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Bel Ami is European erotica that will warm your heart and heat the rest. Most noteworthy are Bel Ami’s thousands of hardcore pics and scenes, hundreds of behind-the-scenes video clips and more! Come closer and experience the breathtaking world of the BelAmi boys!

Bel Ami’s Art Collection: Kris Evans and Rhys Jagger

Bel Ami's Art Collection: Kris Evans and Rhys Jagger at

Kris Evans is back! This week Kris returns as Bel Ami’s featured model of the week. That feature being this Art Collection photo session with Rhys Jagger.

Bel Ami Online: Kirk Gauguin Fucks Kieran Benning in ‘Getting To Know You’

Getting To Know You (Kieran Benning Fucks Kirk Gauguin) at

This is a very early scene Bel Ami for Kirk Gauguin. Kieran Benning feels that he needs to get to know him a lot better before they embark on their first trip to Africa together.

Bel Ami: Kian O’Connor (Model of the Week)

Kian O'Connor (Model of the Week) at

Kian O’Connor is one of Bel Ami’s new Hungarian models. But instead of fitting the form with dark, brooding and sensual looks, he is fair, freckled and intensely sexy.

Bel Ami: Kris Evans Fucks Nino Valens in ‘Hungarian Heaven’

Hungarian Heaven (Kris Evans Fucks Nino Valens) at

Bel Ami goes to ‘Hungarian Heaven’ for you today. Kris Evans is obviously enamored with Nino Valens’ lithe frame and youthful good looks.

Bel Ami: Jordan Faris (Model of the Week)

Jordan Faris (Model of the Week) at

Jordan Faris made his debut on Bel Ami Online back in 2013. He has been appearing regularly since then both here and on Freshmen.

Bel Ami Online: Ariel Vanean Fucks Alan Mosca in ‘Fit Fuckers’

Fit Fuckers (Ariel Vanean Fucks Alan Mosca) at

Today Alan Mosca has a problem. He wants to have a body like Ariel Vanean’s. But because of a bad knee, can’t go jogging.

Bel Ami: Mario Texeira (Model of the Week)

Mario Texeira (Model of the Week) at

Today Bel Ami has new Freshmen star, Mario Texeira in our Budapest studio for a photo shoot with in-house photographer, Eliot Klien.

Bel Ami Online: Kevin Warhol Fucks Jamie Durrell in ‘Study Break’

Study Break (Kevin Warhol Fucks Jamie Durrell) at

While Kevin Warhol may not be able to help Jamie Durrell too much with his studies, he is perfectly happy to help him out with his sexual techniques.

Bel Ami: Jens Christensen’s First Time with Andrei Karenin

Jens Christensen's First Time with Andrei Karenin at

Jens Christensen is not shy, but still a little nervous in this scene, but Andrei Karenin assures him that he will make his first time as gentle and memorable as possible.