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MEN: FÜKMĒA Salesman DOM KING Tops SUMNER BLAYNE in ‘Sneaky Showroom Fuck’

Sneaky Showroom Fuck (Dom King Fucks Sumner Blayne) at

Watch Sumner Blayne’s and (IKEA knock-off) FÜKMĒA Salesman Dom King in a thrilling scene, ‘Sneaky Showroom Fuck.’ In a furniture store adventure, Sumner’s shopping trip turns steamy when employee Dom follows him to the bedroom section. Amidst hiding and riding, the action heats up until both reach a climactic finish. Don’t miss this wild encounter! Dom King Tops Shamu Azizam in ‘STUDS, Part 2’

STUDS, Part 2 (Dom King Tops Shamu Azizam) at

Dive into ‘STUDS, Part 2’ on with Shamu Azizam and Dom King. A muscular construction worker’s tight spot leads to an unexpected encounter, igniting desires that can’t be contained. As Shamu finds himself stuck, Dom discovers a thrilling way to set him free. Their intense connection evolves from rescue to passion, culminating in explosive pleasure. Experience their raw, undeniable chemistry now.

Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2 Michael Vente and Trevor Brooks Flip-Fuck feat Dom King in ‘Dick Swapper, Part 1’

Dick Swapper, Part 1 (Michael Vente, Dom King and Trevor Brooks) at

Explore ‘Dick Swapper Part 1’ on, featuring roommates Trevor Brooks and Dom King with Michael Vente in a steamy encounter. A mix of stealth, passion, and flip fucking defines this scene, making every moment count. #MENcom #TrevorBrooks #DomKing #MichaelVente Ice Rink Rivals Malik Delgaty and Dom King DP Ref Mateo Zagal in ‘No Pucks Given’

No Pucks Given (Malik Delgaty, Dom King and Mateo Zagal) at

Experience intense locker room dynamics in’s ‘No Pucks Given’ featuring Dom King, Malik Delgaty, and Mateo Zagal. Watch as a heated hockey match leads to unexpected encounters, with referee Mateo creatively resolving the tension between the players.

Life Is Better With BelAmi 2022 – Superwide & Tall

Life Is Better With BelAmi 2022 – Superwide & Tall Dom King Fucks Mateo Tomas in ‘Tailor-Made For Your Ass’

Tailor-Made For Your Ass (Dom King Fucks Mateo Tomas) at

Watch stars Dom King and Mateo Tomas in ‘Tailor-Made For Your Ass.’ Dom gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to suit up for anal. As tailor Mateo measures him, a sneaky BJ leads to rimming and intense pounding, culminating in a tailor-made facial. Don’t miss this steamy scene!

Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2 Dom King and Cameron Neuton DP Matthew Ellis in ‘Blinded by Cum’

Dom King and Cameron Neuton DP Matthew Ellis in 'Blinded by Cum' at

Dom King and Cameron Neuton star in’s ‘Blinded By Cum’, a thrilling scene where gaming turns steamy. Matthew Ellis joins in, leading to a wild adventure with unexpected room swaps, intense action, and unforgettable double-penetration. A must-watch for fans!

Lucas Entertainment: Dom King Pounds Leandro Bravo in ‘Packing Extreme Meat, Scene 1’

Packing Extreme Meat, Scene 1 (Dom King Pounds Leandro Bravo) at LucasEntertainment

In ‘Packing Extreme Meat, Scene 1’ at Lucas Entertainment, newcomer Leandro Bravo meets the irresistibly dominant Dom King. Their intense encounter escalates quickly, showcasing Leandro’s prowess and Dom’s commanding presence, culminating in a powerful and unforgettable display.

Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2 Dom King Fucks Olivier Robert in ‘Even Cowboys Get Blue Balls, Scene 3’

Even Cowboys Get Blue Balls, Part 3 (Dom King Fucks Olivier Robert) at

In ‘Even Cowboys Get Blue Balls Part 3’ at, Dom King and Olivier Robert share a deep, intimate moment in the field. After opening up about his feelings, Dom explores his desires with Olivier, leading to a passionate encounter under the open sky.

Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2

Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2

Lucas Entertainment: Kosta Viking Submits To Dom King And Viktor Onee in ‘Banging Both Ends, Scene 3’

Banging Both Ends, Scene 3 (Kosta Viking Submits To Dom King And Viktor) at LucasEntertainment

Experience explosive chemistry between Dom King, Kosta Viking, and Viktor Onee in Lucas Entertainment’s ‘Banging Both Ends, Scene 3’. Watch as Kosta Viking takes it from both ends, submitting to the desires of Dom King and Viktor, showcasing his versatile talents in this steamy encounter.

Lucas Entertainment: Kosta Viking Gets Gang Banged Parts 1 & 2

Kosta Viking Gets Gang Banged Parts 1 & 2 at LucasEntertainment

Watch Kosta Viking embrace his desires in Lucas Entertainment’s “GANG BANGING KOSTA VIKING” as he becomes the center of attention for six eager men. Then, enjoy a one-on-one balcony session with Manuel Skye and Craig Marks, followed by an intense pounding from Alex Ink on Austin Ponce. Discover all the action in this scene!