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Alex Orioli

Alex Orioli
Name: Alex Orioli
Height: 5' 11" (180cm)
Hair: Brown
Ethnicity: White
Cock Size: 7.5"
Circumcision: Uncut
We found Alex when he was serving out his (then compulsory) military service in the city where George Duroy was raised. “He was one of the most sexual models around,” George recalls. “But his sexual appetite really spins out of control after a few bottles of beer or wine.” “Alex is sometimes oblivious of how seductive he can be when dealing with people,” George says. “But it is a natural part of his personality.” Alex has a quirky dog, a Yorkshire terrier, who is quite clever. The animal believes he is human and refuses to understand that he is a dog. Alex spoils him rotten. He recently trained as a masseuse and remains in touch with George socially.

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