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Bel Ami is European erotica that will warm your heart and heat the rest. Most noteworthy are Bel Ami’s thousands of hardcore pics and scenes, hundreds of behind-the-scenes video clips and more! Come closer and experience the breathtaking world of the BelAmi boys!

Bel Ami’s Model of the Week: Matt Thurman

Matt Thurman (Model of the Week) at

Bel Ami’s Model of the Week is Matt Thurman, a boy with a very easy going and sunny disposition. Matt is quick to smile and laugh at every opportunity, but also with the ability to look intensely sexy when he needs to.

Bel Ami: Jason Bacall Fucks Sven Basquiat in ‘Taking Care of Sven’

Taking Care of Sven (Jason Bacall Fucks Sven Basquiat) at

When Sven Basquiat turns up at the office all covered in scratches, Jason Bacall has just the cure for him: A secret ointment that will cure everything.

Bel Ami Online: Glenn Isner (Model of the Week)

Glenn Isner (Model of the Week) at

Bel Ami’s Model of the Week, Glenn Isner (formerly Bradley Cook), has a great body and a superb dick and he has a certain cockiness (without being off-putting) that tells us that he is well aware of how pleasing his ‘assets’ are.

Bel Ami Online: Ariel Vanean Fucks Benoit Ulliel in ‘Train The Trainer’

Train The Trainer (Ariel Vanean Fucks Benoit Ulliel) at

As part of his 10th anniversary with Bel Ami, Ariel Vanean got a promotion to trainer. Benoit Ulliel to pretended that he was a newbie for the occasion.

Bel Ami: Tim Heyers (Model of the Week)

Tim Heyers (Model of the Week) at

While Bel Ami was going through their archive they came across this photoset of Tim Heyers.

Bel Ami: Kieran Benning Fucks Bob Marghiela in ‘Too Horny To Work’

Too Horny To Work (Kieran Benning Fucks Bob Marghiela) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami totally sympathetic with Kieran Benning and Bob Marghiela when they decide ‘making the bed’ is way too much hard work. This would delay their fucking too long!

Bel Ami: Antony Lorca Fucks Alan Mosca in ‘One Good Morning’

One Good Morning (Antony Lorca Fucks Alan Mosca) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami’s Alan Mosca may snore, hog the blanket and steal the pillow, but all seems fine for Antony Lorca as long as Alan is happy to prepare a nice healthy breakfast.

Bel Ami: Joaquin Arrenas (Model of the Week)

Joaquin Arrenas (Model of the Week) at

Joaquin Arrenas has been with BelAmi now for several years and played a major role in our Viva Colombia series as both model and interpreter.

Bel Ami: Claude Sorel Fucks Tony Conrad in ‘The Art of Love’

The Art of Love (Raoul Vargas Fucks Joaquin Arrenas) (Bareback) at

Both Tony Conrad and Claude Sorel are sometimes under-appreciated when compared to some of the more flashy and attention seeking Bel Ami models.

Bel Ami: Sonny Haskell (Model of the Week)

Sonny Haskell (Model of the Week) at

Sonny Haskell has already done a casting for us a while back. He is now back as Bel Ami’s model of the week.

Bel Ami Online: Robin Rieff (Model of the Week)

Robin Rieff (Model of the Week) at

The blond, handsome and very sexy Bel Ami newcomer, Robin Rieff, jumped straight into the hearts of many so we trust that you will enjoy this photo session.

Bel Ami Online: Andrei Karenin Fucks Marcel Gassion in ‘Hot Competition’

Hot Competition (Andrei Karenin Fucks Marcel Gassion) (Bareback) at

When Bel Ami’s Marcel Gassion and Andrei Karenin agree that the winner of the go-cart race would get to fuck the other one. Therefore, we all know instantly that Marcel is going to throw the race. Marcel’s desire to get fucked by Andrei is just too much.

Bel Ami Online: Hoyt Kogan, Torsten Ullman and Pip Caulfield in ‘Fantasy 3-Way’

Fantasy 3-Way (Hoyt Kogan, Torsten Ullman and Pip Caulfield) at

Hoyt Kogan, Torsten Ullman and Pip Caulfield will be putting you in the festive mood with this Bel Ami scene. Just remember to get a cold drink instead of a hot wine as the scene is hot itself in itself.

Bel Ami Online: Introducing Eluan Jeunet (with Niko Vangelis)

Introducing Eluan Jeunet (with Niko Vangelis) (Bareback) at

It’s Eluan Jeunet’s turn for a Bel Ami introduction today, and for a change, we have paired him up with fellow newcomer, Niko Vangelis.