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Amateur Straight Guys: Rod Fucks Crow

Rod Fucks Crow at Amateur Straight Guys

Rod and Crow hit it off immediately, were very relaxed and natural together. Once Crow whipped his cock out things really got rolling. This hip smacking, 69 filled fuck-fest is a perfect way to spend a weekend wanking!

Next Door Buddies: Mathew Rider Sucks Lincoln Echo

Mathew Rider Sucks Lincoln Echo at NextDoorBuddies
Mathew Rider Sucks Lincoln Echo at NextDoorBuddies
Mathew Rider Sucks Lincoln Echo at NextDoorBuddies

This week was looking to change things up a bit and have found this little hole in the wall to film, literally! Lincoln is a dark skinned stud, with a huge 10inch cock and a body built for show, and he has been bugging NDB about getting him a boy who could handle his massive tool. Mathew on the other hand has been bugging NDB about getting him a man with a massive tool, so they new from the first second that if Matthew saw Lincoln’s log hanging out of the glory hole that we would all be in for a treat. Lincoln comes out from behind the glory hole and face fucks Mathew until he blast Mathew’s face with his thick, creamy man juice.

Watch this video at Next Door Buddies

Corbin Fisher: Dawson Fucks Nate (Part One)

Dawson Fucks Nate (Part One) at CorbinFisher
Dawson Fucks Nate (Part One) at CorbinFisher
Dawson Fucks Nate (Part One) at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher writes:

As you can imagine, Dawson’s been quite the sensation here at CF since he first appeared on the site. After just two solo videos, we’ve received as many requests to see more of him – in action, especially – as had been received about any other model prior. And I’ll tell you what, I’m on the exact same page as everyone who sent in one of those e-mails!

I wanted to make sure Dawson got teamed up with someone who not only knew what they were doing, but would also show him just how much fun guy-on-guy sex could be! Knowing that bi-boy Nate was a total horndog and ever eager – as well as loved to bottom – I drafted him right quick.

And boy did that ever work out right! Nate’s completely openminded, and besides really liking it up the ass, he also loves doing anything that he can see is giving his partner pleasure. You’ll see in the video that when Nate starts tongueing Dawson’s toes, Dawson really likes it! And when Nate buries his face in Dawson’s ass and starts rimming him? That about put Dawson over the edge, which just turned Nate on all the more! Dawson had never been rimmed before and never had a partner eager and willing to lick, touch, nibble on and tongue so many different parts of his body. So when he discovers – before all our very eyes – just how good it feels to get a tongue up your ass he just about goes wild. Indeed, it’s so sad and tragic that there are so many hot young college men out there who have never experienced the pleasure of getting one’s ass eaten out. Well, for the price of a cup of coffee a day, you’re helping end that tragedy! We’re performing a service! I should apply for tax-exempt status!

Another of this video’s most priceless moments is when Dawson sucks a guy’s dick for the first time. Dawson wasn’t quite sure what to do with a cock when it was staring him in the face! You really are watching a guy take another man’s dick in to his mouth for the first time ever, and I think it shows in how Dawson goes from stroking to rubbing to licking to kissing to stroking again, then what looks like kneading(?), then finally on to some full-on sucking. Eventually he catches on to what’s making Nate moan the loudest and like the most, and we’ve witnessed Dawson learn another lesson.

By this point, the guys are both so horny that I couldn’t keep dick from going in to ass if I’d tried (I sure as hell wasn’t going to try though, mind you!) and after prepping Nate’s hungry hole with his fingers for awhile, Dawson gets him on his back, legs up in the air, and buries himself in to Nate balls-deep. I was but a fly on the wall at this point, as the guys started going at it and fucking like bunnies. These guys were fired up and it was on!

I’ll never forget the point in filming this that Dawson went from just wanting to feel pleasure, to wanting and even being turned on by his (male!) partner feeling pleasure. I hope you can sense that point in the video as well, because it’s one of those things that keeps every session like this that I film as fresh and fun as the very first.

