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MenOver30: Seth Knight, Cesar Rossi and Cris Knight in ‘Couples Portrait’

Couples Portrait (Seth Knight, Cesar Rossi and Cris Knight) at

The scene opens with Cesar Rossi talking to couple Seth and Cris Knight about what type of images they want to get of themselves. After agreeing on intimate/sensual portraits, Cesar starts shooting them.

MenOver30: Sean Duran Fucks Aston Springs in ‘Artistic Ass’

Artistic Ass (Sean Duran Fucks Aston Springs) at

Aston Springs and Sean Duran are in their bedroom and Aston is showing him the new photographs he purchased of a naked man and his beautiful ass.

MenOver30: International Appeal (Hans Berlin and Julian Knowles Flip-Fuck)

International Appeal (Hans Berlin and Julian Knowles Flip-Fuck) at

Hans Berlin and Julian Knowles are in the office and Julian is finishing up showing him the new system on the computer. He asks Hans what system they are using in the Germany office and Hans jokes that they are still using paper and pencil.

Jay Donahue Fucks Dustin Steele in ‘Cowboy Lovers’ at MenOver30

Cowboy Lovers (Jay Donahue Fucks Dustin Steele) at

Dustin Steele and Jay Donahue are finishing up their day of work when we see Dustin walk inside the warehouse carrying some rakes and shovels. He yells out the door for Jay to bring in the other two shovels as well. Once both are inside, Jay can tell something has been bothering Dustin all day because he has been quiet all day. Dustin tells him that they have been in a rut in their relationship and he needs more adventure.

Cris Knight and Rod Peterson in ‘Can You Train Me?’ at MenOver30

Can You Train Me? (Cris Knight and Rod Peterson) at

Cris Knight follow’s Rod Peterson into the locker room and is interested in possibly hiring him as his trainer. Rod tells him that he specializes in men who are maturing and tells him that people are surprised when they find out that he is 31.

Cesar Rossi Fucks Jessie Colter in ‘Nice Glutes!’ at MenOver30

Nice Glutes! (Cesar Rossi Fucks Jessie Colter) at

Cesar Rossi is admiring Jessie Colter’s glutes in the locker room and asks him how he works out to get them. Jessie, not one to be shy, drops his pants to give Cesar a better view and tells Cesar he can touch.

Sean Duran Fucks Jessie Colter in ‘Playroom Fuckers’ at MenOver30

Playroom Fuckers (Sean Duran Fucks Jessie Colter) at

Sean Duran and Jessie Colter have wanted to fuck for many years, but never had the opportunity. Sean brings Jessie to his playroom and the two waste no time getting into some heavy play with each other.

Jace Chambers Fucks Aiden Hart in ‘My Partner the Proctologist’ at MenOver30

My Partner the Proctologist (Jace Chambers Fucks Aiden Hart) at

Aiden Hart is let into the exam room at the hospital and he is wearing a hospital gown that is open in the back exposing his beautiful round ass. Dr Jace Chambers comes into the room and begins his exam. He starts by putting on a glove and feeling the exterior area of Aiden’s ass. He then lubes up his fingers and as he inserts them into Aiden’s ass, we hear him moan with pleasure.

Julian Knowles Fucks Fernando Del Rio ‘Playroom Surprise’ at MenOver30

Playroom Surprise (Fernando Del Rio and Julian Knowles) at

Julian Knowles has brought Fernando Del Rio to a playroom for a surprise and at first, Fernando seems a bit timid, but it is apparent that Julian knew exactly what his lover’s desires were. He takes control and starts intensely kissing Fernando and then forces him down to his growing cock through his pants.

Jack Andy Fucks Jack Gunther in ‘Jock Strap Lust’ at MenOver30

Jock Strap Lust (Jack Andy Fucks Jack Gunther) at

Jack Andy is in the shower area trying to decide which Jock Strap he wants to wear after his shower when Jack Gunther walks in. Gunther asks why Andy always wears Jock Straps and liking the attention we see Jack Andy getting aroused in his jock.

Jace Chambers Fucks Ace Era in ‘Glory Fuck’ at MenOver30

Glory Fuck (Jace Chambers Fucks Ace Era) at

Jace Chambers is inside the stall at a seedy bathroom messaging Ace Era on his smartphone. After seeing a couple photos of Ace’s ass and some chat, Jace tells him to come to the bathroom and enjoy him through the glory hole. Ace walks in and immediately goes to the hole and motions for Jace’s cock.

Max Sargent Fucks Cesar Rossi in ‘Ageless Lovers’ at MenOver30

Ageless Lovers (Max Sargent Fucks Cesar Rossi) at

Max Sargent and Cesar Rossi are new boyfriends and while sitting in the bedroom, Max is asking Cesar if he is truly OK with the difference in their ages. Max is in his early 50’s and Cesar 30. Cesar assures him that the age is not an issue and tells Max to not worry about it so much. With that conversation over, they start to make love with each other.

