Reality Thugs

RealityTHUGS: Castro Supreme Fucks Scorpion King

Castro Supreme Fucks Scorpion King at RealityDudesNetwork

Scorpion King is always ready to have fun and take big dick. This is good news because Castro Supreme is serving up his massive cock with a side of balls today. These two Atlanta boys get down to business as quickly as possible. From the sound of things, Scorpion got more than he bargained for, and he couldn’t be happier!

RealityTHUGS: Adonis Couverture & Ian Lust

Adonis Couverture & Ian Lust at RealityDudesNetwork

Adonis Couverture & Ian Lust discuss the origins of their names while getting in the mood for some deep-ass dicking. But Adonis is a damn big man; did Ian bite off more than he could chew? Too late to back out now. Adonis gives him a ride he won’t soon forget!

Reality THUGS: Knight Fucks Assassin

Knight Fucks Assassin at RealityDudesNetwork

Knight & Assassin go way back, so they were pretty excited to be paired up for some hot ass fucking. Assassin knows how to get shit done, so he goes straight to work sucking and slobbering all over Knight’s massive cock. When it comes time to take Knight’s BBC in his hungry ass, Assassin enjoys every second of being filled up to capacity.

Reality THUGS: Tru Fucks Mr. Magnificent

Tru Fucks Mr. Magnificent at RealityDudesNetwork

Mr. Magnificent & Tru are both Ohio boys who finally meet for some Reality Thugs business. Magnificent goes to town on Tru’s huge cock before getting his hole fully wrecked by a balls deep pounding. Tru discovers whether blondes have more fun, as he pushes Mr. Magnificent to his limits before cumming all over his body.

Leon Fucks Shawn Heart at RealityTHUGS

Aston Long Fucks Juan Carlos at RealityDudesNetwork

Shawn Heart is taking on Leon’s thick cock and eases into it by blowing Leon until he’s rock hard and ready. Since Leon is so thick, Shawn had to “stretch” himself up before Leon flips him on all fours and dives deep into Shawn’s tight ass. The rest is a hardcore fuckfest you won’t want to miss.

Aston Long Fucks Juan Carlos at Reality THUGS

Aston Long Fucks Juan Carlos at RealityDudesNetwork

Aston Long and Juan Carlos fuck ‘Reality Thugs Style’! Picking up ladies at bars might be easy for them, but will an ass penetration be equally easy? Lubricant’s on the table for a reason.

RealityTHUGS: Intrigue Fucks Scotte Millie

Intrigue Fucks Scotte Millie at RealityDudesNetwork

Scotte Millie’s first encounter with us is one he won’t soon forget because he got a taste of the great Intrigue. as soon as Intrigue whips his dick out, Scotte is all over that tick juicy meat. he blows Intrigue for a while before he gets flipped over and has his ass eaten out. Intrigue then starts fucking Scotte hard and fast until he’s ready to unload onto Scotte’s face.

Reality THUGS: Phoenix Fucks Marcus Cole

Phoenix Fucks Marcus Cole at RealityDudesNetwork

Our boy Phoenix is paying us a visit bringing along Marcus Cole, and they’re ready to fuck! As soon as Phoenix drops his pants, Marcus is all over that massive cock, deep-throating it like a champ. Before long, Marcus is getting his bubble butt pounded by Phoenix who brings the giant thrusts until he jizzes all over Marcus.

RealityTHUGS: Nikko Fucks Juan Carlos

Nikko Fucks Juan Carlos at RealityDudesNetwork

One of our favorite dudes Nikko is back and this time with hottie Juan Carlos for some hardcore business. We start off easy enough, with Juan going down on Nikko’s huge cock, followed by Nikko eating Juan’s hot ass out before shoving his meaty piece deep inside Juan.

RealityTHUGS: Savage Moore Fucks Rico Leon

Savage Moore Fucks Rico Leon at RealityDudesNetwork

Rico Leon and Savage Moore can barely contain their excitement. As soon as they can, they get right down to business and start blowing each other, then Savage starts pounding Rico’s hot ass until he jizzes all over his face.

RealityTHUGS: Savage Moore Fucks Brooks Adams

Savage Moore Fucks Brooks Adams at RealityDudesNetwork

Brooks Adams and Savage Moore are two down-to-earth and chill guys just looking to have a good time. Brooks is well equipped with a bubble butt that goes for days while Savage is carrying a huge cock with him. All shyness falls away when Savage drops his pants and Brooks starts going down on him. Before long, Savage has Brooks against the table and ramming his thick meat deep inside Brooks’ big ass.

Reality THUGS: Kassi Dash Fucks Jaiere Redd

Kassi Dash Fucks Jaiere Redd at RealityDudesNetwork

Jaiere Redd and Kassi Dash are young, fit, and definitely horny. They start strong with Kassi whipping out his massive cock and Jaiere going right down on it, deep-throating, massaging his balls. It’s then Kassi’s turn to get face-fucked by Jaiere’s equally massive cock. He then flips Jaiere around and rims him for a good while before sliding every inch of his big dick inside him. What ensues is one of the hottest poundings we’ve caught on camera.

RealityTHUGS: Kino Knight Fucks Austin Chandler

Kino Knight Fucks Austin Chandler at RealityDudesNetwork

Kino Knight and Austin Chandler are more than ready to get down. Starting with Austin revealing his huge cock to Kino, who dives right in and starts blowing him. The two continue to suck each other off until Kino gets Austin on all fours and buries his face in Austin’s hot ass. Kino then shoves his Big Black Cock inside Austin’s eager ass and fucks him long and hard.

