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Swedish porn stud Tomas Brand is all top, and when seeing this man in action we wouldn’t want him any other way. If there’s an hole in need of a pounding, Tomas is the man to get the job done. Having sex in gay porn is a fantasy Tomas always dreamed of achieving.

Lucas Entertainment: Manuel Skye’s Bottoming Debut with Tomas Brand in ‘Daddy’s Good Boy, Scene 2’

Daddy's Good Boy, Scene Two (Manuel Skye's Bottoming Debut with Tomas Brand) at Lucas Entertainment

Manuel Skye’s bottoming debut is a must see! Tomas Brand goes in deeper and rougher, proving why he’s is the King of All Muscle Daddies and why Manuel Skye chose him to bottom for.

Lucas Entertainment: Daddy’s Good Boy, Scene 1 (Manuel Skye and Tomas Brand)

Daddy's Good Boy, Scene One (Manuel Skye and Tomas Brand) at Lucas Entertainment

While Manuel Skye is making some breakfast, Tomas Brand snatches him away for some fun. It’s not toast Tomas wants — it’s Manuel Skye on his knees swallowing his uncut alpha cock.

Lucas Entertainment: FAG FUCKERS!, Scene 2 (Tomas Brand Fucks Aaden Stark)

FAG FUCKERS!, Scene 2 (Tomas Brand Fucks Aaden Stark) at Lucas Entertainment

Tomas Brand, the ever-reigning King of All Muscle Daddies, has a strong taste for young meat. His memorable sexual encounter with Devin Franco from “Raw DILFs” is now topped with his new bareback escapade, this time with Aaden Stark

Tomas Brand Fucks Klim Gromov in ‘Bareback Christmas 2017’ at Lucas Entertainment

Bareback Christmas 2017 (Tomas Brand Fucks Klim Gromov)

If Santa Claus looked like the King of All Muscle Daddies, Tomas Brand, and all of his elves looked like the strikingly handsome muscle twink, Klim Gromov, then I think every gay man on earth would continue to believe in them both! Santa Tomas’ special helper is Elf Klim, and he knows what Santa wants.

Ben Batemen and Tomas Brand Flip-Fuck in ‘Bareback Auditions 9: Eager To Please’ Scene 2 at Lucas Entertainment

Bareback Auditions 9: Eager To Please (Ben Batemen and Tomas Brand Flip-Fuck) (Scene 2) at LucasEntertainment

Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, loves the chance to give a new Lucas Man a proper introduction to the studio. Tomas is known for being sweet and strong at the same time, and he’s as tender when fucking a guy as he is rough and dominant. Ben Batemen gets this special treatment from Tomas, but it’s not just Ben taking it up the ass. Every once and awhile, Tomas likes bending over and giving up the goods, and Ben’s adorable smile grins ear to ear at the chance to bang a guy as sexy as Tomas raw in this awesome gay sex scene!

Tomas Brand Fucks Dakota Payne in ‘Must Seed TV: Fill More Guys’ Scene 2 at Lucas Entertainment

Must Seed TV: Fill More Guys (Tomas Brand Fucks Dakota Payne) (Scene 1) at Lucas Entertainment

It’s a parody, it’s a reboot — it’s a reboot-parody! It’s Must Seed TV! Lawrence Fillmore (Tomas Brand) is making it work the best he can, but with a talkative twink like Corey (Dakota Payne) under his wing, sometimes the only way to get some peace and quiet is when his mouth is full. But when they come as horny as Corey, you have to fill more than just his mouth — and luckily Lawrence loves to fuck! Corey might not be his son, but Lawrence is definitely a daddy, and this daddy is always ready to Fill More Guys.

