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Sean Cody: Landon Fucks Brysen (Bareback)

Landon Fucks Brysen (Bareback) at SeanCody

As if Brysen couldn’t get any hotter, he returns to Sean Cody with a fresh cut and whole lot of cum for Landon!

SeanCody: Freddy Fucks Kaleb (Bareback)

Freddy Fucks Kaleb (Bareback) at SeanCody

It’s a beautiful day for a sunset stroll on the beach, so Kaleb takes new guy Freddy out to show him the sights. Freddy’s only got eyes for Kaleb and his beautiful ass! The hot twinks head home where Freddy gets a warm Sean Cody welcome in Kaleb’s tight hole!

Sean Cody: Angelo

Angelo at SeanCody

Get a load of this hunky heartthrob! Angelo’s dark hair/blue eyes combo would bring any boy to the yard, especially when his pants slide down to show off his otterly-amazing body… what a dream!

Sean Cody: Gino Fucks Lane (Bareback)

Gino Fucks Lane (Bareback) at SeanCody

Two sexy studs boxing on a hot summer day? I’ll take it! Lane returns with Sean Cody-newbie Gino and lets him fuck his beautiful tight hole. Who would have known Gino could be such a power top? These boys are taking us to twink paradise!

Sean Cody: Blake & Sly (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Blake & Sly (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at SeanCody

Spring has sprung but these boys are bringing us some serious summer heat! In his first ever Sean Cody duo, Sly takes Blake’s sun-kissed ass for a nice ride with his throbbing uncut cock… a sexy way to start your Saturday morning!

Sean Cody: Freddy

Freddy at SeanCody

After remaining celibate for a year, Sean Cody newcomer, Freddy, unleashed his wild side to explore his body and become more adventurous in his encounters. He loves a good pounding and with an ass like that, who could refuse it?!

Sean Cody: Daniel Fucks Asher (Bareback)

Daniel Fucks Asher (Bareback) at SeanCody

Deacon’s out of town and it looks like his boyfriend, Asher, has tapped into his naughty side! Pairing up with Sean Cody favorite Daniel, Asher experiences sex for the first time without his man, feeling every inch of Daniel’s big rod. A hard cock mixed with a steamy sauna finger fuck, what else could top that?

Sean Cody: Brock Fucks Joe (Bareback)

Brock Fucks Joe (Bareback) at SeanCody

You ready for Sean Cody’s first-ever dild-o-wall? It’s a sex toy frenzy that gets these sexy boys in the mood! Mega hunk Brock returns looking ripped and ready to get a taste of Joe’s tight ass, but not before teasing his ripe hole with a casual 7-inch poke.

Sean Cody: Jakob Fucks Jack (Bareback)

Jakob Fucks Jack (Bareback) at SeanCody

Jakob returns with a new statement: he has yet to be eaten out! Of course, it only made sense to pair him with Sean Cody’s most jacked dreamboat, Jack! Describing rimming as his ‘forté’, he eagerly pops Jakob’s rim-cherry and introduces him to a whole new world of pleasure.

Sean Cody: Randy Fucks Deacon (Bareback)

Randy Fucks Deacon (Bareback) at SeanCody

Deacon tests new waters in his first-ever scene without his partner Asher! Pairing up with Sean Cody favorite Randy, the boys go head to head in a tug-o-war contest before starting the real workout. While Deacon’s ass takes a new kind of pounding with Randy’s gorgeous cock, we can only wonder…where’s Asher?!

Sean Cody: Philip Fucks Kaleb (Bareback)

Philip Fucks Kaleb (Bareback) at SeanCody

Philip is back after a long hiatus, and Kaleb couldn’t be more excited. Philip was eager to rim a guy’s ass for the first time and Kaleb was looking forward to worship an uncut dick. Not only did they do that, but, Kaleb’s ass was full of cum by the end of the day. Join these two horny studs as they bring their youthful energy and raw sexual appetite to this cum-inducing scene.

Sean Cody: Logan (IV)

Logan (IV) at SeanCody

Buff hunk Logan is definitely a sight to see…especially when he reveals his assets hidden in his pants!

