a step back and waits for Adonis to finish peeing in the stall but when he notices Adonis’ feet are not facing the toilet anymore. Juan is trying to get Adonis’s attention but he doesn’t reply back, Juan sees a big hard cock slowly poke through the glory hole.

Seth Santoro, Jay Alexander and Cesar Rossi in ‘Surprise Big Dick Threeway’ at Extra Big Dicks

Surprise Big Dick Threeway (Seth Santoro, Jay Alexander and Cesar Rossi) at

Cesar Rossi and Seth Santoro are at home in bed discussing their day when Seth tells Cesar he has a surprise for him and shows him a couple photos of Jay Alexander on his cell phone. Cesar is impressed with the size of Jay’s big cock and Seth tells him that since they have discussed having a three-way for a while, he has invited Jay over to fuck them both.

Hoytt Walker Fucks Fernando Del Rio in ‘Kilted For Pleasure’ at ExtraBigDicks

Kilted For Pleasure (Hoytt Walker Fucks Fernando Del Rio) at

Hoytt Walker ordered a Kilt and the package has finally arrived at home. He opens it up and is excited to put it on right away. After he gets it on, he begins to pleasure himself and we can see the outline of his big cock through the fabric of the Kilt. Fernando Del Rio comes into the room to join him and is equally excited seeing Hoytt wearing the kilt with a big hard cock underneath.

Alexander Garrett Fucks Alex Gray in ‘Big Cock Glory Hole’ at ExtraBigDicks

Big Cock Glory Hole (Alexander Garrett Fucks Alex Gray) at

Alexander Garrett is ready to have his big cock serviced through the glory hole in the bathroom stall. Alex Gray enters the washroom and hears a noise coming from the stall and as he investigates he discovers a huge uncut cock on the other side of the glory hole.

Jace Chambers Fucks Brendan Patrick in ‘The Moment of Truth’ at ExtraBigDicks

The Moment of Truth (Jace Chambers Fucks Brendan Patrick) at

Jace Chambers & Brendan Patrick have been communicating and it is now The Moment Of Truth. Jace is extremely turned on by Brendan’s Irish accent. Brendan is new to the area and as they finish talking about his past Brendan tells Jace that he desires big cocks and that he can handle a hard fuck, so Jace wastes no time in getting down to business. Brendan also wastes no time as he deep throats and gags on Jace’s massive cock. Jace then rims Brendan’s ass before taking his big cock and plowing it deep into his ass.

Noah Donovan Fucks Fernando Del Rio in ‘Big Dick Rumor’ at ExtraBigDicks

Big Dick Rumor (Noah Donovan Fucks Fernando Del Rio) at

Noah Donovan is in the locker room when Fernando Del Rio comes in and starts staring at him. They exchange a few words before Fernando asks Noah if the rumor is true about him having a huge cock. Noah tells him he should find out by sucking it.

Micah Brandt Fucks Trey Turner in ‘Morning Wood’ at ExtraBigDicks

Morning Wood (Micah Brandt Fucks Trey Turner) at

Trey Turner is sitting in bed looking at his phone when Micah Brandt comes walking into the bedroom carrying coffee and sporting a huge boner through his robe. Micah always has a raging boner in the mornings and Trey is always willing to help him release before he heads off for work and luckily today he has some extra time before he needs to leave.

Jack Andy Fucks Alex Gray in ‘Is That Real?’ at Extra Big Dicks

Is That Real? (Jack Andy Fucks Alex Gray) at

Jack Andy is in the locker room wearing a very loose fitting pair of shorts and playing with his massive cock through the shorts. Alex Gray walks in and at first Jack tries to hide himself, but Alex is obviously interested and asks him ‘Is that thing for real?’ Jack then pulls out his massive cock and Alex is soon on his knees doing his best to suck the entire thing down his throat. Jack’s cock is massively thick and long making it extremely hard for Alex to deep throat his throbbing cock.

Jay Alexander, Noah Donovan and Jack Andy in ’28 INCHES OF COCK’ at Extra Big Dicks

28 INCHES OF COCK (Jay Alexander, Noah Donovan and Jack Andy) at

This is a big cock extravaganza! Jay Alexander and Jack Andy each have nine inches and Noah Donovan has ten inches which makes for a total of twenty eight inches of cock. They have just come back from a night out and flop down on the bed and start talking about the night. The conversation turns to a guy named Steven who has apparently had sex with each of them and told the others about how big their cocks are. It turns out that they all had sex with Steven on the same day at three different times.

Osiris Blade Fucks Hans Berlin in ‘I Love Big Cock’ at Extra Big Dicks

I Love Big Cock (Osiris Blade Fucks Hans Berlin) at

Hans Berlin and Osiris Blade have been chatting online swapping pictures of their cocks. Hans has been extremely curious about being fucked by a BBC. Osiris shows up to his pad since he only lived about twenty minutes from Hans. Right away Hans wants to see Osiris’s big cock. He pulls it out and Hans is even more excited. Hans begins to suck on the massive meat and it slowly begins to grow bigger and bigger inside his mouth. As it grows to full length he can no longer deep throat it but he still tries his best.

Bryan Cole, Lex Ryan & Eli Lewis in ‘Enticed By Big Cock’ at Extra Big Dicks

Enticed By Big Cock (Bryan Cole, Lex Ryan & Eli Lewis) at

Bryan Cole and Eli Lewis are lovers who are getting ready for their workout at the gym when they see Lex Ryan walk into the locker room. As Lex starts to undress they both stare at him with wide eyes when they see the big cock hanging between his legs. Lex then heads to the shower as they both continue to ogle him. He knows they are looking and he starts stroking his own cock as they begin to do the same with theirs. Lex invites them over to suck his cock and they both eagerly begin sucking and sharing Lex’s big hard cock.

Nate Stetson Fucks Braxton Adams in ‘That Big Cock Makes Me Nervous’ at ExtraBigDicks

That Big Cock Makes Me Nervous (Nate Stetson Fucks Braxton Adams) at

Nate Stetson & Braxton Adams have been on several dates and now they are sitting in Nate’s bedroom. Braxton asks him if he is 100% sure he is a total top and Nate tells him that they discussed this on their first date and yes he is a total top. Braxton wants to have sex with Nate but is nervous about the size of Nate’s cock. Nate assures him he will be gentle and finally Braxton agrees to be fucked by him.