Ethan Ayers Fucks Ethan Slade in ‘How I Fucked Your Father’ Part 2 at MEN

How I Fucked Your Father, Part 2 (Ethan Ayers Fucks Ethan Slade) at Str8 To Gay

Ethan Ayers is looking for directions when he happens to run into his son’s friend, Ethan Slade. Ethan’s willing to give him directions but first, he’ll need a little ass play and some deep dicking.

Diego Sans, Tristan Jaxx, Allan Lucas, Colton Grey and Sean Duran in ‘Fugitives’ Part 3 at MEN

Fugitives, Part 3 (Diego Sans, Tristan Jaxx, Allan Lucas, Colton Grey and Sean Duran) at Jizz Orgy

The fugitives are still on the run and a cop is about to stumble right into their hiding spot. Lucky for them, this cop takes bribes and soon the men are licking, sucking and fucking each other to a cum bursting conclusion.

Cliff Jensen Fucks Aston Springs in ‘Ass Controller’ Part 4 at MEN

Ass Controller (Cliff Jensen Fucks Aston Springs) (Part 4) at Drill My Hole

Cliff Jensen buys an Ass Controller for Aston Springs and sends him on his way to work. He’s excited to test it out on his ass and is having a little too much fun, which sends Aston into a horny frenzy. He can’t wait to get home so he can get fucked by Cliff’s big dick.

Manuel Skye, Marco Vallant and Mickael Lane in ‘Ramming My Daughter’s Boyfriend’ at MEN

Ramming My Daughter's Boyfriend (Manuel Skye, Marco Vallant and Mickael Lane) at Str8 To Gay

Marco Vallant finds his daughter’s phone just as it happens to be receiving a dick pic from her boyfriend, Mickael Lane, who later shows up to the house. He’s curious and decides to test him out on behalf of his daughter.

Jean Franko Fucks Allen King in ‘Sex God’ Part 1 at MEN

Sex God (Jean Franko Fucks Allen King) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

There is nothing better than a man who’s ready to awaken all of your wildest fantasies and Allen King and Jean Franko take no shortcuts.

Tristan Jaxx Fucks Will Braun in ‘How I Fucked Your Father’ Part 1 at MEN

How I Fucked Your Father, Part 1 (Tristan Jaxx Fucks Will Braun) at Str8 To Gay

Will Braun heads over to see his friend but his dad, Tristan Jaxx, informs him he’s running late. Will is extremely turned on by his friend’s dad and the feeling is mutual so they decide they might as well have some fun to pass the time.

Ryan Bones Fucks Thyle Knoxx in ‘Ass Controller’ Part 3 at MEN

Ass Controller (Ryan Bones Fucks Thyle Knoxx) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Ryan Bones invites Thyle Knoxx over for a dinner date with friends; little does he know, he’s in for an extra treat as Ryan surprises him with an ass controller. It’s all fun and games from there!

Connor Maguire Fucks Jordan Boss in ‘Better Than My Sister’ at MEN

Better Than My Sister (Connor Maguire Fucks Jordan Boss) at Str8 To Gay

Jordan Boss walks in on his unsuspecting sister and Connor Maguire having sex. He whips out his dick and drops his pants so Connor can see what else he can get and how much better he can get it.

Brad Powers Fucks Gavin Taylor in ‘Anything To Make The Team’ at MEN

Anything To Make The Team (Brad Powers Fucks Gavin Taylor) at BigDicksAtSchool

Gavin Taylor will do anything to make the team and that includes giving up some ass to his more than willing coach, Brad Powers.

Diego Reyes Fucks François Sagat in ‘Heart’s Desire’ at MEN

Heart's Desire (Diego Reyes Fucks François Sagat) at Gods Of Men

Diego Reyes and François Sagat are so horny they can barely get through the door before ripping each other’s clothes off and getting down to business.

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Timothy Drake in ‘Ass Controller’ Part 2 at MEN

Ass Controller (Topher DiMaggio Fucks Timothy Drake) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Topher DiMaggio gifts his boyfriend Timothy Drake with an ass controller. Timothy is having way too much fun with his new toy and Topher gets a little jealous. Not one to be outdone and certainly not by a toy; he shows him who does it best.