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Weekend Fling: Men At Play’s Power Shift II

Power Shift II on Men At Play

Men At Play teased you two weeks ago with the first installment of Power Shift. In it, Edu Boxer plays a guy who clearly has too much time (and boy butter) on his hands at work. He spies on Manu Maltes, takes pictures of him, finds the time to strap on a cockring and print out the pictures, and before you know it, he’s smoking and stroking to the pics like…um…we do to his.

Power Shift II on Men At Play

Now Men At Play has delivered the final blow with the second installment of Power Shift. Maltes has figured out what’s been going on while his boss has been punching his own time card—and he’s not happy. Well, not until he comes across Boxer in his office, tips his chair back, and goes teabagging. Maltes shoots a string of come over Boxer’s chest and chin, leaving the company president no choice but to follow suit. We’ll give ’em extra points for using their designer ties erotically, and for the whole subtext of labor usurping management–leave it to the Spaniards to wax nostalgically for Marxism and to leave their hairy man asses unwaxed. With three clips in all, Power Shift will keep you glued to your seat this weekend, if our personal experience is any indication.

Power Shift II on Men At Play

Watch PowerShift II on Men at Play

Ass from the Past: Hello there, Stranger!

Hello there, Stranger

Since this is my first WayBIG post, I’d like to reach through the hot running water to shake your hand, Mr. Reader. My name is Frank, they have been kind enough to make me a guest contributor here at WayBIG. I hope we can be friends, and that you’ll enjoy these vintage photos I put up for you each week. I’ll also be providing you with some other gossipy (naked) tidbits from time to time. If you miss me when I’m gone, you can find me daily at !! omg blog !! where our readers are smarter than average.

See you soon. xoxo Frank

BukBuddies: Daniel’s First Time

More of Daniel at BukBuddies
More of Daniel at BukBuddies
More of Daniel at BukBuddies

You may remember Daniel from a post we did WAYback in October. Okay, so maybe you don’t. Anyways, this little gymnast spreads eagle in this, Part 2 of his photo & video shoot entitled, “Daniel’s First Time” at We hope you enjoy.

Daniel can also be found at and if you’re so inclined.

Watch Daniel at Sutter

Sutter at MilitaryClassified

Sutter is one of those southern boys with the accent and all who just took Rob’s breath away when they first met. He has these beautiful sky blue eyes with an adorable face that just make you melt. He’s got a sexy voice that exudes masculinity. Rob was in for the shock of his life during this shoot because what started out as Rob servicing this young marine ended up being something that he will never forget!

It has been Rob’s fantasy to have a straight stud “return the favor.” Well with Sutter the moon must have been aligned with Jupiter because this boy took Rob to the sky in a natural high. The shoot started just like any other and Rob dove in with the questions about Sutter’s sexual experience with women, etc.

Sutter at MilitaryClassified

It turns out that before they got started Sutter hinted around that he was definitely curious about “experimenting” with a guy because he was the type of person who always wanted to try kinky things with chicks. He told Rob that since he wasn’t that hard on the eyes that he wouldn’t mind “taking one for the straight boys” so to speak and was Rob floored when he took him up on the offer.

Sutter at MilitaryClassified

Just before the shoot started he changed his mind and said he wasn’t going to get into it because he felt really nervous. So off they went shooting and Rob, of course, began sucking his dick like no other and man, he was enjoying the bj for sure. In the video, you can see by the expressions on Sutter’s face that he was definitely getting hot and bothered to the point where he started to squirm a little on the bed.

Sutter at MilitaryClassified

Sutter was certainly surprised at how good Rob was and in the heat of the moment he pulled a fast one and started sucking Rob’s dick. Incredible! Rob got so damn excited that he could hardly contain himself. Rob remained professional though, and sloughed it off as nothing but inside he was in hog heaven.

Sutter at MilitaryClassified

Sutter’s cock was beautiful, his face adorable, his body… just like a straight guy. Rob says, “Although his cocksucking skills leave a little bit to be desired, he still get an A+ for effort cause it got me hard!” Sutter nutted as usual on cue and with the same lovely cum expressions Rob’s grown to love over the past 2 years… the face of relief! Man it is hot!

