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Dylan Maguire’s path to BelAmi was a long and winding one, to be brief however… When Phillipe Gaudin brought us Rhys Jagger for his first interview, Rhys thought the 3 hour drive to the studio would be to tedious and boring by himself, so he brought along Dylan as a companion and travelling chatterbox. Once they arrived for the casting, GD decided also to interview Dylan, as both boys were there and had the time to spare. As much as Rhys was classically beautiful, George felt something lustful, even lascivious in Dylan, so he invited him back again for a training session, and it proved to be one of those trainings where the trainee ends up training the trainer. The result so far is 16 very intense scenes with other BelAmi models. As a side note, he is the total opposite of Brian Jovovich. Unruly. Undisciplined. Whenever he makes any money he is able to spend it all before even reaching the train station for the trip home. He gets into the occasional fight also with policemen, so we’ve instructed the production crews to film as much as they with him before he ends up in custody somewhere!
  • Height: 5.10
  • Weight: 156
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: White

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