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Nils Tatum and Roald Ekberg in ‘Blond on Blond’ at Bel Ami Online

Blond on Blond (Nils Tatum and Roald Ekberg) (Bareback) at

Nils Tatum is still fairly fresh to filming here, so it helps that he has a very experienced partner in Roald Ekberg. Inexperienced or not, Nils’ performance is first rate and these 2 do make for a perfect couple.

Lukas Ridgeston Fucks Tim Hamilton in ‘Lukas In Love, Scene 1’ at Bel Ami Online

Lukas In Love, Scene 1 (Lukas Ridgeston Fucks Tim Hamilton) at

Today marks the start of our remastered Lukas in Love series. Originally released in 2005, Lukas Ridgeston in Love has proven to be one of the most memorable of BelAmi’s classics. For this remastered version, we have decided to follow the original film in its entirety, from Tim Hamilton’s betrayal of Lukas and following his path to finding love again.

Bel Ami Online: Louis Grenier (Pin-Up)

Louis Grenier (Pin-Up) at

Louis Grenier is with Eliot Klien in our Budapest studio for today’s photo session. Some of our boys are outgoing and talkative, others, like Louis are the strong silent type, but when you are as sexy as Louis and have such an impressive dick I suppose it doesn’t matter.

Bel Ami’s Art Collection: Roald Ekberg & Jeroen Mondrian

Bel Ami's Art Collection: Roald Ekberg & Jeroen Mondrian at

This will be the last of the Summer Break photo sessions that you get until the series resumes and we will be moving on to some Art Collection sets from our other guest photographers, so, here we are with 2 of our more athletic guys, Roald Ekberg and Jeroen Mondrian doing the rounds with Rick Day.

Jerome Exupery Fucks Christian Lundgren in ‘Jambo Africa’ at Bel Ami Online

Jambo Africa (Jerome Exupery Fucks Christian Lundgren) (Bareback) at

There is nothing that Christian Lundgren likes more, than for someone to be playing with his ass. If he can’t find someone, he will even settle for his favorite dildo, as he thinks he must do this time when Hoyt runs off leaving him a bit frustrated. Luckily Jerome Exupery is around to lend a helping hand and make sure that both Christian and his ass are satisfied.

Bastian Dufy Fuck Jack Harrer in ‘Jambo Africa’ at Bel Ami Online

Jambo Africa (Bastian Dufy Fuck Jack Harrer) (Bareback) at

As part of our promise that you would get plenty of Jack Harrer this year, the 2nd scene in Jambo Africa features Jack getting fucked by Bastian Dufy.

Bel Ami’s Night Scene (with Joel Birkin Fucking Adam Archuleta)

Bel Ami's Night Scene (Joel Birkin Fucks Adam Archuleta) (Bareback) at

It is a bit unusual for us to schedule a night scene here on Thursday, but this one is something special. 2 of your favorites, Adam Archuleta and Joel Birkin are here together, and it is one of the few occasions now that we get to see Adam bottoming.

Whether topping or bottoming however there is one thing that you can assured from with Adam, and that is one of his signature cum shots, and he doesn’t leave us disappointed here.

Hoyt Kogan, Helmut Huxley and Justin Saradon in ‘Serious Fun’ at Bel Ami Online

Serious Fun (Hoyt Kogan, Helmut Huxley and Justin Saradon) at

Having a lot of fun is serious business for our boys, and in this 3way between Hoyt Kogan, Helmut Huxley and Jerome Saradon they certainly put in a lot of effort to have fun. The luckiest guy here seems to be Justin, having 2 of our best models taking care of every hole they can find.

Bel Ami Online: ‘Jambo Africa’ (Series Preview, Part 1)

'Jambo Africa' (New Series Preview, Part 1) at

We are happy to present the first taste of our new series ‘Jambo Africa’ with this preview of the first 3 months. Jambo Africa is our biggest production ever, with 65 boys, 150 scenes, over 50 documentaries and tons of gorgeous photosessions that will run for 1 full week every month.
Come and join us now and experience the whole of Jambo Africa.

Bel Ami Online: Mark Sullivan (Model of the Week)

Mark Sullivan (Model of the Week) at

Our model of the week here is Mark Sullivan. From the look of his buff body, you would think that he is a very sporty guy, but the truth of it lies elsewhere…

Jeroen Mondrian Fucks Jason Bacall in ‘Domestic Bliss’ at Bel Ami Online

Domestic Bliss (Jeroen Mondrian Fucks Jason Bacall) (Bareback) at

While he may be planning for the future, Jason Bacall doesn’t forget to take care of the ‘now’ as well, and the ‘now’ today involves getting fucked by a very horny Jeroen Mondrian. If only all domestic situations were as blissful as this, I am sure that we would have a lot less divorce.