Watch Sutter at

ChaosMen and Sean Cody: Parker

Parker at ChaosMen and SeanCody

Parker has always wanted to do porn but never had the opportunity. He’s never been approached to do films before — until now. Actually, Parker approached Sean Cody[SC]. He was a valet at a restaurant SC visited on a recent trip. He was so friendly and good looking and it was very easy to talk to him. SC immediately wanted him to be on because he has everything SC looks for in a guy. Reviewed: The Perfect (Blow) Job

Product Image:
My rating: 5 out of 5

You think your job is so great? All you get to do is steal free office supplies and once in a while, catch the semi-hot guy in the next cubicle jerking himself off in the men’s stalls. Well, okay – that is kinda hot.

Jake Cruise might have one on you. Straight and not so narrow guys come to his house all day long to get massages, get naked, get head, and more often than you’d think, get a little butt-ravaged. Color us jealous! We don’t know what lottery Jake won to be handing out the bills to get these boys in the fuck mood, but we say keep spreadin’ em. There’s quality straight and gay meat here, and by proxy with Jake, you get to see their cum faces without having to pay for dinner or do the whole “torture of a thousand emails” thing before you hook up.

Jake Cruise: The Guys

The site is laid out as simple as can be. Once you log in, click on a playing-card-like thumbnail of your boy of choice and it takes you to the preview screen where you can choose photos or movies. Some guys stop at a body massage, and those videos don’t have photos with them. The vast majority end with Jake sucking or fucking something, or at least watching, so make sure to turn down the volume on your screen when your supervisor decides it’s time for “team building” by tossing you a stupid football or asking you out to lunch or something really gay like that.

Jake Cruise: The Movies

New scenes are available every week, and DVD copies can be bought in case you fear burning the pixels into the computer screen. Whether it’s Jake fucking the delicious Mark, or simply rubbing down the adorable and hung Jacob, you’ll wish you could find that kind of work. Maybe it’s time to polish up on your resume?

  • Jake Cruise Price Points At the time of review
    1. Boyfriend: 30 days for only $24.95 – Renews at $24.95 every 30 days until cancelled.
    2. Fuck Buddy: 30 days for only $34.95 – Non-renewing one-time charge.
    3. Lover: 90 days for only $64.95 – Non-renewing one-time charge.


The Missing: Hot House’s 18-Man Tease

The Missing

Just one Hot House Video man could keep us fantasizing about a post-holiday stuffing of our own. But throw in personal stroke fave Shane Rollins with 17 other porno princes and you have an easy way of keeping our attention in front of the tube for a few hours while you run out to do errands. That’s right, ma — all we want for Christmas this year is Hot House’s The Missing, a multi-cocked extravaglanza that offers up two hours’ worth of uncut action in a special two-disc set coming soon.

The plot’s a simple one: two lovers have a sweet romantic interlude with plenty of candles, wine and a quart of EZ lube. Then in the middle of the night, one is kidnapped and forced into a life of sleazy, compulsory sex with a pair of owners you wouldn’t wish on the toughest pit bull. Humiliation? How else would you describe being caged in and used as the pedestal for an oh-so-’80s glass-topped dining table? Up until the last detail, we had totally suspended our disbelief and figured that scenario played out every day in the Castro.

Sign up now at Hot House to pre-order your copy (we beat you to it). And until the UPS guy arrives with a shy look and a bulging jumpsuit, download the iPod-compatible preview clips that include hardcore action with full penetration. Our video iPod battery’s already worn down. Then send the UPS guy our way.

The Missing []

RandyBlue: More Josh Warren

More Josh Warren at Randy Blue
More Josh Warren at Randy Blue

Josh is lean and tight with a nice sized cock and a furry ass. You gotta love furry butts, and his Josh’s is extra hot.

