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Bel Ami is European erotica that will warm your heart and heat the rest. Most noteworthy are Bel Ami’s thousands of hardcore pics and scenes, hundreds of behind-the-scenes video clips and more! Come closer and experience the breathtaking world of the BelAmi boys!

Bel Ami: Jamie Durrell [Model of the Week]

Jamie Durrell [Model of the Week] at

Just as cute and youthful as the day he started, Jamie Durrell is always a joy to look at and we hope you enjoy him as Bel Ami’s model of the week.

Bel Ami Online: Marcel Gassion and Bjorn Nykvist Flip-Fuck in ‘Ticket To Ride’

Ticket To Ride (Marcel Gassion and Bjorn Nykvist Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami: Today Marcel Gassion insists on meeting Bjorn Nykvist at the train station to ‘check out his ticket’ before he can jump on for the ride.

Bel Ami Online: Mikk d’Ancona [Model of the Week]

Mikk d'Ancona (Model of the Week) at

Mikk d’Ancona may not be the most beautiful or have the best body of Bel Ami’s boys. However, there is something seductively attractive about him.

Bel Ami: Jens Christensen [Model of the Week]

Jens Christensen [Model of the Week] at

This is only the second time that Jens Christensen had visited the Bel Ami studios. The first time being for his casting and he already seems to have lost any shyness that he may have had. Jens shows no inhibitions when flaunting his lean and muscular body.

Bel Ami Online: Hoyt Kogan Fucks Pierre Cezanne

Hoyt Kogan Fucks Pierre Cezanne at

Bel Ami: Hoyt Kogan thinks that since we let Pierre Cezanne keep his beard, that it would be okay for him to not shave as well. While we may be OK with his first ‘mission’ we certainly hope that he doesn’t become too attached to the facial hair.

Bel Ami: Will D’Arcy [Model of the Week]

Will D'Arcy (Model of the Week) at

We first met Will D’Arcy in 2017 with his catsing. Therefore, Bel Ami is happy to bring him back to you today for this photo session.

Bel Ami Online: Jerome Exupery, Nils Tatum and Niko Vangelis in ‘Sex Workout’

Sex Workout (Jerome Exupery, Nils Tatum and Niko Vangelis) (Bareback) at

This is definitely a ‘Niko Vangelis worshipping’ scene from Bel Ami. This video has both Jerome Exupery and Nils Tatum committed to ensuring that every one of Niko’s needs are fulfilled.

Bel Ami Online: Enrique Vera Fucks Orri Aasen in ‘Hunger Games’

Hunger Games (Enrique Vera Fucks Orri Aasen) at

It seems a good thing that Enrique Vera was starving. Thus, he almost literally devours Orri Aasen during the foreplay in this scorching Bel Ami sex session.

Bel Ami Online: Bruce Querelle Fucks Bob Marghiela in ‘The Game Of Love’

The Game Of Love (Bruce Querelle Fucks Bob Marghiela) (Bareback) at

Bruce Querelle is a model who has only just started with us, and Bob Marghiela has been with Bel Ami for about 2 years now. Together they seem to make a very charming and attractive couple.

Bel Ami Online: Roald Ekberg and Jonas Miller Flip-Fuck in ‘I Want It All’

I Want It All (Roald Ekberg and Jonas Miller Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami: Although Roald Ekberg and Jonas Miller had never met until the evening before this scene, they seem to have developed quite an attraction for each other

Bel Ami: Yannis Paluan (Model of the Week)

Yannis Paluan (Model of the Week) at

Bel Ami’s freshmen photoset for this month features one of our most popular newcomers, Yannis Paluan.

Bel Ami Online: Joel Birkin Fucks Jens Christensen in ‘Taking It All’

Taking It All (Joel Birkin Fucks Jens Christensen) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami: Jens Christensen’ feat in deep throating Joel Birkin would be worth noting under any circumstances. But the ease with which he does it must indicate a god given talent in Jens for handling XL dicks.

Bel Ami Online: Rhys Jagger Fucks Nils Tatum in ‘GYM Buddies’

GYM Buddies (Jagger Fucks Nils Tatum) (Bareback) at

Nils Tatum’s scene partner here is Rhys Jagger, who is always very good at making the him feel at ease for his first Bel Ami scene.

Bel Ami Online: Andrei Karenin Fucks Niko Vangelis in ‘Body Perfect’

Body Perfect (Andrei Karenin Fucks Niko Vangelis) at

Andrei Karenin and Nico Vangelis have to be the 2 guys with the most stunning bodies that we have at the moment at Bel Ami so it is great to see them paired up in this scene together today.

Bel Ami Online: Enrique Vera Fucks Jordan Faris in ‘Can’t Wait!’

Can't Wait (Enrique Vera Fucks Jordan Faris) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami: Enrique Vera fucks an ecstatic Jordan Faris in every position he can think of until he shoots a volcanic load all over his chest.

Bel Ami’s Model of the Week: Casey Robinson

Casey Robinson (Model of the Week) at

Casey Robinson is definitely one of the guys that Bel Ami classifies as ‘flirting with porn’. Apart from the group sex scene which can be found HERE he only has one other scene in our archives.