Andrei Karenin, Manuel Rios and Brian Jovovich in ‘Double The Pleasure’ Part One at Bel Ami Online

Double The Pleasure, Part 1 (Andrei Karenin, Manuel Rios and Brian Jovovich) (Bareback) at

After our New Year quickie with Andre Karenin’s striptease, we thought we would bring him back again in the main programming, and have chosen this 2 day special together with Manuel Rios and Brian Jovovich.

Bel Ami Online: Valery Bykov (Model of the Week)

Valery Bykov (Model of the Week) at

We first met Valery Bykov when he joined us on the casting couch in the fall and we are happy to bring him back now in this photosession.

Bel Ami Online: Jack Harrer Fucks Jon Kael (Bareback)

Jack Harrer Fucks Jon Kael (Bareback) at

So after having answered many topics in the forum, all titled ‘Where is Jack’ we are pleased to be bringing you this scene with Jack Harrer and Jon Kael.

Nate Donaghy Fucks Ariel Vanean in ‘Mediterranean Bromance’ at Bel Ami Online

Mediterranean Bromance (Nate Donaghy Fucks Ariel Vanean) (Bareback) at

We have Ariel Vanean and Nate Donaghy in front of the camera. The blue skies and pleasant weather always put the boys in a great mood, and a great mood makes for great sex. Ariel is on the bottom here enjoying every thrust of Nates big dick until he shoots his load all over himself.

Peter Annaud Fucks Gary Danton in ‘SIZE MATTERS’ at Bel Ami Online

SIZE MATTERS (Peter Annaud Fucks Gary Danton) (Bareback) at

Peter Annaud is a pro and rebuffed all of Gary Danton’s amorous attentions the evening before so that he could give us a great performance in front of the camera here. The wait didn’t seem to dim Gary’s desire at all, and his love of big dick finally gets satisfied here.

Rocco Alfieri Fucks Travis Lecomte in ‘Flirting With Porn’ at Bel Ami Online

Flirting With Porn ( Rocco Alfieri Fucks Travis Lecomte) at

Some of you remember Travis Lecomte from his casting, but this is his first and only scene that we have, and it is his training scene with Rocco Alfieri.

Bel Ami’s Art Collection (with Marcel Gassion & Raphael Nyon)

Bel Ami's Art Collection (with Marcel Gassion & Raphael Nyon) at

Our Happy New year boys for 2018 are Marcel Gassion and Raphael Nyon. This is a shoot that was from the summer at the Castello KinkyAngelo and comes to us from the lens of Rick Day.

Bastian Dufy Fucks Arne Coen in ‘Erotic Massage’ Part 1 at Bel Ami Online

Erotic Massage, Part 1 (Bastian Dufy Fucks Arne Coen) (Bareback) at

It’s Boxing Day, and we’re happy to unwrap this special 2 day scene with Arne Coen and Bastian Dufy. It is not so often that we have a massage opening to a scene and Bastian seems to have a natural gift for working all the stress and tension out of Arne’s muscles.

Kevin Warhol Fucks Jean-Luc Bisset in ‘Top of the Class’ at Bel Ami Online

Top of the Class (Kevin Warhol Fucks Jean-Luc Bisset) (Bareback) at

By now you are all aware that Kevin Warhol is one of our main ‘trainers’ for new boys. This involves showing them all the tricks for having sex in front of a camera. A lot of this happens off set, and some of it in front of the camera. This is Jean-Luc Bisset’s graduation performance with Kevin, so it is one of his earliest scenes, and we hope that it makes for a nice early Christmas present.

Marc Ruffalo and Raoul Vargas Flip-Fuck in ‘Jock Flip-Flop’ Parts 1 & 2 at Bel Ami Online

Jock Flip-Flop, 1 & 2 (Marc Ruffalo and Raoul Vargas Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami starts their flip-flop special with a few probing questions from Marty, who is interested in finding out if sportsmen really do make for superior lovers. While Marc Ruffalo is a little unsure, Raoul Vargas assures us of the truth in this assumption.

Bel Ami’s Merry KRIS-MAS (with Kris Evans Barebacking Jon Kael)

Merry Kris-Mas (Kris Evans Fucks Jon Kael) (Bareback) at

This year ‘Kris-mas’ comes a full 10 days before Christmas, for us and also for Jon Kael, as he sets about massaging all the stiffness out of Kris Evan’s shoulders.