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RandyBlue: Jarec Wentworth

Jarec Wentworth at RandyBlue

Jarec Wentworth is no stranger to gay porn. He is just a sweet fun loving guy that just loves sex anywhere he can get it. He has a hard muscled body that is covered in just the right amount of hair. He pulls his hard cock out and plays with it for a bit outside, before moving indoors and finishing the job. He ends by spraying the cameraman with his hot white jizz.

SeanCody: Bareback Fuckfest (Dennis, Jarek, Liev & Taylor)

Bareback Fuckfest (Dennis, Jarek, Liev & Taylor) at SeanCody

“There’s a lot of meat in there!” Dennis said, wide eyed.

Liev, Taylor, and Jarek were in the next room waiting to fuck him.

“I am going to get filled up!”

Dennis was really excited, especially about Taylor, the “newbie,” as he called him.

“He’s really cute,” Dennis said. “I can’t wait to see what he can do!”

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SeanCody: Charlie & Jarek (Bareback)

Charlie & Jarek (Bareback) at SeanCody

It’s been nearly two years but Charlie is back and he’s put on some muscle!

And of course it wouldn’t be a film with Jarek without a nice messy cream pie!

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SeanCody: Jarek & Aidan (Bareback)

Jarek & Aidan (Bareback) at SeanCody

One of the things that has amazed me most about Jarek’s progress is his evolving penchant for cream pies!

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SeanCody: Troy & Jarek (Bareback)

Troy & Jarek (Bareback) at SeanCody

Troy was a little nervous about taking Jarek’s big dick, so Jarek used his tongue to prep Troy’s hole!

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SeanCody: Jarek & Brice (Bareback)

Jarek & Brice (Bareback) at SeanCody

“I may be the bottom here but I’m in charge.” Brice was feeling very confident and very happy. Both he and Jarek seemed to be in a very good mood.

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SeanCody: Jarek & Curtis (Bareback)

Jarek & Curtis (Bareback) at SeanCody

They fucked for another hour or so and Curtis was able to work up another load (which he shot into his own mouth)!

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SeanCody: Jed & Jarek

Jed & Jarek at SeanCody

They were actually a really cute couple together. Jarek was cracking jokes and Jed was laughing nervously!

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SeanCody: Jarek Fucks Jake

Jake & Jarek at SeanCody

Jake and Jarek noticed that both of them were uncut, so they docked their big, hard cocks as they kissed!

SeanCody: Jarek & Jeffrey

Jarek & Jeffrey at SeanCody

Goose bumps covered Jarek’s whole body the instant Jeffrey started pounding into his hairy hole!

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SeanCody: Jarek & Johnny

Jarek & Johnny at SeanCody

Johnny’s ass ended up taking a beating until there was cum dripping all over him!

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SeanCody: Jarek & Jamie

Jarek & Jamie at SeanCody

The sight of Jarek’s huge cock plunging in and out of Jamie’s hole was priceless!

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