Visit Randy Blue

Mike Hancock: Andy Hunter Rides Again

Andy Hunter Rides Again at Mike Hancock
Andy Hunter Rides Again at Mike Hancock
Andy Hunter Rides Again at Mike Hancock
Andy Hunter Rides Again at Mike Hancock
Andy Hunter Rides Again at Mike Hancock

Mike Hancock writes:

Andy Hunter is a big name in gay porn. If you’ve seen any of his movies, you know he’s usually ramming that 8 inch dick of his up some guy’s tight ass. It wasn’t until I saw him bottom for the first at one of my favorite gay websites, Lucas Entertainment, that I knew I had to have him do a repeat performance for my cameras.

With his thick 8” by 6” cock, I knew Hancock Studios Exclusive Ryan Andrews was just the man for the job. If you like moaning and dirty talk, Andy Hunter delivers as he gets the ride of his life this week.

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Trucker Love

Trucker LoveTruck-stop sex is one of those Holy Grails of gay life–many seek it but few have even seen it. It sounds naughty, dangerous and a little sleazy. And that’s probably why you’re reading more, right?

The truth is, it’s tough to actually land some real trucker sex — and that’s what real truckers tell us even. But men will be men, and a host of ‘Net sites are out there so you can help out a brother on the road with a little rest and relaxation–or spend a lot of time trying.

But before you go cruising the likes of Nudesville’s Truckstop or BigRigMen, you need a little primer on how to sidle up to the over-the-road guys without getting arrested or worse, rejected. A couple of friends offer up this advice from years of tackling the “pickle parks” in Texas and the Northeastern Interstates:

“Most truckers pre-plan online anymore with laptops and all,” our northeast road warrior tells us. “They cruise online at home and try to get phone numbers. “Rest areas still happen but not like it used to be, with undercover cops and all. Graffiti in the bathroom is a sign, as is a truck stop with an adult bookstore nearby.”

Once you get to the right place, play it cool, warns trucker-fucker number two. “Well, there’s lots of techniques, but mainly try to catch the eye of some trucker at a truck stop or rest area, start a conversation and see where it goes. They usually give the signal if you’re paying attention,” says our southern bud. “It’s pretty fun when it works out. Takes a lot of patience and tact. I figure that if I have a good conversation and it goes nowhere else, then I’ve still had a good time. But more often than not, I bag ’em if I’m able to chat with ’em.”

Truck StopNeed more advice before you go haunting the 76 outpost near the freeway? There’s’s oldie-but-goodie posting on how to tackle a truckdriver and get into his…cab. It’s written in the Queen’s English, so know going in that “lorry” means “truck” and generally, the same rules apply here in the vast unwashed colonies. Patience is a key virtue, and the rewards are great if you like the straight and unavailable kind: “What you get is the man next door, or the father of the man next door. Ordinary blokes, with wives, kids and mortgages. You also get no sexual politics, no bullshit, no attitude, and no condoms (bring your own).”

Just be warned: “Anything is a gamble any more. It’s definitly not like it used to be, but it happens—and yes, there are gay truckers and closet ones.”

CruisingforSex: Guide to Trucker Sex

Nudesville’s Truckstop

Gay Truckers –

Hookup of the Week: ColtmanDiego

>> coltmandiego's profile <<Ready, set, run: if you haven’t put ColtmanDiego on your friends list at our HookUp Now! Page, you need to. Because this single guy just can’t be long for the lonely world–not with Colt modeling credentials to go with his adorable Puerto Rican features. “I was born in the luscious island of Puerto Rico, surrounded by the beautifully refreshing blue waters of the Caribbean Sea,” he says. “I’m proud to be Puerto Rican, but also delight in being a man of integrity, who highly values intelligence and enjoys the company of those whose intelligence resonates with my own.” Sold!

This thirty-five-year-old hung Scorpio adds that “I take care of my body as well as my soul. I am a man’s man, not a girl dressed in muscles, who likes a man whose hand shake is strong, firm and hot. I truly delight in laughter, romance, deep conversations, but mostly in sensual passionate moments. My life is one with a rich history, a great spiritual adventure. From a family of eight I’ve experienced great adversities yet great joys too. Finally, I love to have a good time, but I also want to make a difference in this sad, beautiful, tender and sexy world.”

Take him clubbing or to the movies – or dress him up in chaps and jeans or a tight Speedo, which he also likes. Just remember: hands off if you see us with him, whore.

