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Michael Lucas’ Hardcore HD Gay Porn Movies at Lucas Entertainment.

Lucas Entertainment: Geordie Jackson Fucks J Anders in ‘Fucked Wide Open, Scene Two’

Fucked Wide Open, Scene Two (Geordie Jackson Fucks J Anders) at Lucas Entertainment

Geordie Jackson has a high sexy drive. He quickly finds the handsome and hungry J Anders, who falls to his knees in the blink of an eye to suck on alpha-top Geordie’s cock.

Lucas Entertainment: Andrey Vic Fucks Dakota Payne in ‘Fucked Wide Open, Scene 1’

Fucked Wide Open, Scene One (Andrey Vic Fucks Dakota Payne) at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment: Dakota Payne is hanging out in the pool when his buddy Andrey Vic stops by. Dakota has always had a major crush on Andrey, and the thought of bottoming for him is an ongoing point of excitement.

Lucas Entertainment: Viktor Rom Visser Fucks Andrey Vic in ‘Bareback Guy Pile’

Bareback Guy Pile (Victor Rom Visser Fucks Andrey Vic) at Lucas Entertainment

Viktor Rom is the object of Andrey Vic’s desire and when he knows no one is around to judge him, he offers his ass to Viktor to use as he wants.

Lucas Entertainment: Bareback Guy Pile ’11-Man Orgy’ feat Andy Star, James Castle, Ken Summers, Manuel Skye, Michael Lucas and More!

Bareback Guy Pile, 11-Man Orgy (Andrey Vic, Andy Star, Drake Rogers, Jackson Radiz, James Castle, Ken Summers, Manuel Skye, Max Arion, Michael Lucas, Victor DAngelo and Viktor Rom Visser) at Lucas Entertainment

Drake Rogers, Andy Star, Jackson Radiz, James Castle, and Ken Summers are bottoming for Max Arion, Victor D’Angelo, Manuel Skye, Michael Lucas, Andrey Vic, and Viktor Rom in this 11-Man Orgy at Lucas Entertainment.