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Randy Blue
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Feb 25, 2014
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With such well-known performers as Reece Rideout, Nicco Sky, Malachi Marx, and Chris Rockway, Randy Blue is a well known and established site in the gay porn industry.

Currently celebrating it's 10 year launch anniversary, Randy Blue is still going strong, finding some of the hottest guys and delivering up good old-fashioned, hot sex scenes. It is a porn powerhouse, with a unique look and brand.

Given it's decade long history, Randy Blue membership comes with over 1300 videos, so it is a great value, especially with some current anniversary sales going on. Any customer could be contentedly jerking away for days on end. Randy Blue has honed its look, but it also offers fresh and different content from time to time.

With it's scene series such as "Welcome to LA," and "That 70s Gay Porn Movie," the studio is trying to offer something unique in the marketplace, and it succeeds. A recent scene featuring Greg Jameson and Andres Moreno puts together an openly gay model with a first timer, and the results are downright hot. It doesn't hurt the they both have such beautiful butts! But sometimes the scenes are with veteran pornstars with rough, hard, passionate kissing, sucking, rimming, and fucking.

There is definitely an East coast, or more appropriately, Southern California vibe to the site, where it is located. So don't expect a lot of Midwestern charm or East Coast brashness. Any one of these hotties wouldn't be out of place strolling down Sunset Boulevard. Although you would be more likely to find them on Rentboy or Go-go-dancing, and a lot of them do just that. It is great that Randy Blue hires guys with such a work ethic. It must help the site continue to turn out high quality porn week after week.


Randy Blue
Randy Blue
Randy Blue
Randy Blue
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$200 for 1 year
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Credit Card
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Price Notes:
For it's 10th Anniversary, Randy Blue is currently running a 60% off sale for membership. Also, a limited number of chat credits is included with a membership.
Overall Design:
A Little Cluttered
Mac Friendly?:
Not as intuitive as navigation could be.
Almost 1,300
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MP4 and WMV
High Definition
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960x540 / 720p
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Streaming quality very good, lots of different download options.
Quantity of Photosets:
Each video has roughly 30-50 high quality photos available. However, the photos are not directly available from the video page.
Size of Photosets:
Recent HD photos are 1024x768 and 768x1024 80ppi
The quality of the photography is professional and very high quality.`
Zip available:
Photo Notes:
The photos are available from the "Photo" section of the main menu, and the photos are available in a slide show format both in-line embedded as well as in a pop-out slide show.
Exclusive Videos/Photos:
Exclusive Models:
Extra Features:
In addition to high quality videos and photos, members have access to an archive of mostly solo live cam shows.
Model Quantity:
Over 600 models
Model Description:
The models on Randy Blue reflect a diverse mix of everything from Gay4Pay to Circuit Gays, from older beefy guys to cute twinks.
Overall Quality of Content:
Twice per week
Amount of Action:
For the most part, each week there is one solo release and one sex scene release.

Main Review

PRO 1 The quality of production is very high, so potential customers who appreciate good lighting and set design should not hesitate to sign up and delve into the massive library of videos and photos that Randy Blue offers. One of the older large sites out there, Randy Blue could keep anyone glued to their desk chair for hours on end. Over 1300 high quality, professional-style videos is a big plus for this site, one with which few can compete.
PRO 2 The guys are incredibly good looking - it is difficult to find a "filler" type model anywhere on the site. Their guys keep in shape, and a lot of times get even better looking the more scenes that they do. Randy Blue must have great recruitment and talent management going for it - and it really shows. Not only are the models hot, but they are not cookie-cutter by any stretch of the imagination. So, if you are someone who appreciates beauty but doesn't necessarily like monotony, Randy Blue is for you.
PRO 2 Like most of the successful sites, Randy Blue tends to have a formula, but within the limits of being wildly popular, Randy Blue also pushes the boundaries. Some productions are DVD-like, including series such as "Welcome to LA." In "Welcome to LA - Burbank," Austin Wolf plays a casting director at a mainstream film company who seduces a wanna-be innocent actor played by Justin Owen. The acting itself in the scene was surprisingly good, and the production values better than most television programs and mainstream films out there.
CON 1 Unlike several of its big and long-lasting competitors, Randy Blue updates only twice per week, and often one of those updates is a solo. That said, perhaps this allows them to focus on the scenes that they do put out more, because the scenes they release are very well done. Also, the large library might allow some forgiveness for sticking to the limited release schedule. However, if you are a customer who wants multiple sex scenes every week, you might be a bit disappointed.
CON 2 The site itself is "cool" looking and the primary color scheme is (you guessed it!) blue. But given the amount of porn videos and photosets that are available, the site isn't as easy to navigate as you would think. The photos aren't easily available if you are on the video page, and linking back and forth from a video to a model, or visa versa, isn't possible. The cool video series mentioned in this review, for example, aren't to be found on any drop down list. On top of the difficulty navigating and finding your favorite models and videos, a large amount of web real estate is given to promoting RB Live.
CON 2 RB Live is Randy Blue's live webcamming network. If you are an avid consumer of webcam private chats, you might appreciate this; however, most people would think that you pay a membership fee to see fewer advertisements, not to be bombarded with this webcam upsell at every click. They even provide webcam credits with the membership to get you hooked.
Interesting Fact:
Although the initial buzz was that Randy Blue was an experienced glam photographer, he didn't even know how to hold a camera.
Final Word:
At Randy Blue, everyone's a star.
Final Word Detail:
Randy Blue takes hot gay men and gay 4 pay men from all over the country and after one shoot they look like they have been living in LA their entire life. It's a distinct look that works well for Randy Blue, and the sex is hot.


Overall A-
Quantity A
Quality A
Updates B+
Exclusivity A
Interface B-
Hotness A
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