Sean Cody: Malcolm Fucks Ace (Bareback)

Malcolm Fucks Ace (Bareback) at SeanCody

Malcolm couldn’t hold himself back while getting interviewed, so he went straight for Ace’s jeans to expose his ass and check out what he was working with today. “Yeah, look at that…can’t wait to get a piece of that!” Ace replied with a compliment, “You’re fucken adorable!” Clearly, these two studs were itching to get started on each other…

SeanCody: Brysen Fucks Jack (Bareback)

Brysen Fucks Jack (Bareback) at SeanCody

Brysen and Jack went straight to playing around before getting ready to head to pound town…in Jack’s hole. That’s right, Brysen fucks Jack and he has no plans on being merciful to our friendly giant. “I’m gonna destroy that ass!” Jack was ready for what was to come, and welcomed it with his legs in the air!

Sean Cody: Jax

Jax at SeanCody

“I’m currently 6’3″, 205 pounds, and the dick matches the size.” Southern stud Jax wasn’t joking around…he’s hung and knows how to use it!

Sean Cody: Nixon Fucks Dean (Bareback)

Nixon Fucks Dean (Bareback) at SeanCody

After a leave of absence, Nixon has graced us with his presence again, and Dean couldn’t be more excited! “What doesn’t turn me on about this guy? ‘Cause look at him over there…this guy is a Greek god!” We could certainly see that, especially since there was definitely some worshipping here.

Sean Cody: Gino Fucks Blake (Bareback)

Gino Fucks Blake (Bareback) at SeanCody

Gino is back, and nerves were definitely not an issue for him, “We’re gonna fuck! More specifically Blake’s ass.” Blake wa pleasantly surprised by Gino’s confidence, “This man knows what he’s doing!” By the end of it all, Blake’s statement turned out to be true…Gino does know what he’s doing!

Sean Cody: Judas

Judas at SeanCody

Judas is a buff hunk, with a hairy chest and an impressive dick. “It’s nothing extreme…you get what you see, so I’d like to think it’s average or above average.” Now now Judas, don’t be modest. Not only does he have a nice dick, but he blows huge loads that shoot farther than you’d think!

Sean Cody: Dillan Fucks Randy (Bareback)

Dillan Fucks Randy (Bareback) at SeanCody

As Dillan and Randy played around skateboarding and joking around, playful touching quickly turned into wanting something more… Dillan takes Randy straight to pound town, where both studs blow their hot loads all over each other!

Sean Cody: Jakob Fucks Marty (Bareback)

Jakob Fucks Marty (Bareback) at SeanCody

Marty is back again and proving to be quite the versatile stud – this time getting his ass pounded…and Jakob was more than happy to serve him some dick. When it was getting to be too dark on their outdoor stroll, it was time to head back to the house, and upon hearing those words, Marty sprinted back…clearly, he was eager to have his hole filled!

Sean Cody: Sly

Sly at SeanCody

Sly is a tall drink of water, whose motto in life is “fitness is life”. Not only is he into making his body look good, but he also has assets that are naturally good looking…like that big, uncut dick of his. Can’t go wrong there!

Sean Cody: Archie Fucks Joey (Bareback)

Archie Fucks Joey (Bareback) at SeanCody

A little dip in the pool couldn’t cool these two studs down…they wanted to get right to the action! Being Archie’s first time with a guy, he was definitely looking forward to these new experiences he was about to have. Meanwhile, Joey was all smiles, “We got a new guy!” And Archie predicted the outcome “I think both of us will be happy.” He was right.

Sean Cody: Frankie Fucks Dexter (Bareback)

Frankie Fucks Dexter (Bareback) at SeanCody

Dexter is back and we want to give him exactly what he wants…that’s where Frankie comes in to give Dexter a great welcome fuck.

Sean Cody: Gino

Gino at SeanCody

Sean Cody newcomer, Gino, is a calm, cool and collected kind of guy who loves sports and working out…and it shows! Even though he has no experience with guys, he is very open to it, but would want somebody to show him the ropes for his first time…and most importantly, someone who can take dick well! I don’t think he’ll have a hard time finding that.

Sean Cody: Derick Fucks Kaleb (Bareback)

Derick Fucks Kaleb (Bareback) at SeanCody

“He’s pretty big! He’s definitely got a fat cock, so I’m nervous, but I’m always excited too!” Kaleb’s excitement about getting fucked by sexy Derick certainly overpowered his nerves, and it showed! As soon as Derick slid his big dick inside of Kaleb’s tight bubble butt, it was all pleasure from there.