Tristan Jaxx Fucks Colton Grey in ‘Fugitives’ Part 1 at MEN

Fugitives, Part 1 (Tristan Jaxx Fucks Colton Grey) at Str8 To Gay

Some prisoners have broken out of jail and are now on the run. Tristan Jaxx heads straight towards a young detective’s home (Colton Grey) to get what he’s been waiting for all along. Some good head and a tight hole.

Diego Sans and Jordan Boss Tag-Team Will Braun in ‘Horny Husbands’ at MEN

Horny Husbands (Diego Sans and Jordan Boss Tag-Team Will Braun) at Drill My Hole

Diego Sans and Jordan Boss take a much-needed vacay to let off some steam and invite an unsuspecting Will Braun over for a hot threesome.

John Magnum Fucks Casey Jacks in ‘Room Share’ at MEN

Room Share (John Magnum Fucks Casey Jacks) at Str8 To Gay

Casey Jacks (aka Owen III at Corbin Fisher) and John Magnum are sharing a room together along with their girlfriends. The girls are resting while both men are wide awake and horny. Why bother them when they can just take care of each other.

Carter Michaels Fucks Clark Campbell in ‘Plug the Hole’ at MEN

Plug the Hole (Carter Michaels Fucks Clark Campbell) at Drill My Hole

Carter Michaels is having some plumbing issues and calls Clark Campbell the plumber over to fix it. While Clark is busy trying to plug the hole, Carter can’t help but get turned on at the sight of his ass and decides that he too will be plugging a hole.

Alex Mecum Fucks Jake Porter in ‘Let Me See It!’ at MEN

Let Me See It! (Alex Mecum Fucks Jake Porter) at Str8 To Gay

Alex Mecum can’t resist making some extra coin when Jake Porter offers him some cash to drop his towel and show him the goods which leads to a quick fuck session.

Jordan Levine, Cliff Jensen, Jay Austin, Jacob Peterson and Paul Canon in ‘Gaymates, Part 3’ at MEN

Gaymates, Part 3 (Jordan Levine, Cliff Jensen, Jay Austin, Jacob Peterson and Paul Canon) at JizzOrgy

Cliff Jensen and Jordan Levine are having some private time when they’re interrupted by the curious trio that is Jacob Peterson, Jay Austin and Paul Canon who hear the moans and want to see what’s going on. It soon turns into one big fuckfest.

Dante Colle Fucks Roman Todd in ‘Midnight Kiss’ at MEN

Midnight Kiss (Dante Colle Fucks Roman Todd) at Str8 To Gay

Roman Todd and Dante Colle ring in the new year with a steamy kiss that eventually leads to an even hotter fuck session.

Cliff Jensen Fucks Paul Canon in ‘Gaymates’ Part 2 at MEN

Gaymates, Part 2 (Cliff Jensen Fucks Paul Canon) at Str8 To Gay

Paul Canon confronts Cliff Jensen on catching he and Jay Austin the other day and entices him on finishing what he started while his girlfriend is in the shower.

Damien Stone Fucks Darin Silvers in ‘Trust Issues’ Part 3 at MEN

Trust Issues (Damien Stone Fucks Darin Silvers) (Part 3) at Top To Bottom

Darin Silvers has been a bad boy and his girlfriend isn’t having it anymore. She cock locks him but little does she know that Damien Stone, the pool man, is a master at picking locks; with his tongue. He ends up putting his tongue to even better use to pleasure Darin’s eager hole.

Bellamy Bradley, Alex Fortin, William Seed and Morgan Blake in ‘Battle Buddies’ Part 4 at MEN

Battle Buddies (Bellamy Bradley, Alex Fortin, William Seed and Morgan Blake) (Part 4) at Jizz Orgy

Bellamy Bradley is over the military life and tries to make a break for it on the recruits’ early morning jog. Finding himself in unchartered territory, he gives up and waits for someone to come for him. His fellow recruits, Alex Fortin, William Seed and Morgan Blake, find him and he decides to cut a deal before they have to return.