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Bel Ami Online: Torsten Ullman Fucks James Walsh in ‘Fresh Is Best’

Fresh Is Best (Torsten Ullman Fucks James Walsh) at

Bel Ami: Torsten Ullman believes that the way to get into James Walsh’s pants is via bananas and strawberries. But, luckily for us, it is pretty evident that James’ appetite is definitely for something a lot meatier.

Bel Ami: Eddie Moore [Model of the Week]

Eddie Moore [Model of the Week] at

Bel Ami: Eddie Moore has a very ‘Jock-ish’ physique and a nice fat cock and seems totally at ease as Eliot puts him through his paces here today.

Bel Ami Online: Arne Coen Fucks Orri Aasen in “Teacher’s Pet”

Teacher's Pet (Arne Coen Fucks Orri Aasen) at

Arne Coen has been one of our favorite HUNGarians since his debut on Bel Ami back in 2013. His scene with Orri Aasen is the most recent one that he filmed with us.

Bel Ami Online: Danny Defoe Fucks Ian Roebuck in ‘First Prize’

First Prize (Danny Defoe Fucks Ian Roebuck) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami has the sneaking suspicion that Ian Roebuck deliberately lost this battle in order to offer himself up as a prize for his notoriously hung buddy, Danny Defoe.

Bel Ami: Thierry Dore [Model of the Week]

Thierry Dore [Model of the Week] at

Thierry Dore is the last Czech boy that Bel Ami have scheduled as their model of the week for a while.

Bel Ami: Bruce Querelle Fucks Mario Texeira in ‘Morning Quickie’

Morning Quickie (Bruce Querelle Fucks Mario Texeira) at

Bel Ami: Bruce Querelle and Mario Texeira are the stars of today’s scene. Apparently, we missed the encounter between them the evening before, but they are both happy to repeat the performance during their morning shower.

Bel Ami: Dirk Braam [Model of the Week]

Dirk Braam [Model of the Week] at

Bel Ami’s model of the week, Dirk Braam, is a parkour enthusiast; the art of throwing his body around in athletic and challenging ways.

Bel Ami Online: Tom Pollock, Rick Lautner and Bobby Noiret in ‘3-Way Cumfest’

3-Way Cumfest (Tom Pollock, Rick Lautner and Bobby Noiret) at

Bel Ami: Rick Lautner shows us that his previous explosive cumshot was not just a one-off as he shoots another huge load into Bobby Noiret’s mouth and all over his chest.

Bel Ami: Corey Stark [Model of the Week]

Corey Stark [Model of the Week] at

This is Corey Stark’s first time having his pictures taken. Corey is overall a very cute guy with a nice dick, ass, body and a cute face that with certain expressions becomes very intense sexual.

Bel Ami Online: Aaron Brady

Aaron Brady at

Bel Ami newcomer, Aaron Brady, loves playing football and working out at the gym…and of course sex, which he has twice a day when he can get it, in addition to jerking off another 3 times.

Bel Ami Online: Enrique Vera Fucks Jon Kael

Enrique Vera Fucks Jon Kael (Bareback) at

Bel Ami: We find Jon Kael here in his favored position of being the bottom while Enrique Vera tries to get back into shape by fucking his buddy.

Bel Ami Online: Bob Marghiela Fucks Niko Vangelis in ‘Jock Love’

Jock Love (Bob Marghiela Fucks Niko Vangelis) (Bareback) at

The more experienced Bob Marghiela is the top in today’s encounter showing the inexperienced Niko Vangelis a few things about the joy of gay sex.

Bel Ami Online: Karsten Blomkvist [Model of the Week]

Karsten Blomkvist [Model of the Week] at

Tall, blond and handsome, we join Bel Ami model, Karsten Blomkvist, today in our Budapest studio where Eliot has the enviable job of asking him to strip off and show us everything that he has got.

Bel Ami Online: Paul Cavill Fucks Serge Cavalli in ‘B-Day Surprise’

B-Day Surprise (Paul Cavill Fucks Serge Cavalli) (Bareback) at

Today we have newcomer Paul Cavill back again for his 2nd scene here on Bel Ami Online. Today he is paired up with handsome regular, Serge Cavalli.

Bel Ami Online: Andrei Karenin, Torsten Ullman and Eluan Jeunet in ‘Body Worship’

Body Worship (Andrei Karenin, Torsten Ullman and Eluan Jeunet) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami’s Torsten Ullman, Andrei Karenin and newcomer Eluan Jeunet all meet up to compare bodies and their different fitness regimes. Not only do they all have perfect bodies, it seems that they are also all perfectly horny.

Bel Ami Online: Jim Durden Fucks Daan Jeffries in ‘Better Than Ever’

Better Than Ever (Jim Durden Fucks Daan Jeffries) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami: Daan Jeffries is looking forward to repairing his reputation as a lover and impressing his more experienced partner. We must say that in his couple of years working with us, Jim Durden has become a 1st rate top.