Tomas Brand Tops Cody Winter Bareback in ‘Bareback Auditions 8’ Scene 3 at Lucas Entertainment

Bareback Auditions 8: Fresh Additions (Tomas Brand Tops Cody Winter Bareback) (Scene 3) at LucasEntertainment

Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, is on a role lately. He’s been exerting his alpha-male presence amongst many bottoms on the Lucas Entertainment set, and Cody Winter is next on the list. Cody is in a very oral mood during their bareback encounter, so he spends time both sucking Tomas’s fat uncut cock and also eating out his tight asshole. After awhile Tomas craves anal sex, and Cody gets into his favorite position to take the daddy dick of Tomas Brand: and that position is doggy style.

Tomas Brand Fucks Shawn Reeve in ‘Bottom Boy Bitches’ Scene 1 at Lucas Entertainment

Bottom Boy Bitches (Tomas Brand Fucks Shawn Reeve) (Scene 1) at Lucas Entertainment

Shawn Reeve wakes up to find himself alone in bed. His top-daddy lover, Tomas Brand, did a good job wearing him out the night before by fucking him rough and raw in the ass. The next morning, Shawn finds Tomas in the shower cleaning up, and the sight of the water running down his exquisite physique gets him hard all over again; Shawn starts playing with his hard-on as he watches. Tomas isn’t one to ignore the needs of his boy, so he takes Shawn to bed all over again and fucks the hell out of him. Tomas’ cock is fat and uncut, and Shawn proves he’s a real taker when he’s bouncing on his daddy’s dick at the 10:50 time stamp.

Tomas Brand Fucks Devin Franco in ‘Raw DILFs’ Scene 4 at Lucas Entertainment

Raw DILFs (Tomas Brand Fucks Devin Franco) (Scene 4) at Lucas Entertainment

Devin Franco has a major daddy fetish and enjoys hanging out with older men, and that includes befriending the King of All Muscle Daddies, Tomas Brand. Devin is always cruising for daddy dick, and when Tomas catches him checking out guys on his phone, he makes an advance. This is an opportunity Devin can’t pass up: he’s had a major crush on Tomas for a long time, and giving up his hole to an experienced power top like Tomas is a reward for any hungry bottom.

Tomas Brand Barebacks Ace Era in ‘Bareback Auditions 6’ Scene 2 at Lucas Entertainment

Tomas Brand Fucks Ace Era (Bareback) at Lucas Entertainment

Ace Era is not a guy to turn away an alpha muscle daddy that’s hot and horny to fuck him. And when Ace gets a chance to roll around with the king of all alpha muscle daddies, Tomas Brand, it’s a dream come true that he can’t pass up. The two jocks start out with an interview befitting of the sixth volume of the “Bareback Auditions” series before the bareback sex begins. Ace loves service when he’s with another man: check out 7 :25 as he works his way down Tomas’ always beautiful body with his lips. He’s heading for Tomas’ hard uncut cock, which he happily takes all the way into his mouth and down his throat. Ace Era and Tomas Brand work up one hell of a sweat together, and if you pay attention beginning at 15:40, you’ll see Tomas glistening with sweat as he fucks Ace deep, hard, and raw in the ass. And Ace devours every hard, unforgiving thrust from his daddy top.

Tomas Brand Fucks Real-Life Boyfriend Angelo Di Luca in ‘Bareback, Boyfriends & Bros’ Scene 3 at Lucas Entertainment

Bareback, Boyfriends & Bros (Tomas Brand Fucks Angelo Di Luca) (Scene 3) at Lucas Entertainment

The return of Tomas Brand to Lucas Entertainment has been a long time coming. He’s the ultimate muscle daddy top in the gay porn industry (even if he bottoms once and awhile). He and his real-life boyfriend Angelo Di Luca (a sexy muscle bear) were invited to the set so they could give us a glimpse into their private sex life.

Josh Rider Bottoms For Tomas Brand in ‘Whore For More’ Scene 1 at Lucas Entertainment

Whore For More (Josh Rider Bottoms For Tomas Brand) (Scene 1) at LucasEntertainment

Let’s take Josh Rider’s look into consideration for this scene: he has the appeal of a hot British punk with some sharp attitude. For a model in the gay porn industry, I’d call this a recipe for quick stardom. Josh is versatile, but he definitely shows a lot of enthusiasm when he’s servicing a guy — especially when that means taking big raw dicks up his ass.

