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Active Duty: Vincent (New Recruit)

Vincent (New Recruit) at ActiveDuty

Vincent becomes comfortable real quick once his opening interview is over. He drops his pants and shirt revealing all his sexy muscles. Vincent is in the zone as he strokes his cock slowly with style showing us his smooth balls and legs. He gazes into the camera every so often but it’s a sneaky gaze so keep your eyes peeled.

ChaosMen: Constantine

Constantine at ChaosMen

But first a little bit about Constantine. I love it when I get guys who come in with dynamic personalities. Constantine is polite and eager to please.

Corbin Fisher: Keegan

Keegan at CorbinFisher

Who doesn’t love a cute surfer boy? We’ve brought Keegan a little out of his element here to a snowy day in Nevada – you did know that Nevada means snow-covered, right? He’s a good sport about the cold, but he’s much happier when we get him inside and give him a chance to show off that defined body and nice cock of his!

Sean Cody: Jax

Jax at SeanCody

“I’m currently 6’3″, 205 pounds, and the dick matches the size.” Southern stud Jax wasn’t joking around…he’s hung and knows how to use it!

Spunk Worthy: Miguel (Uncut Jock Strokes Out a Big Load… And Eats It)

Miguel (Uncut Jock Strokes Out a Big Load... And Eats It) at

Miguel (formerly Oscar at Corbin Fisher) is a 24 y/o str8 guy who recently discovered his exhibitionist side. He’d done a few modeling gigs for athletic gear and decided to step things up a notch, ditching the clothing to show off the rest of his goods.

Bentley Race: Kevin Babik (Returns Showing Off His XL Twink Cock)

Kevin Babik (Returns Showing Off His XL Twink Cock) at Bentley Race

I’m really excited to have Kevin Babik stripping off with us this month. You might remember the hung skinny 19 year old that I met in Berlin last year. The Polish boy with the extra large dick met up with me again just before Christmas while I was in Germany. He’s looking fit as ever and ready to show us his sneaker fetish.

Active Duty: Brock (II)

Brock (II) at ActiveDuty

As Brock begins to feel comfortable stroking his cock it gets bigger and bigger showing us just how great of a dick he has. He likes to stroke it slow but with a bear grip. His plump lips look great for sucking off one of our vets. Brock continues to show off his hard cock as it bounces off his smooth firm chest.

Broke Straight Boys: Michael Boston

Michael Boston at Broke Straight Boys

Michael Boston, our new guy in the Broke Straight Boys studio, was 18 when he jerked off for the first time and even then it was a total accident, but since then this guy has been getting more comfortable with his body and now he’s here on BSB, ready to cum for the cameras! We talk this cute guy out of his clothes and appreciate his body, no tattoos and a sexy sprinkling of hair across his chest, and when we set him loose he grabs his dick and starts to stroke it.

ChaosMen: JJ Smitts

JJ Smitts at ChaosMen

JJ Smitts is a very cute guy that I think has an Eastern European look to him. Minus the uncut cock, though he is hung like those guys.

Corbin Fisher: Devon

Devon at CorbinFisher

When Devon first walked up, I thought he seemed a little conservative and definitely clean-cut, but then he told me his favorite activity is walking around shirtless at raves and concerts! Once his clothes came off, seemingly clean-cut Devon is revealed to have a bunch of sexy tattoos, toned muscles, and an amazing ass – he’s definitely the kind of guy you can take home to mom and dad, but also to a sweaty, frenetic club!

Sean Cody: Judas

Judas at SeanCody

Judas is a buff hunk, with a hairy chest and an impressive dick. “It’s nothing extreme…you get what you see, so I’d like to think it’s average or above average.” Now now Judas, don’t be modest. Not only does he have a nice dick, but he blows huge loads that shoot farther than you’d think!

NextDoorMALE: Colton Cain

Colton Cain at Next Door Male

Colton Cane is a new hottie with a nasty streak. With his soft blue eyes and looks that kill, it would be easy to assume Colton is a sweet guy, but he quickly reveals he’s got a lot of dirty thoughts and fantasies swimming around in that good looking head of his.

