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BelAmiOnline: Antony Lorca Fucks Nils Tatum in ‘Made In Heaven’

Made In Heaven (Antony Lorca Fucks Nils Tatum) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami have decided to bring you this scene filmed on sunny Mykonos between Antony Lorca and Nils Tatum.

Bel Ami: Jean-Luc Bisset and Justin Saradon in ‘Perfect Match’

Perfect Match (Jean-Luc Bisset and Justin Saradon) (Bareback) at

Justin Saradon is the top in this Bel Ami scene as Jean-Luc Bisset relishes all the attention that his ass gets from Justin’s tongue and cock.

BelAmiOnline: Marc Ruffalo, Zac DeHaan and Brian Jovovich in ‘When 2 Become 3’

When 2 Become 3 (Marc Ruffalo, Zac DeHaan and Brian Jovovich) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami starts off by pairing Marc Ruffalo with Zac DeHaan, who has a nice thick cock, but when that is not enough to satisfy him we add anothe guy who just happens to love getting fucked by big dicks, Brian Jovovich into the mix as well. Three Jocks, Three big cocks. How could it get any better?

Bel Ami Online: Kris Evans Fucks Christian Lundgren in ‘Worshipping Kris’

Worshipping Kris (Kris Evans Fucks Christian Lundgren) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami has been saving this Kris Evans and Christian Lundgren scene for you for a little while now. They always thought that this combination of power top and hungry bottom would be a great one to film. They certainly were not mistaken.

BelAmiOnline: Enrique Vera Fucks Jerome Exupery in ‘Jambo Africa’

Jambo Africa (Enrique Vera Fucks Jerome Exupery) (Bareback) at

While we saw Jerome Exupery getting fucking down on the farm in Bel Ami’s documentary update. Today we have his full scene with Enrique Vera.

Bel Ami Online: Zac Haynes

Zac Haynes at

Another of BelAmi’s Hungarian newcomers is here in his first casting today. We first met Zac Haynes earlier this year on Freshmen when we featured his photosession but this is his premiere here on BelAmi.

Bel Ami’s Art Collection: Jarrod Lanvin & Serge Cavalli

Bel Ami's Art Collection: Jarrod Lanvin & Serge Cavalli at

The guys in this Art Collection set are physically very different. Serge Cavalli being dark and Jockish and Jarrod Lanvin being blond and slender.

Andre Boleyn, Rhys Jagger and Pip Caulfield in ‘Jambo Africa’ at Bel Ami Online

Jambo Africa (Andre Boleyn, Rhys Jagger and Pip Caulfield) (Bareback) at

In a bit of a change of format, Bel Ami has a 2 part “Jambo Africa” scene for you this Tuesday and Thursday. Today we have 2 of our ‘veteran’ performers together. Rhys Jagger and Andre Boleyn and on Thursday they will be joined by Freshmen, Pip Caulfield.

Bel Ami Online: Bobby Noiret Fucks Jeff Mirren in ‘Morning Bliss’

Morning Bliss (Bobby Noiret Fucks Jeff Mirren) (Bareback) at

Bobby Noiret is one of Bel Ami’s boys that seems to get sexier and sexier as he gets older. Luckily for us, his partner, Jeff Mirren, in today’s scene also fits into the same category.

Bel Ami Online: Mael Gauthier (Model of the Week)

Mael Gauthier (Model of the Week) at

Freshmen week is here with our young and hung Mael Gauthier. Eliot has chosen to present Mael here with a quad bike in an all outdoor setting. Anyone willing to let Mael take them for a ride?

Bel Ami: Bjorn Nilsen (Model of the Week)

Bjorn Nilsen (Model of the Week) at

Back in 2016 Bel Ami introduced you to Bjorn Nilsen and you seemed to like him well enough. Unfortunately, we couldn’t convince him to film scenes with us, but Eliot did get the chance to get him in front of the camera for this photo session.

Bel Ami Online: Nate Donaghy Fucks Rhys Jagger in ‘Lucky Day’

Lucky Day (Nate Donaghy Fucks Rhys Jagger) (Bareback) at

It is Rhys Jagger’s job in the office to make sure that the Bel Ami production schedule runs smoothly. We suppose it is only fair that he is the stand-in today to get fucked by Nate Donaghy when his scene partner fails to show up.

Bel Ami Online: Jim Kerouac Fucks Raphael Nyon in ‘Master Lover’

Master Lover (Jim Kerouac Fucks Raphael Nyon) (Bareback) at

This scene is a little special in that we thought we had lost Jim Kerouac, but after a year and a half he came back and asked if he could do some more work. Knowing how fond you all are of him, we said yes and paired him up with Hungarian newcomer Raphael Nyon.

Bel Ami Online: Jerome Exupery Fucks Christopher Caan in ‘Sexy Massage’

Sexy Massage (Jerome Exupery Fucks Christopher Caan) (Bareback) at

Now this is what we really call a massage with a happy ending! After Christopher Caan started with Bel Ami, they asked if he would try working out a bit. This working out would tone up his lean build a bit. Consequently the resulting workouts apparently created a lot of muscle tension.