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Bel Ami Online
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Feb 11, 2014
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Bel Ami
Bel Ami made a huge splash in the early 1990's with a series of DVDs featuring stunningly gorgeous Eastern European models such as Lukas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik. With amazing hotties and great production values, the studio quickly became a gay porn legend, and in the process most likely set off a huge amount of tourism to the former Czechoslovakia. Titles like "Frisky Summer" and "An American in Prague" are two of this reviewer's favorites. Luckily for all of us, thirty years later Bel Ami has made a highly successful move to Internet, unlike many of its peers. And Bel Ami continues to crank out scene after scene of beautiful boys in great scenes. The site is loaded with content, even mini-series type documentary style videos - clearly, Bel Ami wants the models and their individual personalities shine through. A nice touch is the member forum, where folks can interact. Recent favorites such as Dolph Lambert and Kevin Warhol never disappoint. Bel Ami even stages large productions such as the South African production that included a 27 guy orgy. Now that takes a lot of energy and coordination! As it continues to produce DVD titles, the site itself offers both scenes from its DVDs as well as scenes shot for BelAmiOnline. The site is crammed with special features, photography, and behind the scenes candid videos and interviews. Recently Bel Ami has been producing more bareback scene, so lovers of condom-free fucking will enjoy as well. Overall, Bel Ami seems to have created its own world, filled with great looking guys (and sometimes even guest stars from across the pond). Hot sex abounds, and the subscription is well worth it.


Bel Ami Online
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$34.95 dropping to $29.95 after 1 month
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$79.95 for 90 days; $149.70 for 180 days
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$19.95 for 7 days
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Credit Card
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Fully Functional but Slightly Cluttered
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Multiple ways to navigate through videos, photos, and models.
over 1000
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mp4 HD and SD, wmv HD. Older videos wmv, mov, m4v
High Definition Standard Definition
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Streaming is available HD and SD. The streaming is not perfect, with some substantial buffering on occasion. 3D vids 1920x1080.
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Each video has an accompanying photoset, excepting some much older content.
Size of Photosets:
Most videos have 40-50 1135x655 size screencap pictures, although some videos have higher quality professional action photos.
With the exception of the screen capture pictures accompanying most videos, the photography on the site is professional.
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Although every scene does not have a full set of high-res photos available, the amount of quality photography on the site is above average.
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Exclusive Models:
Extra Features:
BelAmiOnline provides a tremendous amount of extra features including loads of behind-the-scenes footage and mini-documentaries.
Model Quantity:
Over 300 featured models.
Model Description:
Mostly fair skinned, light haired European, specifically Eastern European men, ages 20-25.
Overall Quality of Content:
7 updates per week
Amount of Action:
Even mix of solos, duos, threesomes, and group action.

Main Review

PRO 1 With 30 years of content to choose from, you can imagine that there is a very large library. Because of the distinct look of Bel Ami, however, none of the videos seem very dated. The newer content is well executed, and of course the access to DVD scenes ensures a great time viewing a wide assortment of titles.
PRO 2 With unique content such as "Scandal in the Vatican" or productions with Corbin Fisher models from the U.S., Bel Ami never gets boring. It seems like they are always challenging themselves to keep it fresh, new and interesting within their unique Bel Ami look. It is nice that Bel Ami tries different ideas and has so many guest appearances by popular models from other studios. Customers must never feel bored or that the content coming in future weeks will be the same type of video from the past few weeks. Fresh is the word of the day.
PRO 2 If you don't mind closed captioning. . . You will love the way Bel Ami presents the personality of its models. While some productions are staged and scripted, most of the content has a good amount of down to earth, frank conversation among the guys in the scene, and the exuberance of the guys shines through. The candid behind the scenes video allows even more insight into the personalities of the models, something that many subscribers will enjoy to the fullest.
CON 1 Compared with other large sites, BelAmiOnline is especially at first very difficult to navigate. The design seems cluttered and not to "clean" like some other large porn sites. Of course, part of the web design issue is providing such a wide array of different products and search capabilities without getting out of control. Yes, you can search by types of scene, chronology, ratings, most discussed, etc, but the main menu has 10 items (including 3D). Each menu item has different search capabilities (bareback vs. condom on "Sex Scenes" and singles vs. photoshoots on "Solos"). It is great to have the capability, but this reviewer thinks a sleeker design might help the experience as well.
CON 2 As with any studio that has a uniquely honed image, there is a phenomenon in which almost all of the models start to look alike (especially when browsing through the dozens of thumbnails on each page). It could prove difficult to choose a scene to watch because almost every scene photo seems like it might be the same two guys. Of course, this problem is the result of a two-edged sword. On the one hand, there is a cookie cutter effect; on the other hand, you can spot a Bel Ami photo from a kilometer away. If you really love the light colored hair on a slightly Slavic looking 20 year old who has just returned from sunbathing, this will not be a serious problem. If, however, you like a lot of diversity in eye-candy, you could have a complaint.
CON 2 Maybe because it's difficult to get around the site, this reviewer was having trouble finding the promised 7+ updates per week. The scenes do not have release dates attached, and it's unclear whether updates include sex scenes and backstage scenes (behind the scenes vids), as well as other content, but it seems like this is the case. There are certainly multiple new sex scenes each weeks, but don't count on a new sex scene every day. On top of this, there is a sister site Kinky Angels which seems to offer a lot of what the main site offers for an additional $39.95.
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Overall A
Quantity A
Quality A
Updates A
Exclusivity A
Interface B-
Hotness A
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