Men Hard At Work

MenHardAtWork: Kirk Cummings & Trevor Knight

Kirk Cummings & Trevor Knight at MenHardAtWork

Kirk Cummings is a neat freak and a germaphobe, so when a maintenance man Trevor Knight enters his home to tell him that they’re doing some work outside his house, he gets all distraught when the dirty worker touches anything inside his home. Once worker Trevor becomes aware of Kirk’s phobia, he starts testing him to see how much he can make him squirm … and he even pulls out his big dick! Kirk’s afraid of touching things, but not when it’s a large, hard hot cock waiting to be sucked and fucked!!!

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MenHardAtWork: Camden Christianson & Oliver Raven

Camden Christianson & Oliver Raven at MenHardAtWork

Camden Christianson and Oliver Raven worked all day to paint a house, and now they’re bushed. Camden’s showering while Oliver is telling him he’s ready to go home for the night, but he doesn’t know what his work partner has in store for him… until he puts his cock in his mouth! There’s nothing like a good ol’ fucking on the the work site after a hard day at the office…

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Men Hard at Work: Preston Steel & Steven Daigle

Preston Steel & Steven Daigle at MenHardAtWork

Steven catches his handyman, Preston, taking a break when he should be working. Steven is pissed and threatens to fire Preston if he doesn’t get back to work. After some choice words Preston decides to speak his mind and show Steven who is really in charge.

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MenHardAtWork: Dominic Pacifico & Jesse Jordan

Dominic Pacifico & Jesse Jordan at MenHardAtWork

Jesse has been having a tough time understanding the difference between volume and frequency. Dominic is tutoring Jesse and trying to come up with creative ways to explain the difference. After many attempts Dominic decides he can best explain by showing Jesse the volume of his cum and the frequency of the shots.

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MenHardAtWork: Girth Brooks & Seth Knight

Girth Brooks & Seth Knight  at MenHardAtWork

Seth is out looking for a job and stops by a warehouse he heard was hiring. Girth takes one look at Seth and thinks he is too small for the job. Seth wants to prove him wrong and takes Girth’s offer to take his package.

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MenHardAtWork: Anthony Romero & Jordan Foster

Anthony Romero & Jordan Foster at MenHardAtWork

Jordan hired Anthony to fix his backed up garbage disposal and now it works better than ever. Being ever so grateful he asks if get can get Anthony anything, “water, a beer, need to sit and relax?” Jordan asks. “I’m not really tired. I could keep going..” says Anthony. With that said Jordan takes this opportunity to take more than Anthony’s energy.

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MenHardAtWork: Christian & Clayton Archer

Christian & Clayton Archer at MenHardAtWork

Christian and Clayton are hired to paint a newly remodeled room. While spending the day working they get sidetracked as Christian catches Clayton’s eye. Since they are alone in the house Clayton decides there is no time like the present to try new things.

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MenHardAtWork: Micah Andrews & Nate Kennedy

Micah Andrews & Nate Kennedy at MenHardAtWork

Nate has been having a tough time working on the latest car to come into the shop. He’s asked one of his employees, Micah, to help him out. There is one screw that they just can’t get out. Getting stressed over lack of progress Nate offers a way to relieve Micah’s frustrations.

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MenHardAtWork: Kurt Wild & Steven Daigle

Kurt Wild & Steven Daigle at MenHardAtWork

Steven is taking the day to give yearly reviews to all of his employees. It’s Kurt’s turn and he’s a little nervous yet to his surprise Steven wants to offer Kurt a management position. Steven wants to make sure Kurt has what it takes and gives him some pointers for the position.

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MenHardAtWork: Brad Star & Dylan Hauser

Brad Star & Dylan Hauser at MenHardAtWork

Dylan is out in the backyard washing down the patio before Brad comes over for a swim. Brad shows up before Dylan is ready and jokes around about Dylan working in the heat. Playing around Dylan squirts Brad but he doesn’t find it very funny. “Do it again and you’re gonna get it” Brad exclaims so Dylan does and he gets it!

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MenHardAtWork: Christian Wilde & Trent Diesel

Christian Wilde & Trent Diesel at MenHardAtWork

Christian needs some help keeping up with the yard work, so he’s hired Trent to help out. However, it’s taking much longer than he’d originally expected, and definitely longer than it should. When he decides to ask Trent what seems to be the hold up, his response is “I’m just one guy,” but that isn’t going to cut it. Christian is a good boss, who likes to train his workers by example, so with tool in hand, he plows and plows until he’s ready to spread his seed. A green thumb isn’t anything compared to a big dick.

