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RandyBlue: Cameron Michaels

Cameron Michaels at Randy Blue
Cameron Michaels at Randy Blue
Cameron Michaels at Randy Blue

Cameron Michaels at Randy Blue
Cameron Michaels at Randy Blue

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Randy wrote:

It was like something out of a movie. I took a much needed day off and was sunning myself at the beach. I had drifted off for a little while and when I woke up I looked around and there, almost as if in slow motion, Cameron Michaels came walking out of the ocean, surf board under his arm. As he was walking past he smiled at me and I knew right then and there that I had to have him on the site. I turned to find him toweling himself off so I went over to say hi. The first thing I asked was how old he was. He has such a youthful face but his sexy body is really well developed, so it was hard to place him. He’s nineteen and with all the surfing and other outdoor activities he’s into he’s gotten himself a nice athletic build. And when he spoke, his deep sultry voice was not what I was expecting, but I could have listened to him talk all day.

When Cameron asked what I did I casually remarked that I had an adult website. His eyes lit up and he excitedly told me he had done some work in adult before and had been wanting to do more. Well, I can tell you that’s all it took. I gave him my card and brought him in for an interview. He’s so friendly and nice, and those deep blue eyes made me think of Brent Diggs when he came in for his first interview. While I usually like my guys to have neat, short haircuts, Cameron’s curly blond locks add to his surfer look and I wouldn’t do a thing to change it. I got a feeling when we were on the beach that he was pretty well endowed but you can hardly ask someone to drop trowel right there in the open. So when he finally showed me what he had I was thrilled to see he was packing even more than I had initially thought. I had such a great time filming this video. Cameron was so hot jacking his huge dick, and that low sexy voice of his moaning is a sound you won’t forget anytime soon. And talk about a cumshot!

22 Responses to RandyBlue: Cameron Michaels

  1. avatar Andre says:

    Oh he’s way cute … :o)

  2. avatar ewwwe says:

    i bet you he farts o rings..its so wide.

  3. avatar mizbehavin says:

    froto from lord of the rings anyone? lol na he is ok

  4. avatar Blah! says:

    That hole has some mileage for sure. What does Randy Blue have against Hanes?

  5. avatar Fuckdapainaway says:

    Oh fuck I guess I will be gettin a subscription to randyblue now.

  6. avatar K says:

    Randy Blue’s answer to Sean Cody’s Owen…

  7. avatar Kaleb says:

    K is so right lol.
    He’s hot..But Cody’s OWEN is WAY, way, hotter.

  8. avatar RJ says:

    I don’t really like the plastic doll face… nice ass.

  9. avatar brent says:

    :P my new husband. lol.

  10. avatar Vic says:

    Not my type but he is certainly pretty. And, those “drawers” are such a nice touch for St. Patty’s Day!

  11. avatar BLAH! says:

    boy oh boy what a bottom. can’t wait to see who plows that!

  12. avatar dave jennings says:

    What A HOT bottom boy!! Looking forward to his next video.

  13. avatar Blah! says:

    I can’t wait to see whose name you’ll steal next MM (fake Blah) you dumb-ass bastard.

  14. avatar Paul says:

    he pit sweat stain on the first picture hints at something ripening and fermenting underneath… blonde boy musk… mmmm… sour.

  15. avatar haha says:

    Omg! I went to high school with that kid!

  16. avatar Matsu says:

    I love Cameron

  17. avatar Gael Bernal says:

    Sooner than later, I’m joining this Randy Blue site so I’ll get to make love to this remarkably stunning stud. Relieved he’s gay because there seem to be too many unappealing queers in the community. Cameron ignite’s a sex addict impulse in my libido.

  18. avatar CC says:

    Wow… this guy is so beautiful.

  19. avatar Matt says:

    God Cameron please do me!

  20. avatar diddid says:

    OMG cameron you r sooooooo hot :)

  21. avatar a says:

    i would to fuck him and suck his dick

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