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Ryder Flynn, also known as 'awkwardchiguy' on Twitter and OnlyFans, is a charismatic and stunning porn star known for his long hair and beard. With a dedicated gym routine, Ryder maintains his muscular physique, hitting the gym at least five days a week. In the bedroom, he embraces an open-minded approach, allowing his desires to guide him. Notably, Ryder admits to having a preference for well-endowed partners, making him a self-proclaimed size queen. His on-screen performances showcase his impressive physique, including his chiseled body and generously proportioned member. As he slips out of his shorts, Ryder captivates viewers by expertly stroking his sizable dick, leaving them in awe. One can witness the surprise and intensity of Ryder's climactic moments, making his cumshot an unforgettable sight. Ryder Flynn's erotic journey promises to delight and arouse, leaving a lasting impression on those who explore his enticing performances.
  • a.k.a.: Awkward Chi Guy, awkwardchiguy
  • Hair: Brown
  • Ethnicity: White

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