Next Door World

Mark Long Fucks Damien Kyle in ‘Where’s The Deposit?’ at NextDoorRAW!

Where's The Deposit (Mark Long Fucks Damien Kyle) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

When Mark Long hears what Damien Kyle is asking up front to move in, he realizes he’s way out of his range. As he gets up to leave, Damien notices the bulge in Mark’s pants and asks him if he’s ok. Mark is embarrassed, and tells Damien he doesn’t know why his dick is hard. Damien, sees an opportunity and tells Mark as long as he’s open minded, there may be another way for him to make his deposit.

Dalton Riley Fucks Dante Martin in ‘Home Wrecker’ at Next Door Studios

Home Wrecker (Dalton Riley Fucks Dante Martin) at Next Door Studios

No sooner has new neighbor Dalton Riley introduced himself that Dante Martin sees the conflict between him and his boyfriend. Dalton’s initial reasoning for stopping by was just to welcome Dante to the neighborhood, but it quickly escalates to a potential booty call when Dalton’s boyfriend storms off and Dalton catches Dante on the porch. Texting him, he asks if Dante wants to hang now, and Dante tells him he’s waiting on the patio. Moments later, Dante is leading Dalton into his house to show Dalton how a real man treats his boyfriend.

Rex Cobra Fucks Jacen Zhu in ‘Raunchy Rendezvous’ at Next Door Ebony

Raunchy Rendezvous (Rex Cobra Fucks Jacen Zhu) at NextDoorEbony

As Jacen Zhu scans the internets he happens across an escort ad featuring a guy he recognizes from his gym, so he decides to give him a call and see what services are provided. Fortunately for Jacen, Rex Cobra is a full service provider, and within an hour, he’s knocking on Jacen’s door ready for action. Rex looks like his pictures, with one exception: his smooth chest is now covered in hair.

Dean Phoenix Fucks Gabriel Cross in ‘Professor Fantasy’ at NextDoorStudios

Professor Fantasy (Dean Phoenix Fucks Gabriel Cross) at Next Door Studios

As soon as he exited the tarmac, exchange student Gabriel Cross knew Professor Dean Phoenix’s tutelage would be an experience he’d likely never forget. His attraction was instantaneous, and when he accidentally spies Dean mumbling his name in the shower, Gabriel realizes his education will not just be in the classroom.

Markie More Fucks Grayson Fabre at Next Door Buddies

Markie More Fucks Grayson Fabre at Next Door Buddies

When Grayson Fabre made his debut a few weeks back, more than a few people stood up and took notice, not the least of which was Markie More. Markie has an eye for talent and also an insatiable lust for a guy with a pretty face, and Grayson checks all the boxes, so Markie was insistent on pairing with the newcomer. And now that he’s got his hands on him, Markie is not disappointed.

NextDoorMale: Johnny Hill

Johnny Hill at Next Door Male

Johnny Hill is a muscular Carolina boy into all things Southern. A self-described exhibitionist, Johnny makes his screen debut for you as he strips down and shows off his wares, from his sculpted arms to his massive chest, all the way down to his thick and meaty cock.

Dalton Briggs and Ty Thomas Tag-Team Scotty Zee in ‘Fuck Club’ at NextDoorRAW!

Fuck Club (Dalton Briggs and Ty Thomas Tag-Team Scotty Zee) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

Before Scotty Zee can join this club, he’ll have to prove his assets. Ty Thomas and Dalton Briggs are intially skeptical of Scotty’s merits and they intend on testing his limits. Scotty will have show a raw willingness to be a team player, as Ty and Dalton have their way with their new member. Dalton immediately eyes Scotty’s ass and begins to work on his hole, as Ty sits on Scotty’s face and smothers him with his cock.

Introducing Matt Delgado (with Scotty Zee) at Next Door Buddies

Introducing Matt Delgado (with Scotty Zee) at Next Door Buddies

Scotty Zee gets a crack at a stripped down style of scene as Next Door introduces a tall drink of water in Matt Delgado. Matt is long in all the right places, and Scotty takes his time discovering all of Matt’s secret spots. Matt proves he can give as good as he gets, showing off his cock sucking skills as he downs Scotty’s cock. Scotty eats his ass before beding him over and giving Matt his first dick on camera, and Matt takes it like a champ.

Trent King Fucks Chris Harder in ‘Leather Lovers’ at Next Door Ebony

Leather Lovers (Trent King Fucks Chris Harder) at NextDoorEbony

Trent King and Chris Harder are dressed in black and ready to attack. Trent’s leathers can barely contain his big dick, and Chris is all to eager to help him out of duds. Chris sucks him off on his knees before Trent bends down and turns him around, tonguing his hole before giving Chris the business end of his meatstick. He fucks Chris from behind, holding him by his leather straps and plowing his ass.

