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Bel Ami is European erotica that will warm your heart and heat the rest. Most noteworthy are Bel Ami’s thousands of hardcore pics and scenes, hundreds of behind-the-scenes video clips and more! Come closer and experience the breathtaking world of the BelAmi boys!

Bel Ami Online: Introducing Zac Haynes (with Rhys Jagger)

Introducing Zac Haynes (with Rhys Jagger) at

Bel Ami newcomer, Zac Haynes, seems to be quite a favorite for a lot of you. Today we have him here on BelAmiOnline in his scene with veteran Rhys Jagger.

Bel Ami: Jack Harrer, Dylan Maguire and Marcel Gassion in ‘Jack Goes Wild’

Jack Goes Wild (Jack Harrer, Dylan Maguire and Marcel Gassion) at

Bel Ami: Jack Harrer and Dylan Maguire, energetic and playful lovers are paired up with a Marcel Gassion, whose voracious appetite for bottoming is almost legendary amongst the BelAmi team.

Bel Ami’s Model of the Week: Ryan Kutcher

Ryan Kutcher (Model of the Week) at

Ryan Kutcher is one of the boys that Bel Ami really wishes they could have filmed more with. He started around the same time as Kris Evans.

Bel Ami Online: Meet Matthieu Pique (with Christian Lundgren)

Meet Matthieu Pique (with Christian Lundgren) at

Matthieu Pique’s first scene was on Freshmen with Jerome, from the early period. This one with Christian Lundgren is from the start of the 2nd.

Bel Ami Online: Kian O’Connor Fucks Claude Sorel in ‘Star In Making’

Star In Making (Kian O'Connor Fucks Claude Sorel) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami newcomer, Kian O’Connor, has to be one of the highlights of our 25 new boy celebration. Very handsome, fantastic body and tick and hefty cock make Kian the perfect package.

Bel Ami Online: Jon Kael Fucks Niko Vangelis

Introducing Niko Vangelis (Jon Kael Fucks Niko Vangelis) (Bareback) at

In Bel Ami’s first scene with Niko Vangelis, they have chosen to pair him with Jon Kael. Jon and Niko Vangelis are quite close friends in real life as well after having met in the chat studio.

Bel Ami Online: Hanging Out with Helmut Huxley and Orri Aasen

Hanging Out with Helmut Huxley and Orri Aasen (Bareback) at

Bel Ami: Orri Aasen is about to learn a very important life lesson: He needs to borrow a car for a short trip, and Helmut Huxley is not using his at the moment.

Bel Ami: Ethan Parish (Model of the Week)

Ethan Parish (Model of the Week) at

This photosession was taken about 6 months after Ethan Parish’s initial Bel Ami casting. Therefore it seems that he spent the time working out and getting a much nicer haircut.

Bel Ami Online: Ariel Vanean Fucks Maori Mortensen in ‘Ready. Set. Go!’

Ready. Set. Go! (Ariel Vanean Fucks Maori Mortensen) (Bareback) at

Maori Mortensen’s fuck buddy for today is Ariel Vanean and the scene is filmed by Vlado Iresch. Despite Bel Ami’s reservations over his tattoos, Maori is a great versatile performer who loves fucking and getting fucked, which is on show here as Ariel gives him all that he’s got.

Bel Ami Online: Introducing James Walsh (with Jason Bacall)

Introducing James Walsh (with Jason Bacall) (Bareback) at

James Walsh is here with Jason Bacall in a scene that was filmed for us by Mart Stevens. James had his debut on Freshmen in a scene with Jamie Durrell. He will also be a feature in Bel Ami’s upcoming ‘Bootcamp’ series.

Bel Ami Online: Antony Lorca Fucks Rocco Alfieri in ‘Show Me Some Love’

Show Me Some Love (Antony Lorca Fucks Rocco Alfieri) at

Bel Ami Online: Rocco Alfieri and Antony Lorca are intensely passionate as they set about their task of making sure that no desire is left unfulfilled.

Bel Ami Online: Bastian Dufy Fucks Raphael Nyon in ‘Body Language’

Body Language (Bastian Dufy Fucks Raphael Nyon) at

Luckily for Raphael Nyon, Bastian Dufy is one of Bel Ami’s most orally gifted models; both when it comes to giving blowjobs and also eating ass.