TimTales by Tim Kruger

Hung Tops and Greedy Bottoms at Tim Tales by Tim Kruger.

TimTales: Claudio Barebacks Andy Star

Claudio Barebacks Andy Star at TimTales

Timtales newcomer, Claudio, is a raw top with this long uncut black cock and big balls full of cum. Andy Star can testify it!

TimTales: Franklin Acevedo Barebacks Santi

Franklin Acevedo Barebacks Santi at TimTales

Timtales newcomer, Santi is a muscular hunk with an ass to die for. He’s ready to get bred by our stallion Franklin Acevedo. Santi confessed to us that it’s the biggest most massive cock he ever had.

TimTales: Sly Fucks Dominick Sardo

Sly Fucks Dominick Sardo at TimTales

Dominick Sardo couldn’t believe his eyes or mouth!. The massive cock on TimTales Exclusive, Sly, is thick on every angle, and trust me, the insides of Dominick know it far too well.

TimTales: Diggory Fucks Jonathan Miranda

Diggory Fucks Jonathan Miranda at TimTales

Diggory finally meets one of his favourite bottoms. Timtales Exclusive Jonathan Miranda is eager to deepthroat that long delicious cock.

TimTales: Sly Fucks Alex Roman (Bareback)

Sly Fucks Alex Roman (Bareback) at TimTales

TimTales power bottom Alex Roman got this wild sex life in London. So he brought us Sly’s humongous cock for the pleasure of your eyes and his greedy raw fuck hole.

TimTales: Ansony Fucks Andy Star (Bareback)

Ansony Fucks Andy Star (Bareback) at TimTales

TimTales’ dominant top, Ansony, is in alpha heat to raw fuck a sweet hole! We got him Andy Star for the task.

TimTales: Damian Boss Fucks Chucho Martin

Damian Boss Fucks Chucho Martin (Bareback) at TimTales

TimTales Chucho Martin is getting overfilled with cum today! Damian Boss is back on Timtales for the full pleasure of bottom by excellence Chucho Martin.

TimTales: Diggory Fucks Vic Valentine (Bareback)

Diggory Fucks Vic Valentine (Bareback) at TimTales

TimTales knows that you’ll enjoy watching Vic Valentine ride that Dioggory’s long raw cock like a total greedy pro!

TimTales: Ansony Violently Fucks Oscar Marin (Bareback)

Ansony Fucks Oscar Marin (Bareback) at TimTales

TimTales’ all-body tattooed bottom, Oscar Marin, takes the latin juicy thick cock of Ansony. It’s one of those fuckings Oscar Marin won’t forget anytime soon!