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MEN: Will Braun Fucks Kip Johnson in ‘Accidental Pickup’

Accidental Pickup (Will Braun Fucks Kip Johnson) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Will Braun wasn’t paying attention, and accidentally got into the wrong ride with Kip Johnson pretending to be his driver.

MEN: Damien Stone Fucks Ty Mitchell in ‘He Calls To Me’

He Calls To Me (Damien Stone Fucks Ty Mitchell) at MEN

MEN: Ty Mitchell just wants a man for Valentine’s day. Therefore, he sends out a wish into the universe! Damien Stone is his granted wish.

MEN: Diego Sans Fucks Luis Rubi in ‘Cupid Takes A Shot’

Cupid Takes A Shot (Diego Sans Fucks Luis Rubi) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Luis Rubi just got dumped, and right before Valentine’s day! He was feeling blue, and lonely until handsome cupid Diego Sans showed up at this door to help him believe in love again.

MEN: Gabriel Cross and Rico Vega Flip-Fuck in ‘Making Gabriel Perfection’

Making Gabriel Perfection (Gabriel Cross and Rico Vega Flip-Fuck) at Drill My Hole

MEN: The romantic Rico Vega is tired of his boring boyfriend, Gabriel Cross. Gabriel never does anything special for athletic Rico so he performs a love spell on adorable Gabriel in hopes that it will change him.

MEN Bareback: Ricky Daniels Fucks Addison Graham in ‘It Pays To Get Laid’

It Pays To Get Laid (Ricky Daniels Fucks Addison Graham) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Ricky Daniels is sitting at a bar, and overhears the owner, Addison Graham, pleading with someone over the phone to give him more time to come up with some cash.