Gods Of Men

Justin Matthews Fucks Griffin Barrows in ‘Generous’ at MEN

Generous (Justin Matthews Fucks Griffin Barrows) at Gods Of Men

Griffin Barrows and Justin Matthews haven’t seen each other for a while and can’t wait to get in each other’s pants.

Diego Reyes Fucks François Sagat in ‘Heart’s Desire’ at MEN

Heart's Desire (Diego Reyes Fucks François Sagat) at Gods Of Men

Diego Reyes and François Sagat are so horny they can barely get through the door before ripping each other’s clothes off and getting down to business.

Diego Sans and Pheonix Fellington Tag-Team Max Wilde in ‘Tre Sesso/Sesso a Tre’ at

Tre Sesso (Diego Sans and Pheonix Fellington Tag-Team Max Wilde) at Gods Of Men

Diego Sans and Pheonix Fellington have their way with Max Wilde in this hot threesome. This steamy session has all three men kissing and sucking each other’s hard man meat followed by Max servicing one dick while being rammed from behind by the other until they all explode.

Diego Sans Fucks Justin Matthews in ‘RAVISH’ at

RAVISH (Diego Sans Fucks Justin Matthews) at Gods Of Men

Diego Sans and Justin Matthews get right into it and ravish each other. From taking every inch of cock in their open mouths to Diego filling Justin’s hole with every inch of his hard rod.

Michael Roman Fucks Ian Frost in ‘Just Enough’ at

Just Enough (Michael Roman Fucks Ian Frost) at Gods Of Men

Michael Roman and Ian Frost work each other’s cocks to a cum bursting conclusion.

Jordan Levine Fucks Jake Porter in ‘Eternity’ at

Eternity (Jordan Levine Fucks Jake Porter) at Gods Of Men

Jordan Levine plows Jake Porter’s pink puckered hole with his long slender dick.

Colby Keller Fucks Paul Canon in ‘Mesmerize’ at

Mesmerize (Colby Keller Fucks Paul Canon) at Gods Of Men

Colby Keller fills Paul Canon’s tight behind with his hammer of a cock after opening that hole up with his thirsty tongue. Paul sucks that dick into his body, letting Colby thrust his way to orgasm.

Colby Keller Fucks Jacob Peterson in ‘Poetic’ at

Poetic (Colby Keller Fucks Jacob Peterson) at Gods Of Men

Colby Keller reaches deep inside Jacob Peterson with his hard cock.

Diego Reyes & Myles Landon Spit-Roast Aston Springs in ‘Blinded Love’ at

Blinded Love (Diego Reyes & Myles Landon Spit-Roast Aston Springs) at Gods Of Men

Myles Landon and Diego Reyes spit roast Aston Springs, taking turns penetrating that ass and shoving their cocks down his hungry throat.

Jimmy Durano Fucks Teddy Torres in ‘Radiate’ at

Radiate (Jimmy Durano Fucks Teddy Torres) at Gods Of Men

Jimmy Durano gets to pound Teddy Torres’ hot and hairy hole with the length of his pulsing cock.

Hector de Silva Fucks Colton Grey in ‘Incomparable’ at

Incomparable (Hector de Silva Fucks Colton Grey) at Gods Of Men

It’s hot out and even hotter between Hector De Silva and Colton Grey as they passionately explore each other’s hard bodies and hard cocks.

Tayte Hanson Fucks Max Wilde in ‘Match’ at

Match (Tayte Hanson Fucks Max Wilde) at Gods Of Men

Tayte Hanson and Max Wilde get up close and personal, sucking each other’s cocks before mounting up and fucking to completion.

Arad Winwin Fucks Colby Keller in ‘Intensity’ at

Intensity (Arad Winwin Fucks Colby Keller) at Gods Of Men

Colby Keller and Arad Winwin take the time to get to know each other’s poles and holes with steamy intensity. These toned studs ravage each other to a cum-bursting conclusion.

Arad Winwin Fucks Griffin Barrows in ‘L’Amour’ at

L'Amour (Arad Winwin Fucks Griffin Barrows) at Gods Of Men

Arad Winwin and Griffin Barrows explore each other’s darkest and deepest holes and desires—savoring every inch of cock and ball. Arad pumps Griffin full of pleasure, loosening up that back entrance and unleashing his warm man juice.

Manuel Skye Fucks Beau Reed in ‘STEAM’ at

Steam (Manuel Sky Fucks Beau Reed) at Gods Of Men

Beau Reed and Manuel Skye have some fun in the shower. Beau’s tight bubble ass is pillaged by the pumping of Manuel’s deliciously long dick.

Matthew Parker Fucks River Wilson in ‘Giving’ at

Giving (Matthew Parker Fucks River Wilson) at Gods Of Men

Matthew Parker gives River Wilson’s hole something to wrap around. His throbbing cock travels in-and-out of River’s delicious ass with pleasurable ease. Both men embrace the pleasure, ejaculating hard from their delicious dicks.

Aspen Fucks Bud Harrison in ‘Touch’ at

Touch (Aspen Fucks Bud Harrison) at Gods Of Men

Bud Harrison and Aspen share an intimate moment, complete with cock-sucking and passionate ass pounding.

Dennis West Fucks Griffin Barrows in ‘With Him’ at

With Him (Dennis West Fucks Griffin Barrows) at Gods Of Men

Dennis West and Griffin Barrows prepare for their first scene together. Griffin swallows Dennis’ dick, getting it nice and lubricated for his tight bottom. Dennis plunges his tongue into that tight hole, working it open with his strong fingers before loading it up with his hard cock. Griffin’s ass swallows his rod as Dennis works it in and out.

Diego Sans Fucks Dorian Ferro in ‘Besame’ at

Besame (Diego Sans Fucks Dorian Ferro) at Gods Of Men

Diego Sans uses Dorian Ferro’s ass as his own epicenter of pleasure. His dick disappears deep into that hot hairy hole, massaging Dorian’s prostate with his relentless pounding.