Hot Jocks Nice Cocks

Whether it’s hard abs you’re looking for, rippling arms or a firm, tight ass, we’ve combined the sexiest parts of your workout to bring you Hot Jocks Nice Cocks.

Hot Jocks Nice Cocks: Dominic Pacifico & Topher DiMaggio

Dominic Pacifico & Topher DiMaggio at HotJocksNiceCocks

Dominic Pacifico and Topher DiMaggio just met in the locker room at the gym. They both need training partners and decided to start working out together. The locker room was empty and they figured this was the perfect place to start by burning some extra calories with a blowjob and a good hard fuck.

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Hot Jocks Nice Cocks: Alex Cox & Tristan Jaxx

Alex Cox & Tristan Jaxx at HotJocksNiceCocks

Alex and Tristan are back from a run around the neighborhood and are needing a break. They both want to stay in shape and together they keep each other focused. As little horseplay leads to Alex on his knees.. just the perfect height for Tristan’s cock.

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Hot Jocks Nice Cocks: Dante Escobar & Seth Roberts

Dante Escobar & Seth Roberts at HotJocksNiceCocks

Dante was told that Seth has been spreading rumors about his sister lately. From her being a slut to Seth saying he fucked her in the ass. Dante’s pissed and confronts Seth in the locker room. They begin to argue and wrestle around with Dante eventually pinning Seth on his stomach giving Dante the opportunity to see how Seth likes getting fucked in the ass.

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Hot Jocks Nice Cocks: Adam Russo & Mike Martinez

Adam Russo & Mike Martinez at HotJocksNiceCocks

Adam is getting a private karate lesson from Mike. When Adam goes to throw a punch, Mike catches his arm and tosses Adam over his shoulder. Adam hits the ground pretty hard and feels like he pulled a muscle. Taking a break Mike offers to massage Adams thigh to get the knot out, little does he know Adam is wanting more than just his leg rubbed out.

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HotJocksNiceCocks: Andrew Blue & Kody Valintine

Andrew Blue & Kody Valintine at HotJocksNiceCocks

Kody and Andrew both play for their college soccer team which has strict rules about keeping good grades. Unfortunately Andrew and Kody both failed recent class tests and are on suspension to make up the work. Realizing they both have free time on their hands in the classroom they decide to show each other how to really handle some balls.

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HotJocksNiceCocks: Adam Russo & Lex Sabre

Adam Russo & Lex Sabre at HotJocksNiceCocks

Adam had a hard workout and needs a good rub down. Good thing his gym provides an on-site masseuse. So Adam gets naked and Lex starts massaging. To show his appreciation, Adam puts his hands on Lex and slips his shorts down…

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HotJocksNiceCocks: Aaron Styles, Damon Audigier & Devon Hunter

Aaron Styles, Damon Audigier & Devon Hunter at HotJocksNiceCocks

Devon is teaching Aaron and Damon how to perfect their dancing skills. He tells them it is a lot of hard work but it is worth the time in the end. Devon also mentions how dancers are a tight community and they share a lot of good times together. “Oh yeah”, asks Damon, “how so?”

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HotJocksNiceCocks: Braxton Bond & Parker London

Braxton Bond & Parker London at HotJocksNiceCocks

Parker just finished with his martial arts competition and is having some pain in his leg. His assistant, Braxton, is happy to help rub it out with a long sensual massage. Without skipping a beat Braxton decides to get something out of it but going down on Parker.

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HotJocksNiceCocks: Alex Rock, Hayden Alexander & Ty Benton

Alex Rock, Hayden Alexander & Ty Benton at HotJocksNiceCocks

Ty and Alex are watching the Sunday football game as they do each week. This time they invited Hayden to come over too but they tell him to be sure and wear his jock strap. “Why do you want me to wear this?” asks Hayden when he arrives. “It’s just something we do when we watch football”, the two respond then they show Hayden the other things they do together.

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HotJocksNiceCocks: Brad Star & Lucas Vitello

Brad Star & Lucas Vitello at HotJocksNiceCocks

Brad is Lucas’ trainer and is showing him how to work his core more. Starting with some sit-ups Brad has his eye all over Lucas. Not being able to resist Brad goes in for the score!

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HotJocksNiceCocks: Al Carter & Dylan Hauser

Al Carter & Dylan Hauser at HotJocksNiceCocks

Al and Dylan are finishing their weekly workout. Al really wants a body like Dylan’s and knows it’s just a matter of time. Dylan likes the compliment and wants to show his appreciation by letting Al really enjoy his body.

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HotJocksNiceCocks: Cliff Jensen & Ridge Michaels

Cliff Jensen & Ridge Michaels at HotJocksNiceCocks

Cliff is upset he lost his boxing match today. He’s been practicing and doing so well that he was sure he would win. Ridge comes by the locker room to check in on Cliff and be the supportive friend he is. While talking Ridge starts to massage Cliff’s shoulders and as one thing leads to the next, Cliff gets one more round to get lucky.

HotJocksNiceCocks: Al Carter & Hunter Vance

Al Carter & Hunter Vance at HotJocksNiceCocks

After finishing his daily workout Hunter heads to the locker room shower to rise off. As he is about to strip of his clothes Al walks in also wanting to rise off. How will two guys get cleaned up with just one shower? Hunter offers to share the shower but only after they work up another sweat.

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HotJocksNiceCocks: Brad Star & Cliff Jensen

Brad Star & Cliff Jensen at HotJocksNiceCocks

Brad is spotting Cliff and being his own little cheering section at the same time. Cliff has really been trying to lean down and bulk up in all the right places, and he could really use the encouragement. Of course, Cliff compares himself to everyone, including Brad. Sure he can compare arms, abs, buns, but what really matters is what’s going on between the legs. No amount of working out in the world is going to make that more than what it is, but these guys could bench-press trucks with what they have.

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HotJocksNiceCocks: Michael Dora & Tyler Andrews

Michael Dora & Tyler Andrews at HotJocksNiceCocks

Michael Dora is dying to become a better soccer player, so he approached friend Tyler Andrews for some pointers. Tyler notices real quickly that all Michael needs is a few new techniques on how to really handle the ball. What better way to learn about ball control while having a little sexy fun.

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HotJocksNiceCocks: Bobby Clark & Hunter Ford

Bobby Clark & Hunter Ford at HotJocksNiceCocks

Bobby Clark and Hunter Ford are out for a run on a hot day. When they return to the house, all Bobby can think about is getting a protein shake and taking a shower. Hunter has a couple other ideas and gives Bobby a whole different form of a protein shake.

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HotJocksNiceCocks: Brenn Wyson & Vince Ferelli

Brenn Wyson & Vince Ferelli at HotJocksNiceCocks

Vince Ferelli is a man’s man who has been wanting to learn how to box for some time. His good friend Brenn Wyson happens to be a boxing instructor, but ends up pushing Vince too hard and he winds up throwing his shoulder out. Brenn quickly comes to his rescue to massage his wounds, along with his cock.

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HotJocksNiceCocks: David Scott & Richie Sabatini

David Scott & Richie Sabatini at HotJocksNiceCocks

When there is only one working shower at the gym what else can you do but share? That’s the solution that David Scott and Richie Sabatini come up with at least. But after working up a sweat, why not work another one up while showering?

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