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Bel Ami Online: Christian Lundgren (Model of the Week)

Christian Lundgren (Model of the Week) at

This photosession is a little sneak peek at some of the material from our upcoming African series.

While Christian Lundgren looks stunning in almost any situation, the Cape Town climate seems particularly flattering.

GayHoopla: PJ Major

PJ Major at GayHoopla

NEW Uncut Stud PJ Major Jerks OFF at Gay Hoopla.

ChaosMen: Nikolaj Rapid (Solo)

Nikolaj Rapid (Solo) at ChaosMen

Nikolaj Rapid is a straight guy with some gay experiences. He likes the Latin ladies, but on a couple occasions, he has messed around with his gay buddies. It sounds like he has sucked and fucked, but not a lot of passion, like kissing or rimming.

Corbin Fisher: Griffin

Griffin at CorbinFisher

Sprawled out on the couch, blond stud Griffin is ready for a nice, relaxing self-pleasure session in front of the camera. His muscles tense and flex as he strokes his nice cock like a natural. He gets up on the ottoman to kneel and show off his muscular torso, moaning softly as he gets harder and harder.

SeanCody: Xander

Xander at SeanCody

Xander is all about having a healthy mind and body, and you can tell he takes it seriously! He has a positive outlook on life, meditates, and he’s in school for personal training. Don’t let his small physique fool you, he’s an energetic guy that seems to get what he wants.

Bel Ami Online: Aiden Gleeson (Model of the Week)

Aiden Gleeson (Model of the Week) at

Aiden Gleeson’s photo preview attracted quite some attention a couple weeks ago, and we’re sure that his full photoset here will be equally as popular.

Broke Straight Boys: Liam Andrews

Liam Andrews at Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys newbie, Liam Andrews, is ready to bust a nut even though he already came once this morning, so when we ask this sexy guy to strip down and get hard for us, he doesn’t hesitate!

ActiveDuty: Poleski

Poleski at ActiveDuty

Poleski has a timid look to him as he introduces himself. He begins to feel more and more comfortable as he takes off his clothes. This is a good kid having a great time. He’s got a great veiny cock that sticks straight up into the air with some amazing smooth tasty balls just waiting for some action.

Helix Studios: Little Leo Frost in the Big City

Little Leo Frost in the Big City at HelixStudios

Leo Frost just made the move to the big city! Fresh off the train with only one suitcase he arrives at his new apartment. He’s alone and has no furniture yet, but what he does have is a hot body, a hard cock and idle hands! With nothing else to do, the angelic blond relaxes, takes his time enjoying his own beautifully chiseled young body with caring caresses to every smooth inch of himself.

GayHoopla: Myles Brownlee

Myles Brownlee at GayHoopla

Myles Brownlee jerks his cock and CUMS.

ChaosMen: Roman Glazer

Roman Glazer at ChaosMen

Roman Glazer is 21 and definitely has a twink vibe about him.

Corbin Fisher: Conrad

Conrad at CorbinFisher

After Conrad’s gorgeous eyes, perfect amount of scruff, and pretty smile, one of the first things we noticed about this adorable Corbin Fisher newcomer was his hairy, lean body.

Sean Cody: Marty

Marty at SeanCody

Sean Cody newcomer, Marty, is a confident guy who isn’t afraid to explore new things in life. When he realized fooling around with guys could be fun, he did it without hesitation. “Who doesn’t love dick? I mean, big dicks, small dicks…dicks are wonderful.” Gotta love his love for dick, that’s for sure!

ChaosMen: Luka Jay (Solo)

Luka Jay (Solo) at ChaosMen

Luka Jay has a military vibe about him. He was in the service, doing fire-fighting work.

Luke Wilder’s Surfer Solo at Helix Studios

Luke Wilder's Surfer Solo at HelixStudios

Sexy surfer Luke Wilder catches his last wave of the day and emerges from the ocean wet and ripped riding on his big board. His muscled body still looks elegant and graceful as he packs up his gear and changes shorts right there on the beach. The gorgeous setting ignites an orgasmic itch Luke needs to scratch so our beach boy finds a secluded spot to “wax his board.”

Corbin Fisher: Tyson (II)

Tyson (II) at CorbinFisher

There’s no mistaking that Tyson’s body is built for fucking. Tyson’s body is brilliant – naturally lean and smooth, defined, and incredibly proportioned. The speed and precision he demonstrated while showing off his basketball and boxing moves made me even more interested in seeing how his athleticism correlates in the bedroom. Though today I’ll be satisfied in watching the well-hung jock go solo for our cameras.

SeanCody: Koby

Koby at SeanCody

Koby is all smiles. He’s very charming, and has a great body and dick, but there’s definitely more to him than meets the eye! He seems innocent enough, but he’s a bit of an exhibitionist. He likes to send friends his sex videos just for kicks…and to show off his goods, of course! He’s certainly proud, as he should be!

ActiveDuty: Spencer Laval (New Recruit)

Spencer Laval (New Recruit) at ActiveDuty

Spencer Laval is his name and by the end of this scene his name will be engraved into your mind. His body is flawless and his build is what a true soldier in the field looks like.

ActiveDuty: Quentin Gainz (A Proper Solo With His Buttplug & Dildo)

Quentin Gainz (A Proper Solo With A Buttplug & Dildo) at ActiveDuty

This is by no means like our usual solos. Quentin Gainz takes the reigns and shows all the new recruits out their how to pull off a solo the proper vet way. He begins by showing off his rock solid body. He has spent countless hours in the gym working on his physique and it looks like perfection.

ChaosMen: Bryer (Solo)

Bryer (Solo) at ChaosMen

Bryer is a cute, lean, gay guy with a big stick on him. It’s almost 8.5 inches and the boy gets hard super easy.

GayHoopla: Roman Tate

Roman Tate at GayHoopla

Ripped gym JOCK Roman Tate works out and jerks OFF.

Bel Ami Online: Nico Bianchi (Model of the Week)

Nico Bianchi at

Nico Bianchi comes to us via our Budapest studio and is photographed today by Eliot. Blond, blue-eyed with full pouty lips, his ruggedly handsome face is matched perfectly by a beautifully athletic build.

Corbin Fisher: Lane (II)

Lane (II) at CorbinFisher

Lane can check a lot off in the fantasy department: he’s both a hot football jock and a sexy firefighter! While according to him most of his duties involved rescuing cats from trees and carrying ladders around, we’re still sure that’ll win him a few points worth of adorableness.

Sean Cody: Knox

Knox at SeanCody

Sean Cody newcomer, Knox, is a quiet, but very hot, 22 year old guy who has to get comfortable with somebody before he can really open up… Lucky for us, he opened up pretty quickly in front of the camera, and got quite comfortable when he started rubbing his big dick for us. I guess that’s all it takes sometimes! We’re definitely not mad at that.