RealityTHUGS: Philly Mack Attack Fucks Kasey Jones

Philly Mack Attack Fucks Kasey Jones at RealityDudesNetwork

Philly Mack Attack is back and this time ready to unload on an eager Kasey Jones. The two get right down to business with Kasey going straight to deep-throating Philly Mack’s big dick, then gets on all fours as Philly Mack slides in and starts pounding his ass.

Castro Supreme Fucks Phoenix at RealityTHUGS

Castro Supreme Fucks Phoenix at RealityDudesNetwork

Castro Supreme is out and ready to fuck. Good thing Phoenix is hungry for that BBC because Castro mercilessly pounds his muscle ass for a good while. Taking Castro’s massive cock is no small feat, and Phoenix’s loud moans are proof of that. He rides that dick like a true champ.

Brett Dover Fucks Javen Lucciono at RealityTHUGS

Brett Dover Fucks Javen Lucciono at RealityDudesNetwork

Brett Dover likes the water. He likes to fish, and dive, but not as much as he likes diving into Javen. Javen Lucciono (Chaz Berling) is eager to get down on his knees and take a taste of Brett’s black tackle. Soon Brett has Javen bent over and moaning low as his big black cock slides in.

RealityTHUGS: Gio Emanuel Fucks Jaiere Redd

Gio Emanuel Fucks Jaiere Redd at RealityDudesNetwork

Gio Emanuel and Jaiere Redd are eager to go. Both boys have super busy lives, and are looking forward to getting busy with each other. Gio can’t wait to get Jaiere’s cock in his mouth. Jaeiere returns the favor like a pro, and then he gets bent over and takes Gio’s big dick in his tight little ass.

RealityTHUGS: Aston Long and Slim Tag-Team Tyler McDaniels

Aston Long and Slim Tag-Team Tyler McDaniels at RealityDudesNetwork

What started off as a chilling session, turned into an intense interracial threesome for the ages. Tyler McDaniels gets tag teamed for his first time by two big-dicked black dudes (Aston Long and Slim) on camera, and they definitely make it worth your while.

Reality THUGS: Keith Tyson Fucks Drizzy Drey

Keith Tyson Fucks Drizzy Drey at RealityDudesNetwork

Keith Tyson is a horny dude who’ll get it from anywhere he can. His buddy Drizzy Drey owes him money, so he asks for a blowjob as repayment. Keith slowly takes his pants off to reveal his massive black cock and Drizzy immediately shoves it deep down his throat. Keith continues to fuck Drizzy’s mouth until he’s ready to mercilessly plow his hot ass.

Reality THUGS: Rich Storm Fucks Tyler McDaniels

Rich Storm Fucks Tyler McDaniels at RealityDudesNetwork

Rich Storm and Tyler McDaniels are such good buddies that when Rich is left with blue balls after a bad date, Tyler volunteers to help him drain his snake. Tyler starts sucking Rich’s thick meat until he’s ready to flip him over and fuck his eager hole. The two intensely fuck until Rich is ready to bust his nut all over Tyler’s face.

RealityTHUGS: Day Day Fucks Adrian

Day Day Fucks Adrian at RealityDudesNetwork

Adrian and Day Day have one thing on their minds: those big dicks of theirs. They waste no time getting down to business with Adrian diving straight for Day Day’s massive cock and deep-throating it. Things heat up when Day Day flips Adrian around and starts eating and slurping his big ass, then shoves his huge cock deep inside Adrian.

Reality THUGS: Quake Fucks Kacey Jones

Quake Fucks Kacey Jones at RealityDudesNetwork

Kacey Jones and Quake are super horny and can’t wait to get their hands on each other. As soon as Kacey walks in, he kneels in front of Quake’s massive cock and deep-throats him. He continues to blow Quake until Quake flips him on all fours and buries his big black cock inside Kacey and pounds mercilessly away.

Reality Thugs: Kino Knight Fucks Dustin Steele

Kino Knight Fucks Dustin Steele at RealityDudesNetwork

Both Kino Knight and Dustin Steele are ready to bust a nut, so it’s no surprise when as soon as Kino sees Dustin, he unzips his pants and Dustin dives straight for his big back cock. After blowing each other’s massive dicks, Kino starts rimming Dustin’s round ass, then shoves his cock deep inside and fucks him hard and fast until Dustin blows his load all over himself.

RealityThugs: Divo Fucks Joey Rico

Divo Fucks Joey Rico at RealityDudesNetwork

Divo and Joey Rico come together for this hot interracial scene. Sexy, tall, dark and handsome Divo slings his huge BBC in all its glory for chiseled white boy Joey to enjoy. The pair certainly waste no time going down on each other, with Divo wrapping his sensuous plump lips around Joey’s thick uncut cock. He then flips Joey around to properly eat his hot ass before dipping his big cock deep inside.

Reality Thugs: Sleepy Reed & Leo North (Flip-Fuck)

Sleepy Reed Fucks Leo North at RealityDudesNetwork

It is laundry day but Leo North and Sleepy Reed are in a mood for raunchier things. They turn the laundry room into a fuck room when Sleepy starts undressing to reveal his huge black cock. Leo immediately starts sucking him off and deep-throat that massive cock. Sleepy then eats Leo’s big ass before sliding deep into it, slowly at first, then pounding him faster and faster. The two flip-fuck until they cum all over the room.