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Broke Straight Boys
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Feb 11, 2014
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Blu Media
Broke Straight Boys is a popular site that has been around for a while. It's sole purpose in life is to turn young straight guys into cock-sucking maniacs. At this, BrokeStraightBoys succeeds, as it has been doing since 2006. BrokeStraightBoys might not have invented "Gay 4 Pay" as a gay porn genre, but the site has done its best to corner the market. That said, the types of guys on the site tend to be on the younger side; although there are certainly many straight 27 years olds looking to make money in gay porn, you probably won't find them here. This site is definitely for those who like 'em young, as well as a little rough around the edges. The types of videos run the gamut from solos, to first-time oral scenes, to topping and (usually) the straight guys getting fucked. Once they have lured the guy into doing all of this, if he is hot and popular they simply make him get progressively freaky, usually. So you will find rimming and occasionally some rough stuff. Kissing is something that is widespread among the BrokeStraightBoys but not always; it depends a lot on the video. Often a newbie will be paired with a more experienced guy - a sort of training session, if you will. The models on the site are most of the time better than average looking, and the sex can be quite passionate and intense, regardless of a guy's protestations about being straight.


Broke Straight Boys
Broke Straight Boys
Broke Straight Boys
Broke Straight Boys
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$99.87 for 1 year
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$1 for 3 days, renewing at $19.83
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Credit Card
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This site offers lots of specials, so keep an eye out for good deals.
Overall Design:
Nice design, easy to navigate, self explanatory
Mac Friendly?:
Easy to search by tags, drop down lists with lots of options.
Almost 1000
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All vids are both mp4 and wmv downloadable
Dial-up High Definition Standard Definition
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Streaming works very well on a variety of browsers and mobile devices.
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Each video has an accompanying photoset of 25-40 photos.
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Newer episode photos (last three years) have dimensions of 900x600 or 600x900 300ppi.
The quality of the photography is currently very good for amateur.
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The quality and consistency of the photography varies in terms of color and sharpness.
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Extra Features:
There are over 100 recently released behind the scenes videos, including individual and group interviews and photoshoots.
Model Quantity:
Roughly 380 featured models
Model Description:
Wide variety
Overall Quality of Content:
3 updates per week, plus 1 Behind the Scene vid.
Amount of Action:
Mostly duos with frequent solos and occasional threesomes or group.

Main Review

PRO 1 Many, if not most, of the Boys at Broke Straight Boys are exclusive to the studio. And very few seem to go anywhere after they complete their stint at Broke Straight Boys. Either they leave not broke anymore or decide that they'd rather go back to being straight? At any rate you will find lots of guys here that can be found nowhere else.
PRO 2 With 1000 videos of straight boys doing naughty things, all for $1? That is an incredible deal, and makes for a compelling argument to sign up if for any reason you are into young awkward straight or curious guys doing things for the first time. This reviewer has carefully analyzed a lot of videos, and it seems like 90% or more of the time, these guys are the real deal.
PRO 2 There is an active a lively member forum, that readers of WayBig would be sure to appreciate, especially the frequent commenters. Forum posts range from serious critiques of the scenes to innocuous Q&A threads with some of the models themselves. It's great fun and a highly entertaining accompaniment to the hot sex videos.
CON 1 The quality has consistently improved over time, but much of the earlier video work isn't nearly as high quality as one would expect today from such a large site. The lighting can often be so bright that the guys look washed out, and the earlier models aren't generally as attractive as the newer models. Thankfully, for the most part these quality issues have been laid to rest recently. There is often a lively debate about these issues in the member forum, so if there is something you want to see improved you could certainly pipe up.
CON 2 The site has changed directors a few times over the years, and the difference is noticeable. Each style of filming and interacting with the boys is different, so regardless of a customer's personal preference he or she should be able to find lots of content they like. However, matching the style you like to the boy you like may be impossible. The most recent complaints seem to be of the camera man talking too much. Also, in terms of style, you may not see as much hesitation to engage in gay sex from the more recent models. It seems a lot of the coaxing happened while filming earlier on, but currently the guys seem like they have been talked into whatever they are doing prior to filming.
Interesting Fact:
BrokeStraightBoys recently filmed an entire season of a new reality television show, BrokeStraightBoysTV, to be airing in 2014.
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The ultimate in horny, broke boys, who will leaving you pondering for hours about whether or not they are straight.


Overall A-
Quantity A
Quality A
Updates A
Exclusivity A
Interface A-
Hotness A-
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