Sean Cody

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Sean Cody: Jackson Fucks Wagner (Bareback)

Jackson Fucks Wagner (Bareback) at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Slim and toned Wagner can’t keep his hands off of muscular and attractive Jackson’s body. They’re outdoors French-kissing and touching each other.

Sean Cody: Romeo

Romeo at SeanCody

Dark-haired and attractive Sean Cody newcomer, Romeo, is a 22-year-old health fanatic who’s never been with a guy. He confesses that he would love to try it out!

Sean Cody: Gibson Fucks Asher (Bareback)

Gibson Fucks Asher (Bareback) at SeanCody

Dark-headed Sean Cody favorite, Asher and Southern cutie Gibson enjoy a little pool time together. They’re chatting it up and flirting.

Sean Cody: Murray Fucks Lane (Bareback)

Murray Fucks Lane (Bareback) at SeanCody

There’s about to be some scorching hot birthday sex for Murray at Sean Cody! And what better way to celebrate than topping Lane’s bodacious bubble butt?

Sean Cody: Ricky [Athletic Beefcake]

Ricky III at SeanCody

Sean Cody newcomer, Ricky, lost his virginity at a really young age and enjoys watching porn!

Sean Cody: Jayce [Introductory Solo]

Jayce at SeanCody

Sean Cody newcomer, Jayce, has never had any experience with other guys. However, Jayce loves sticking toys up his ass!

SeanCody: Jayden and Sean (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Jayden and Sean (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at SeanCody

Without further ado…Sean is back at SeanCody!! Who better to be paired with than with jock hottie Jayden himself?

Sean Cody: Brock Fucks Brysen (Bareback)

Brock Fucks Brysen (Bareback) at SeanCody

Sean Cody Muscle hunks Brock and Brysen are getting a workout in before getting into some real action. They spend a little extra time admiring each other’s beefy bodies.

Sean Cody: Kurt [Introductory Solo]

Kurt (III) at SeanCody

Sean Cody newcomer, Kurt, is a 25 year old, extroverted stud from the Midwest. Kurt has a refreshing, young look packed into a taut and toned frame and is wittingly charming. He studied photography for a period and is now working as an HVAC tech.

Sean Cody: Dillan Fucks Lane (Bareback)

Dillan Barebacks Lane at SeanCody

Always the hotly talented fella, Sean Cody model Lane’s delicious and hungry booty is ready for some virile pounding action from Dillan.

Sean Cody: Roger (Introductory Solo)

Roger (III) at SeanCody

Today Sean Cody introduces us to Roger, a young, hot server with boyish good looks and a sweet sounding voice. It isn’t long before we discover that Roger is packing a mighty, 8-inch, curved cock. Moreover, his huge piece goes nicely with his athletic, slender frame.

Sean Cody: Jax Fucks Brysen [Bareback]

Jax Barebacks Brysen at SeanCody

Sean Cody’s Southern newcomer, Jax, couldn’t help but stare at Brysen’s big muscle ass. Brysen has been hitting the squat rack hard – and it shows!

Sean Cody: Hayes Fucks Kaleb (Bareback)

Hayes Fucks Kaleb (Bareback) at SeanCody

Both guys jumped straight into action! Kaleb gorged on Hayes’s meaty dick, who followed by fucking him good and hard – his big balls slamming the bottom’s ass. There’s nothing hotter than watching two sexy studs going at it!

Sean Cody: Jackson [Introductory Solo]

Jackson (Introductory Solo) at SeanCody

Sean Cody newcomer, Jackson, works as a massage therapist and loves what he does. He’s athletic, muscular and slightly hairy and is packing a thick, uncut cock to boot!

Sean Cody: Archie Fucks Cole (Bareback)

Archie Fucks Cole (Bareback) at SeanCody

Sean Cody favorites, Cole and Archie are eyeing each other and both are getting hornier with every unfiltered moment. Archie takes Cole inside to get a full service blowjob before turning his ass around and relentlessly pounding it doggy style.

Sean Cody: Blake Fucks Wagner (Bareback)

Blake Fucks Wagner (Bareback) at SeanCody

Boyish Sean Cody newcomer Wagner has been checking out Blake’s hot body on the Sean Cody site for quite some time. Therefore he was more than happy to finally meet him for some long awaited action.

Sean Cody: Declan (Introductory Solo)

Declan (Introductory Solo) at SeanCody

Sean Cody newcomer, Declan, plays soccer, works out every day and – dare we say it – has one of the sexiest, most seductive accents we’ve ever heard.