Vicious Men

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Porn star, ViciousMen, is an innovative and daring adult performer known for challenging the boundaries of traditional masculinity and societal norms. With a passion for new experiences, he blends his personal journey with a bold mission to create a non-judgmental space that encourages exploration and the breaking of the status quo. ViciousMen confronts outdated concepts of masculinity, social shame, rights, and other taboo topics, inviting his audience to join him in redefining what's possible. Through his performances, he ignites the spark of real transformation, aiming to make a lasting impact on both his environment and society at large. Join ViciousMen as he leads the way in fostering a world where freedom and self-expression reign supreme.
  • a.k.a.: ViciousMen
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ethnicity: Latino

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