Scott Demarco Fucks Tobias in ‘Rookie Score’ at NextDoorRAW!

Rookie Score (Scott Demarco Fucks Tobias) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

Scott Demarco eyes new team member Tobias getting in a workout after practice one day, and tells the rookie that the rest of the team is really impressed with his play and his attitude, but Scott senses there’s something else that needs tobe addressed. Scott tells him that he seems tense, and asks him if he’s getting any at home. Tobias confesses that he’s never actually been with a girl, and a lightbulb flickers in Scott’s head. Following Tobias back to the locker room, Scott tells him that he knows a few ways to help Tobias loosen up. Tobias is somewhat timid, but doesn’t fight Scott’s advances too hard, so Scott tells him he’s gonna love it, pulling Tobias’ shorts down and immediately gulping on the cock in front of him.

Chris Blades Fucks Lance Ford in ‘Raking In The Dough’ at Next Door Studios

Raking In The Dough (Chris Blades Fucks Lance Ford) at Next Door Studios

Watching the hired hand do his handiwork around the bushes, Lance Ford has another area that needs Chris Blades’ attention. Rather than approaching the gardener with an awkward pitch, Lance decides to subtley bate Chris with the lure of cold hard cash. Chris takes the bait and follows its lead to Lance’s bedroom, where he finds Lance already laying in bed, shirt off, ready to pounce. With a look, Chris understands what Lance is after, and Lance doesn’t hesitate to act on his fantasy, kissing down Chris’ chest and revealing his cock.

Dean Phoenix Fucks Lance Ford in ‘Busting The Innocent’ at Next Door Raw

Busting The Innocent (Dean Phoenix Fucks Lance Ford) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

With a knock at the door, Lance Ford suddenly finds himself in a very compromising position. Officer Dean Phoenix has found the stash and is looking to bust the guilty party. Luckily for Lance, Dean has a soft spot for good looking perpetrators and a particular hard on for Lance. Dean is willing to look the other way provided Lance can give him a reason to do so. Lance seems confused at first, so Dean unzips his pants and pulls out his baton to give Lance a better idea.

Dalton Briggs Fucks Markie More in ‘Rain Delay’ at Next Door Studios

Rain Delay (Dalton Briggs Fucks Markie More) at Next Door Studios

With disagreeable weather raining out plans for a fishing trip, Markie More and his girlfriend’s brother, Dalton Briggs, find themselves just moping around the house with nothing to do. Markie makes the comment that days like these are great for staying in bed and just fucking the afternoon away, and Dalton confesses that he hasn’t had sex in a while. Conversation turns to a literal dick measuring contest, and Markie can’t believe how big Dalton’s cock gets when he’s hard.

Rio B Fucks Beau Reed in ‘Morning Routine’ at Next Door Ebony

Morning Routine (Rio B Fucks Beau Reed) at NextDoorEbony

As far as Rio B is concerned, the day doesn’t truly begin until he’s had himself a nice morning romp. Luckily, boyfriend Beau Reed is always down for some morning activity, so as Rio soaks himself in the tub, and Beau lathers up for his shave, Rio decides to have a little fun, pulling Beau’s towel off and exposing his bubble butt.

Jimmy Clay, Quentin Gainz & Ty Thomas in ‘Straight Chexxx: All Aboard!’ Episode 4 at Next Door Studios

Straight Chexxx: All Aboard! (Jimmy Clay, Quentin Gainz & Ty Thomas) (Episode 4) at Next Door Studios

Just when you think things are calming down, Quentin discovers that his roommate and his girlfriend were a bit careless in their sexual adventures and managed to live cast Jimmy and Mark’s sexual adventure. Overwhelmed by the responses from viewers and the amount of money it made, he convinces Jimmy to keep the video up and think about keeping the business going. Unfortunately, Mark doesn’t feel the same way about the situation when Ty gives him a call and let’s him know about the now viral video.

Next Door Homemade: Rick Michaels Fucks John Finch

Rick Michaels Fucks John Finch at Next Door World

Rick Michaels has invited a new friend over to film some hot porn with. John Finch’s never been filmed but Rick is one of his best friends and was willing to try something new. John says hello to the camera and they start making out. John is excited to see what he looks like sucking cock so he doesn’t waste any time sucking on Rick’s dick. He gets between his legs and begins sucking on his cock revealing a great view of his ass while doing so.

Scott Demarco Fucks Draven Navarro in ‘Senator Cumslut’ at NextDoorRAW!