GayHoopla: Dom Knight

Dom Knight at GayHoopla

Hot muscle stud, Dom Knight, works out and jerks off.

Maskurbate: Larry McCormick (Far Away Love)

Larry McCormick (Far Away Love) at Maskurbate

Larry McCormick’s new boyfriend went away for work, and like any new relationship, it’s hard to be separated from the one you love. They spent all their free time texting each other. Larry fantasizes about his return and simply can’t wait to hold him in his arms again.

Helix Studios: Aiden Garcia’s Solo Session

Aiden Garcia's Solo Session at HelixStudios

Super popular Helix Studios hottie Aiden Garcia gifts his thousands of fans with this super sexy solo stroke session. Set against the sensual setting of a sweeping romantic staircase and a waterfall wall, Garcia gets his jets going by grabbing that perfect package growing inside his black boxer briefs.

Broke Straight Boys: Charlie Maddoxx

Charlie Maddoxx at Broke Straight Boys

Charlie Maddoxx never pictured himself doing porn, but here he is, standing in the studio and getting undressed for the camera, ready to start his solo scene. As he loses his clothes, we get to appreciate his nice toned body, a few tattoos here and there, and when he drops his pants we see that perfect shaft. He lubes up and runs his hands over his dick, legs spread as he stands there touching himself, getting harder with each stroke.

ChaosMen: Damien Reign

Damien Reign at ChaosMen

Damien Reign is a very sexy dude. He was local, and I was eager to get him in quickly, despite the shaved pubes. He says they really get out of hand, and based on how hairy his ass crack is, I believe him. He did say he would grow them out for us.

Corbin Fisher: Pierce (II)

Pierce (II) at CorbinFisher

Pierce is a busy guy – when he’s not studying biological sciences at college, he’s working out six days a week, and that’s when he’s feeling lazy enough to skip Sunday – so we’re happy that he managed to find the time to squeeze us into his schedule. Clean-cut and handsome, Pierce is definitely the first guy to ever use the word “endorphins” in an interview, so he’s definitely bringing brains to go along with his brawn!

Sean Cody: Sly

Sly at SeanCody

Sly is a tall drink of water, whose motto in life is “fitness is life”. Not only is he into making his body look good, but he also has assets that are naturally good looking…like that big, uncut dick of his. Can’t go wrong there!

Spunk Worthy: Nolan’s Surprise Handjob

Nolan's Surprise Handjob at

Nolan is somewhat of a recent transplant to San Diego from one of the southern states. He was out practicing his skateboarding maneuvers when I spotted him. And he was pretty good, so I struck up a conversation to compliment him which, of course, led to my own “How’d you like to do porn?” maneuver.

Active Duty: RJ

RJ at ActiveDuty

RJ is an amazing kind man with a great attitude and that’s what we love to see here at ActiveDuty. We also love to see a man like RJ play with his rock hard cock for the enjoyment of others.

Helix Studios: Alone With Collin Adams

Alone With Collin Adams at HelixStudios

Naughty 19 year old Collin Adams is home alone and feeling horny so he turns his attention towards the camera and eye fucks the hell out of it while seductively stripping out of his clothes. He rubs his chiseled chest and tight tummy, grazing his hard nipples while pulling at his sexy black underwear.

GayHoopla: Sean Lee

Sean Lee at GayHoopla

Tall fit jock, Sean Lee, shoots some hoops and jerks his COCK.

ChaosMen: Maurice

Maurice at ChaosMen

Maurice was literally the last model of 2017 that I got to work with. He hit me up very near the end of the year, and with not much going on for New Years, I booked him for the last two days of the year. Typically, over the Holidays, I avoid booking any flights because so few are available and what is available can be quite expensive.

Corbin Fisher: Marcus (II)

Marcus (II) at Corbin Fisher

Muscular is an insufficient word to describe Marcus (formerly Kellin at Sean Cody) – he is positively Herculean. Apart from a big chest and arms, he’s also got massive tree-trunk thighs and a big, muscular ass that we are sure will leave you salivating. He is a tall, hulking mound of muscle who is most at home pumping away in the weight room, and in this case, we don’t just get him pumping iron, but also his hot cock!