ColtmanDiego []

BoyTV’s Mardi Gras: Where Y’At?

BoyTV and Mardi GrasNew Orleans is finally starting to shake off the effects of Hurricane Katrina. So while you make your plans for the biggest, best Mardi Gras in history next February, take a look back at the festivities from the Eighties and Nineties through the lens of boyTV, a renegade Web-only archive now up at, that “weekly ME-ality series” blog we adore (you know, the one with the hot stud at the helm.) Tony’s friend, the delicious host Thomas Hauser, took boyTV to Mardi Gras to capture the gay and hetero abandon that revelers used to crank to legendary heights.

Over the course of the first ten-chapter flick, you’ll watch the requisite Atlanta boys in their underwear, drag queens in evening wear, and everyone else a little worse for wear after days of nonstop partying. The beads only grow in numbers as the outrageous outfits get more complex: Michael the Archangel is our hunky favorite, but you have to be amazed by the bitch who built an entire Creole townhouse on her head, complete with Barbies showing their tits.

There’s lots of grainy, lowbrow footage with aerobicized asses, wieners of epic proportions and of course, the oddly charming David Spade-like host. And at the end, maybe you too will have a tear in your eye for what’s happened since to the City that Care Forgot. Watch it all, then click over to and make sure you sign up for your patriotic duty to life, liberty and the pursuit of beads.


Sean Cody: Stew

Stew at Sean Cody

Stew’s a very dedicated surfer. He works a normal forty-hour-a-week job and somehow manages to wake up early enough to hit the waves prior to heading to work. Sean Cody says, “There are really only two things that can get me up that early in the morning — 1) coffee and/or 2) a hot man in my bed… and a hot man bringing me coffee in bed, well…”

Next Door Male: Tyler

Tyler at Next Door Male

Tyler is a 20 year old junior in college majoring in architecture and is in a fraternity. He says that he’s having a hard time keeping up with the schoolwork since his girlfriend and the fraternity takes up so much of his time. When asked him if that bothered him, he said no way, because he’s having a blast. He goes to parties every weekend and he invited one of the Next Door Studios staff members to one the night of his shoot.

Making It Legal: George Michael

George Michael & Kenny GossBarring any last-minute detours by a cruisy park restroom, George Michael says he’ll be getting committed this winter as soon as the law allows. Not committed in the, “God, what was I thinking with Listen Without Prejudice?” way, but in the romantic, tax-saving legal way. The new civil partnership bill that becomes law in Great Britain on Dec. 21 is lighting a fire under Michael’s presumably hairy ass to make it all legal with his partner of ten years, Kenny Goss. But while the couple will be filing all the right forms, Michael denies he’ll be strapping on a Vera Wang original for the walk down the aisle: he told the Associated Press that “I’m sure Kenny and I will be doing the old legal thing, but we won’t be doing the whole veil and gown thing.”

In the revealing closer, Michael pretty much called out his future groom as a well-kept man: “You never know, I could get hit by a bus and the poor man could have nothing.” Zing! Michael’s hits include the mega-selling solo disc Faith and later, the very gay disco single Outside, a tongue firmly in cheek take on his very public arrest in April of 1998 for soliciting sex from a real Beverly Hills cop.

Yeah, we’d still do him.

Corbin Fisher: Jake (II)

Jake at CorbinFisher

I’m sure you’ll empathize with me when I say that at countless points throughout the week, I’ll find myself seeing someone and thinking “Oh, he has to do porn!” There are a lot of extremely attractive young men out there, and what better way to enjoy as many as possible than to get them on camera, buck naked, rubbing one out or having sex with another equally hot man?! Often enough, I muster up the courage to approach such guys and set about trying to get them to appear here on for you. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

His First Facial: David Was Made For Cum

David at His First Facial
David at His First Facial
David at His First Facial

Trolling the streets to find fresh candidates for their “documentary”, the His First Facial crew zeroed in on this sexy young skateboarder. Watch this young fellow, David, age 20 suck a goliath cock! There is nothing better than blowing your load on a young bucks face.

Watch David at His First Facial