Senator Cumslut (Scott Demarco Fucks Draven Navarro) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

Senator Draven Navarro has been fucking over his constituents for some time, but today his penchant for dirty secret dealings have put him in a compromising position, and the Senator will finally get his comeuppance. Tied to a chair and expecting his twink intern, he instead encounters Scott Demarco, who has an entirely different scenario in mind. Rather than playing nice, Scott roughs Draven up, face fucking his lying mouth before bending him over his desk. Scott punishes the Senator for all his dirty deeds, fucking him hard and raw from behind as Draven screams from the pain and pleasure of it all. Scott flips him over and fucks the cum out of him, pulling out and coating his face with his load as Draven sucks him dry, a practice he’s become very good at given his line of work. Enjoy!

Mark Long Fucks Justin Owen at NextDoorBuddies

Mark Long Fucks Justin Owen at Next Door Buddies

When Justin Owen heard that Mark Long was done with his long break, he made sure he finagled his way into prime position to be partnered up, and now that the big day has arrived, he’s ready to flaunt that position (plus a few more). He knows all about Mark’s legendary cock, and he’s chomping at the bit to take it for a test spin.

Markie More Fucks Ty Thomas in ‘Straight Chexxx: Noises Off’ Episode 2 at Next Door Studios

Straight Chexxx (Markie More Fucks Ty Thomas) (Part 2) at Next Door Studios

Quentin Gainz is finding it hard to work on his career in acting due to the lack of respect his straight roommate Jimmy shows. Even if tolerating it solves his rent issues, the sound of the straight couple fucking all the time is more than he can bare. Quentin finds himself at the mercy of his friend Ty Thomas who seems to be facing troubling times as well with his struggle to find his own sexuality and what he wants out of life. Desperate to find a why to expand his webcam business and clients in order to kick Jimmy out of his place, Quentin decides he enter a local underwear dance content at a gay bar to promote his webcam show.

Next Door Male: Kyle Silver

Kyle Silver at Next Door Male

Kyle Silver is a beautiful man, smooth in all the right places and dominant where it counts. He’s 5’8 181-lbs of sexy. Kyle is a nutritionist who spends most of his waking life at the gym refining his muscular body. He played just about every sport possible in High School yet he wasn’t as fit as he is now but he loves the way he looks and we are sure you will as well.

Introducing Shawn Reeve (Dalton Riley Fucks Shawn Reeve) at Next Door Buddies

Introducing Shawn Reeve (Dalton Riley Fucks Shawn Reeve) at Next Door Buddies

Shawn Reeve is big, bossy and ready to bottom, and Dalton Riley has been primed to fuck him since he eyed him in the airport. Making his Next Door debut, Shawn and Dalton have immediate chemistry and it shows as they discover each other’s bodies, slowly probing each other’s toned chests and arms before gulping up each other’s cock in a nice and friendly 69.

Mark Long Fucks Jimmy Clay in ‘Straight Chexxx: Daydreams And Tech’ Episode 1 at Next Door Studios

Straight Chexxx: Daydreams And Tech (Mark Long Fucks Jimmy Clay) (Episode 1) at Next Door Studios

Mark Long has just moved into a new apartment with some interesting neighbors. His best friend, Markie More, who in experiencing some tough times helps him move in and is occupying Mark’s couch while he is working on getting back on his feet. Luckily, there is a trade out considering the one thing that Markie does have to offer is a car which comes in handy when Mark needs a ride to his first training session at the gym with Jimmy Clay.

Dante Martin Fucks Brandon Moore in ‘Big-Dick Nerd’ at NextDoorStudios

Big-Dick Nerd (Dante Martin Fucks Brandon Moore) at Next Door Studios

When his potential step-brother to be invades his space, Brandon Moore decides to turn misfortune into opportunity. Dante Martin is a hen pecked nerd in every sense of the word, but Brandon can see through those pants his mama dressed him in that Dante is nonetheless packing some serious meat in his jeans. Quickly corrupting his search engine with porn, Brandon exposes Dante to the carnal side of things, and once he sees Dante is ripe for seducing, he offers to show Dante first hand what it’s all about.

Next Door Homemade: Rick Michaels Fucks Mason Carter

Rick Michaels Fucks Mason Carter at Next Door World

It seems our friend Mason Carter is continuing to convince inexperienced guys to have sex with him on camera. I’m not sure how he’s become so good at pulling this off, but this time he’s submitted some pretty fucking hot footage of himself with a guy named Rick Michaels.

Jimmy Clay Fucks Grayson Fabre in ‘Introducing Grayson Fabre’ at NextDoorBuddies

Introducing Grayson Fabre (Jimmy Clay Fucks Grayson Fabre) at Next Door Buddies

Grayson Fabre is a smart, young, quiet guy from the Midwest, making his on screen debut. Jimmy Clay is on hand to guide him through the process and to see if he’s up to the task. Grayson is hesitant and a bit nervous, but also full of excitement and eager to prove he belongs.