Gay Porn Site Reviews

Site Name: Bromo

Bromo evolved from Juicyboys. Having being described as “The Entry Drug to BDSM” it features Lots of men you may be familiar with from using various toys in different scenarios. Unlike there is more focus on the sex and less focus on the story and scenario, and 100% bareback.

In 2017, they started featuring scenes shot in Europe in addition to their regular lineup of scenes shot in North America, with Americans and Europeans; you will get a good mix of cut and uncut cocks. Hairy, tattooed, clean-shaven, there is a little bit of everything. You'll see Vadim Black, Johnny Rapid, Dennis West, Jordan Levine, Aspen, Griffin Barrows, and many other porn regulars, as well as Europeans like Luke Ward, Dom Ully, Brick Norwood, Tomm Black, Ryan Cage.

The site has many older free bonus video, plus over 270 (at the time of writing) exclusive scenes. They release 2 exclusive scenes a week. In addition, Bromo has 990 VOD titles from various studios including Cocky Boys,, BelAmi, Lucas Entertainment, and many more. You get 10 free credits with your monthly (or more) subscription to purchase VOD. Any credits beyond that will be an extra fee. Read More

Site Name: Sean Cody

Sean Cody is one of, if not THE, premiere site for gay porn. A trailblazer in the early days of Internet gay porn pay sites, Sean Cody has always been good but has improved with age, and now offers an astounding amount of content. A subscriber could jerk off for months on end without leaving the site. Sean Cody hand plucks the hottest young men from around the country (apparently even high schools) where they can lose their virginity or show off their sexual prowess on film, and on beautiful sets with near perfect lighting. With only a first name, studs like Bryce, Walker, Dillan, Jess and Tanner wow the viewers with hot sex and great passion and enthusiasm. A few years ago, Sean Cody made a move away from condom porn to bareback, which definitely seems to be a current consumer preference. The videos are all exclusive, and the models for the most part are exclusive as well. They Models are always first timers, and exclusive until they decide to film for another studio. New updates three times per week, and great powerful sex in each duo trio or orgy practically guarantees that the subscriber will have few qualms with this great site Read More

Site Name: Randy Blue

With such well-known performers as Reece Rideout, Nicco Sky, Malachi Marx, and Chris Rockway, Randy Blue is a well known and established site in the gay porn industry.

Currently celebrating it's 10 year launch anniversary, Randy Blue is still going strong, finding some of the hottest guys and delivering up good old-fashioned, hot sex scenes. It is a porn powerhouse, with a unique look and brand.

Given it's decade long history, Randy Blue membership comes with over 1300 videos, so it is a great value, especially with some current anniversary sales going on. Any customer could be contentedly jerking away for days on end. Randy Blue has honed its look, but it also offers fresh and different content from time to time.

With it's scene series such as "Welcome to LA," and "That 70s Gay Porn Movie," the studio is trying to offer something unique in the marketplace, and it succeeds. A recent scene featuring Greg Jameson and Andres Moreno puts together an openly gay model with a first timer, and the results are downright hot. It doesn't hurt the they both have such beautiful butts! But sometimes the scenes are with veteran pornstars with rough, hard, passionate kissing, sucking, rimming, and fucking.

There is definitely an East coast, or more appropriately, Southern California vibe to the site, where it is located. So don't expect a lot of Midwestern charm or East Coast brashness. Any one of these hotties wouldn't be out of place strolling down Sunset Boulevard. Although you would be more likely to find them on Rentboy or Go-go-dancing, and a lot of them do just that. It is great that Randy Blue hires guys with such a work ethic. It must help the site continue to turn out high quality porn week after week. Read More

Site Name: Helix Studios

Helix Studios has a long history of delivering up hot twinks on DVD and the Internet, and today seems to have a corner on the market. Initially, Helix had a humble beginning featuring spanking and average twink videos. However, the studio has come a long way, and today Helix presents an impressive line-up across the college men and teen boy spectrum. The studio even boasts a Roku channel that allows subscribers to stream their offerings directly to their television set in HD. Helix has also managed to churn out award-winning DVD titles at the same time as running an easy to navigate smoothly functioning website. With over 2000 titles and three updates per week, the site is a great value, and the production quality is exceptional. In addition to hot models, the scenes themselves are fresh and creative. “Sex en Rouge,” for example, presents homage to old-time cabaret shows. The intro of this video contains a smoky room and curtain opening, with great lighting and effects. “Peeking Pleasure” begins with a view from outside a window as too twinks start to go at it. The new Real Cam series has some good POV footage. With videos that are a far cry from throwing two twinks on a bed and letting them go at it, Helix delivers its product well and with exacting standards. Read More