Hunter Vance Fucks Bruno Bernal in ‘Boxer Tension’ at MenOver30

Boxer Tension (Hunter Vance Fucks Bruno Bernal) at

Bruno Bernal is a boxer and has just come to the locker room after a sparring match. He is tense and frustrated when Hunter Vance walks in trying to pump him up. Hunter praises him, but Bruno is not in a good mood. Hunter starts massaging his shoulders and then Bruno exclaims that what he needs is a good fuck! He pulls out Hunter’s cock and starts sucking him.

Rego Bello Fucks Ace Era in ‘Doc, I Need Your Cock!’ at MenOver30

Doc, I Need Your Cock! (Rego Bello Fucks Ace Era) at

Ace Era has come to the Doctor because he has been very sexually active recently and has noticed that the feeling in his ass is not as great as it once was and he is concerned. Dr. Rego Bello begins and exam of his ass and when inserting a finger, Ace indicates he cannot feel it. So, Dr. Bello inserts two fingers and Ace says he can feel a little pressure.

Rego Bello Fucks Bruno Bernal in ‘Frustrated Lovers’ at MenOver30

Frustrated Lovers (Rego Bello Fucks Bruno Bernal) at

Bruno Bernal is in bed watching porn on his laptop and enjoying his time alone when his lover Rego Bello comes home. We can tell that Bruno is annoyed when he hears Rego, but he continues watching the porn until Rego walks into the room.

Sean Duran and Michael Roman Flip-Fuck in ‘Sean’s Versatile Playroom’ at MenOver30

Sean's Versatile Playroom (Sean Duran and Michael Roman Flip-Fuck) at

Sean Duran’s at it again and this time he has brought Michael Roman to his playroom. This time Sean tells us he wanted to be versatile and he has always wanted to do that with Michael. Sean brings Michael to his playroom and once he sees it he immediately bends Sean over the bench and pulls down his pants.

Lex Ryan Fucks Chris Harder in ‘What A Mess!’ at MenOver30

What A Mess! (Lex Ryan Fucks Chris Harder) at

Chris Harder has been out of work for months now and he’s becoming a lazy man. The room is a mess with clothes and food all over the place. His boyfriend Lex Ryan gets home from work and he complains to Chris that he hasn’t even moved today let alone clean up a dam thing.

Hans Berlin Fucks Devin Adams in ‘Morning Lovers’ at MenOver30

Morning Lovers (Hans Berlin Fucks Devin Adams) at

Hans Berlin and Devin Adams are waking up and when they get out of bed and start making it, they notice that each has a big erection in their boxers. Hans initiates a move on Devin and tells him they still have 30 minutes before they need to leave for work.

Colby Jansen Fucks Mike Maverick in ‘Doc, My Ass Is Numb!’ at MenOver30

Doc, My Ass Is Numb! (Colby Jansen Fucks Mike Maverick) at

Mike Maverick has come to see the doctor because he has discovered that his ass is numb as the result of getting fucked recently by a big cock. Dr. Colby Jansen conducts an exam on him and while inserting his fingers discovers that Mike is getting turned on.

Damian Taylor and Brendan Patrick Flip-Fuck in ‘Jock Strap Fuckers’ at MenOver30

Jock Strap Fuckers (Damian Taylor & Brendan Patrick Flip-Fuck) at

Brendan Patrick & Damian Taylor are in the locker room and Damian is excited to show Brendan that he is wearing his jock strap. Brendan is totally enamored with seeing Damian’s perfect ass framed in the straps of the jock and he cannot keep his hands off his ass. Brendan then drops to his knees and begins rimming Damian’s ass deep and wet. Damian then sucks Brendan’s cock through his jock strap for a while before begging for Brendan to fuck him.

Jace Chambers Fucks Marco Lorenzo in ’30 Days In…’ at MenOver30

30 Days In... (Jace Chambers Fucks Marco Lorenzo) at

Marco Lorenzo and Jace Chambers are sitting in bed and discussing the fact that Marco moved in 30 days ago.  Jace asks him is there is anything that he finds annoying, now that they have been living together for 30 days.

Devin Adams and Rego Bello Flip-Fuck in ‘Cheating Lovers’ at MenOver30

Cheating Lovers (Devin Adams and Rego Bello Flip-Fuck) at

Rego Bello and Devin Adams are both sitting in bed and discussing the fact that they both have boyfriends, but have enjoyed hooking up with each other once before.  Rego says he does not know why, but the sex with Devin is awesome and then he says ‘We did not kiss last time?’

Jace Chambers Fucks Damian Taylor in ‘Warehouse Adventure Fuck’ at MenOver30

Warehouse Adventure Fuck (Jace Chambers Fucks Damian Taylor) at

Damian Taylor and Jace Chambers are looking for a unique place to have sex and Damian has suggested they fuck in the warehouse where a friend of his hooked up with his boss recently. Open to adventure, Jace agrees and the two waste no time in getting naked and having fun.

Mike Maverick and Hans Berlin Flip-Fuck in ‘Glory Hole Fuckers’ at MenOver30

Glory Hole Fuckers (Mike Maverick and Hans Berlin Flip-Fuck) at

Hans Berlin and Mike Maverick are both out trolling for cock in the local bathroom known for its glory hole. Hans is in the stall stroking his cock when Mike arrives and the two immediately engage with each other as Mike starts sucking Hans through the glory hole.