Tomas Brand Bottoms For Gabriel Taurus in ‘Bareback Auditions 4: Raw Recruits’ Scene 2 at Lucas Entertainment

Bareback Auditions 4: Raw Recruits (Tomas Brand Bottoms For Gabriel Taurus) (Scene 2) at LucasEntertainment

Gabriel Taurus is a sexy young Latin top that is always hungry for a new sexual conquest, and when he got a look at Tomas Brand he knew he wants to get the muscle daddy on his back and fuck raw and without mercy. Tomas strips down and gets ready for his ass pounding by sixty-nine sucking with his top. And when he finally gets on all fours, Gabriel in no way takes it easy on Tomas. If you check out 12:40 for example, you’ll see the facial expressions of Tomas telling us he’s doing everything he can to withstand the fucking Gabriel Taurus gives him.

Tomas Brand & Adam Killian Flip-Fuck in ‘Bareback Rematch: Clash of the Muscle Jocks’ Scene 3 at Lucas Entertainment

Bareback Rematch (Tomas Brand & Adam Killian: Clash Of The Muscle Jocks) (Scene 3) at Lucas Entertainment

It’s anyone’s guess who would win the competition between Adam Killian and Tomas Brand in a pound-for-pound contest of pure muscle. But one thing that’s not a guess: these two adult film stars are hulks in the body department, and their devotion to the gym pays off big time. Tomas and Adam both messed around together in the nine-man orgy from “Adam Killian’s Raw Wet Dream.” Now they’re matched up again, and if there’s one thing proven in this scene it’s this: when two muscle titans clash, it’s an event you don’t want to miss!

Tomas Brand Fucks Damon Heart in ‘Nutt In The Butt’ Scene 1 at Lucas Entertainment

Nutt In The Butt (Tomas Brand Fucks Damon Heart) (Scene 1) at Lucas Entertainment

Damon Heart is young, slender, and enjoys being submissive for the right guy. Is there more of a “right guy” than Tomas Brand to take advantage of a situation involving subservience? I think not! Everything Damon likes to do between the sheets is called upon in this bareback sex encounter — especially deep and sensual oral sex (Damon Heart loves making eye contact, a trait Tomas Brand appreciates).

Dario Leon, Tomas Brand & Vlad Larin in ‘Barebacking Abroad’ Scene 3 at LucasEntertainment

Barebacking Abroad (Dario Leon, Tomas Brand & Vlad Larin) (Scene 3) at Lucas Entertainment

Though Vlad Larin looks a bit nervous when he first sees the hulking Dario Leon and Tomas Brand, they both know how to take care of him and ease his concern. We’ve seen the work of Tomas Brand before, and he certainly knows what he’s doing. If you’re in the mood to skip ahead, 38:10 showcases Vlad taking it deep from both ends From Dario and Tomas — no hole is spared on the blond bottom!

Tomas Brand & Massimo Piano Flip-Fuck Raw in ‘Gentlemen 16: Professionally Pounded’ Scene 1 at Lucas Entertainment

Gentlemen 16: Professionally Pounded (Tomas Brand & Massimo Piano) (Scene 1) at LucasEntertainment

Lucas Entertainment’s premiere muscle-daddy Tomas Brand joins the cast of “Gentlemen 16: Professionally Pounded” to mentor Massimo Piano in and out of his corporate attire.

LucasEntertainment: Raw Meat Packers (Tomas Brand & Sergeant Miles) (Flip-Fuck) (Scene 2)

Raw Meat Packers (Tomas Brand And Sergeant Miles) (Scene 2) at LucasEntertainment

Hopping into bed with Tomas Brand isn’t just sex — it’s an experience, and it’s one Sergeant Miles has had on his gay-porn bucket list. The Lucas Entertainment production team was more than happy to accommodate him, as Sergeant Miles is a blast to watch on camera.