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MEN: Michael Boston Fucks Adrian Hart in ‘A Helping Handful’

A Helping Handful (Michael Boston and Adrian Hart) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Adrian Hart gets so uncontrollably horny that he starts masturbating with a cucumber. Michael Boston spies on him around the corner while jerking his big curved cock!

MEN Series: Tristan Jaxx Fucks Michael Jackman in ‘The Witness, Part 2’

The Witness, Part One (Tristan Jaxx Fucks Michael Jackman) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Bearded and toned Tristan Jaxx hungrily rims the locked-up Michael Jackman (a.k.a. Roman Tate) before bending him over and pounding his tight hole up against the double-sided glass.

MEN Series: Johnny Rapid Bottoms For Mac Savage in ‘Dick Swap, Part 3’

Dick Swap, Part Three (Johnny Rapid Bottoms For Mac Savage) at Drill My Hole

MEN: When Mac Savage spots his neighbor, Johnny Rapid, practicing his blowjob skills on a rubber sex doll, he decides that watching the action isn’t good enough.

MEN: JJ Knight Fucks Michael Jackman in ‘Manifesting Dick’

Manifesting Dick (JJ Knight Fucks Michael Jackman) at

MEN: After a chance encounter, straight hunk JJ Knight can’t stop thinking about Michael Jackman. The tall, muscular Michael keeps showing up in JJ’s dreams.

MEN: Cayden Solano and William Seed Bottom For Theo Ross in ‘Owned and Boned’

Owned and Boned (William Seed, Theo Ross and Cayden Solano) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Theo Ross is furious when he finds William Seed and Cayden Solano playing video games instead of cleaning up the house, but decides that their distraction might be used to his advantage.

MEN: Cesar Rossi and Julian Knowles Flip-Fuck in ‘The Window Washer’

The Window Washer (Cesar Rossi and Julian Knowles Flip-Fuck) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Cesar Rossi has a crush on his hunky window washer, Julian Knowles. He decides that he’s finally going to make a move and gives the burly blue-collar stud a little show.

MEN: Steven Roman Fucks Ian Greene in ‘One Good Thing’

One Good Thing (Steven Roman Fucks Ian Green) at Drill My Hole

Lucky for Steven Roman, he has the the slim, black-haired cutie Ian Greene at home ready to help him forget everything else.

MEN Series: Bruce Beckham Fucks Michael Jackman in ‘The Witness, Part 1’

The Witness, Part One (Bruce Beckham Fucks Michael Jackman) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Michael Jackman has been hired to rat out his lover Bruce Beckham. A difficult decision, but surely the only choice the muscular, brown-haired stud has left.

MEN: Rafael Alencar Fucks Michael Boston in ‘New Cock, Who Dis?’

New Cock, Who Dis? (Rafael Alencar Fucks Michael Boston) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Michael Boston is a size queen through and through and when Rafael Alencar shows up packing insufficient heat, brown-eyed Michael is quick to send him away.

MEN Series: Jackson Traynor Fucks Dante Colle in ‘What’s Up His Ass?!, Part 2’

What's Up His Ass?!, Part Two (Jackson Traynor Fucks Dante Colle) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Dante Colle thinks he can just waltz through security at the airport, but the hot agent Jackson Traynor can tell there’s something suspicious about him.

MEN: Johnny Rapid Fucks Grant Ryan in ‘Piece Of Work’

Piece Of Work (Johnny Rapid Fucks Grant Ryan) at BigDicksAtSchool

MEN: Grant Ryan can’t resist Johnny Rapid for long and soon he’s blowing him right there on the desk. Johnny takes control and bends Grant over, plowing his thick cock into Grant’s tight ass in an anatomy lesson neither of them will forget.

MEN Bareback: Bruce Beckham Fucks Shane Jackson in ‘Fuckbit’

Fuckbit (Bruce Beckham Fucks Shane Jackson) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Luckily for Bruce Beckham, toned hottie Shane Jackson is the first man he sees and he wastes no time grabbing him, tearing off his pants and getting to work drilling Shane’s tight hole.

MEN: Rafael Alencar Fucks Colby Tucker in ‘Endurance’

Endurance (Rafael Alencar Fucks Colby Tucker) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Rafael Alencar is just trying to work out in peace. But, everywhere he goes he’s followed by muscle-bound stud Colby Tucker. The two athletic hotties compete to see who can endure longer!

MEN Bareback: JJ Knight Fucks Jake Porter in ‘Don’t Overthink It’

Don't Overthink It (JJ Knight Fucks Jake Porter) at Str8 To Gay

Sneaky stud Jake Porter spots his straight buddy JJ Knight in bed and hard as a rock. So, he decides to give his buddy a helping hand.

MEN: Damien Stone Fucks Troy Thomas in ‘Quick And Dirty’

Quick And Dirty (Damien Stone Fucks Troy Thomas) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Damien Stone is minding his own business, smoking out behind what he thinks is an empty loading dock. Redheaded stock boy Troy Thomas spots Damien and impulsively decides that he wants the leather-clad stud then and there.