Site Name: Bel Ami Online

Bel Ami made a huge splash in the early 1990's with a series of DVDs featuring stunningly gorgeous Eastern European models such as Lukas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik. With amazing hotties and great production values, the studio quickly became a gay porn legend, and in the process most likely set off a huge amount of tourism to the former Czechoslovakia. Titles like "Frisky Summer" and "An American in Prague" are two of this reviewer's favorites. Luckily for all of us, thirty years later Bel Ami has made a highly successful move to Internet, unlike many of its peers. And Bel Ami continues to crank out scene after scene of beautiful boys in great scenes. The site is loaded with content, even mini-series type documentary style videos - clearly, Bel Ami wants the models and their individual personalities shine through. A nice touch is the member forum, where folks can interact. Recent favorites such as Dolph Lambert and Kevin Warhol never disappoint. Bel Ami even stages large productions such as the South African production that included a 27 guy orgy. Now that takes a lot of energy and coordination! As it continues to produce DVD titles, the site itself offers both scenes from its DVDs as well as scenes shot for BelAmiOnline. The site is crammed with special features, photography, and behind the scenes candid videos and interviews. Recently Bel Ami has been producing more bareback scene, so lovers of condom-free fucking will enjoy as well. Overall, Bel Ami seems to have created its own world, filled with great looking guys (and sometimes even guest stars from across the pond). Hot sex abounds, and the subscription is well worth it. Read More

Site Name: Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys is a popular site that has been around for a while. It's sole purpose in life is to turn young straight guys into cock-sucking maniacs. At this, BrokeStraightBoys succeeds, as it has been doing since 2006. BrokeStraightBoys might not have invented "Gay 4 Pay" as a gay porn genre, but the site has done its best to corner the market. That said, the types of guys on the site tend to be on the younger side; although there are certainly many straight 27 years olds looking to make money in gay porn, you probably won't find them here. This site is definitely for those who like 'em young, as well as a little rough around the edges. The types of videos run the gamut from solos, to first-time oral scenes, to topping and (usually) the straight guys getting fucked. Once they have lured the guy into doing all of this, if he is hot and popular they simply make him get progressively freaky, usually. So you will find rimming and occasionally some rough stuff. Kissing is something that is widespread among the BrokeStraightBoys but not always; it depends a lot on the video. Often a newbie will be paired with a more experienced guy - a sort of training session, if you will. The models on the site are most of the time better than average looking, and the sex can be quite passionate and intense, regardless of a guy's protestations about being straight. Read More

Site Name: Chaos Men advertises under the banner "Disrupt your day." The reviewer loves this site, but is quite unsure just what the hell "disrupt your day" has to do with the site, other than perhaps a nudge towards surfing porn while at work. Overall, the site features a lot of masculine, brand new, usually never-before-seen models who are brought along from a jerk-off vid into the world of Gay4Pay mansex in all its glory (recently all of its condom-free glory). The reviewer noticed that the quality of the videos has vastly improved since its beginning days, and hopefully ChaosMen will continue to deliver what it promises: Young, Masculine, Average-Joe type men, usually straight, doing a little bit of everything. Chaosmen prides itself on variety, and the site certainly delivers. You can find everything from artsy-fartsy "Edge" videos to good old-fashioned gloryhole scenes. There is a lot of fucking, too, and occasionally some pissing. If there is a video you don't like, there will probably be a video you DO like a few days around the corner. Read More

Site Name: Circle Jerk Boys

The first thing I check out when I entered CJB was the "Behind the Scenes" link, which is an extra feature for every scene on the site. It features an extensive interview of the model or models, from a guy whose voice reminds me of a TV game show host. The questions are really unique, like "If you were an alcoholic drink, what would you be?" Albeit surreal, it is really nice to get to see these amateur guys, and more recently, established Internet pornstars, be subjected to off the cuff questioning. This site has personality, and has been run by the same "Host" since its inception. CJB has been around for a while, and has expanded what it makes available to members - having begun as primarily a solo site, CJB now offers weekly updates of mostly hardcore sex. If you can get past the outdated web navigation, there is a lot of content that will get your rocks off. Read More

Site Name: English Lads

" advertises as "Uncut Amateurs, just a little bit hotter." Well, folks, they are right on the mark. This site is packed with hot English amateurs, jerking off, messing around, and fucking. The site provides beautiful photosets and impressive high quality videos. There is a 50/50 mix of straight guys and gay guys, and this works fairly well. The photos are great, and the quality of the videos is top notch for a pro-am site. Nick, the owner of the site, provides lots of extra features and communication with members. There is a blog, a member forum, and plenty of video footage of the English lads talking and letting the viewer getting to know them. The site has hot guys, hot sex, and personality, which is a formula for a very successful site." Read More