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MenHardAtWork: Jared Michaels & Kevin Cavallie

Jared Michaels & Kevin Cavallie at MenHardAtWork

Jared and Kevin have some big balls. They are going through the payroll records while the boss is out to lunch! Unfortunately, Jared finds out Kevin is making more than he is, even though he’s been there longer. There are many ways to get a raise around this office though. First you get a raise in the boss’s pants, and then you get all the extra benefits. Jared doesn’t follow at first, but he’s a quick learner, and even quicker to his knees. It’s always good to find hard help.

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Men Hard At Work: Cliff Jensen & Jake Steel

Cliff Jensen & Jake Steel at MenHardAtWork

Cliff has some serious doubts about Jake’s technical know how, to the point of thinking he can’t even read a leveler. When doing construction, the smallest thing can result in very big problems, so no harm in double checking, just to be sure. As it turns out, Jake does know what he’s talking about, and is pretty handy with the right tool. Besides, Jake points out that “straight and level” aren’t the only way to go, and he goes to work on Cliff’s tool which is more than up for the job.

Men Hard At Work: Finn Daniels & Kevin Cavallie

Finn Daniels & Kevin Cavallie at MenHardAtWork

Finn has been trying to keep his business afloat for some time, but unfortunately the hammer is coming down on poor Kevin. Times are hard, and the day has come for Finn to lay off his last employee, then close up shop. Kevin is happy to get a small severance package, but he wants a little more for all the time and energy he’s put in. This employee feel it’s time to get hard, as it’s his day to come, but only after putting all his energy into his previous employer’s ass.

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MenHardAtWork: Danny Brooks & Jake Austin (Flip-Flop)

Danny Brooks & Jake Austin (Flip-Flop) at MenHardAtWork

Danny and Jake are working their tails off painting, while their boss is out taking care of a few loose ends. When they crack into more of the paint, they find they have the wrong color to finish the job. They have to kill some time while they wait for their boss to return, so they drop the brushes, and their clothes, to work on their tails and paint each other with their full loads.

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MenHardAtWork: Hunter Vance & Leo Forte

Hunter Vance & Leo Forte at MenHardAtWork

Hunter Vance is sure that he deserves a raise, but he has to go through the boss man, Leo Forte, to get it. The problem is that Hunter tends to be late for work pretty often and probably doesn’t really deserve that raise. Leo wants to help him out though, but he is going to need something in return to make the raise happen.

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MenHardAtWork: Jake Steel & Scott Campbell

Jake Steel & Scott Campbell at MenHardAtWork

What better way to pass the time in prison than a little jerk off? That’s what Scott Campbell was thinking. The prison guard, Jake Steel, just happens to be doing rounds and stumbles upon Scott. Rather than let Scott have all the fun, Jake needs to teach this prisoner a lesson.

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MenHardAtWork: Dylan Roberts & Gavin Waters (Flip-Flop)

Dylan Roberts & Gavin Waters at MenHardAtWork

Recently, Dylan Roberts was hired to overhaul a massive project. The problem is that there is just too much work for just one guy. His boss, Gavin Waters, doesn’t seem to agree and thinks Dylan can do a lot better. Since Gavin doesn’t see this happening he hopes Dylan might be better at using some different tools.

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MenHardAtWork: Spencer Whitman & Trent Locke

Spencer Whitman & Trent Locke at MenHardAtWork

Trent Locke cannot wait to gloat to his hard-working colleague Spencer Whitman about the promotion he just got. Little does Spencer know, Trent only got the promotion do to his tongue tricks. Desperate for a promotion himself, Spencer learns just how exactly that promotion was achieved.

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MenHardAtWork: Jeremy Bilding & Sean Stavos

Jeremy Bilding & Sean Stavos at MenHardAtWork

Jeremy is going to be on one of those hot talk shows, debating his paternity. He knows he isn’t the baby’s father, but here’s his chance to prove it. Sean is the lucky physician’s assistant who gets to take a sample for testing, but he puts a little spin on it. Normally you swab the mouth, and even though there’s a mouth involved, it isn’t a swab in there. Good sample though. Sean really knows how to collect.

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