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ChaosMen: Aidan Anthony Fucks Wren

Aidan Anthony Fucks Wren at ChaosMen

Aidan Anthony is in top form as the Top in this ChaosMen video with Wren. He has been hitting the gym hard too. He arrived with his boyfriend, who watched from the sidelines.

ChaosMen: James Dawn & Wright ‘Edge’

James Dawn & Wright 'Edge' at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: This is Wright’s first time doing an Edge video. I’m glad he was the guy to make James Dawn cum.

ChaosMen: Rio Rodriguez

Rio Rodriguez at ChaosMen

ChaosMen newcomer, Rio Rodriguez, is a cute Latin twink who was very horny for this shoot. He is very comfortable in front of the camera, and for only 18 years old, he looks to be very experienced.

ChaosMen: Ricky Roberts Fucks JJ Smitts RAW

Ricky Roberts Fucks JJ Smitts RAW at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: I had JJ Smitts in for a couple shoots, and on this day, Ricky Roberts get to Top his ass. His next film, he gets to show off his own topping skills.

ChaosMen: Argos & Ransom ‘Edge’

Argos & Ransom 'Edge' at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: With Argos so easily aroused, I knew Ransom would be able to keep him on the edge of cumming through out most of the video.

ChaosMen: James Dawn

James Dawn at ChaosMen

ChaosMen newcomer, James Dawn, sent me some home-made videos before coming in to the studio. He had also done some previous video work and along with some camming. I was excited to have a polished performer eager to be photographed and recorded.

ChaosMen: Espen Fucks Vander [Bareback]

Espen Fucks Vander [Bareback] at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: Espen fucks the hell out of Vander. When he was fucking Vander on his back, he almost came. We stopped to do some photos, and he informed me he was close to nutting the entire time. I love it when they tell me this!

ChaosMen: Cy Fucks Antonio Cervone ‘Raw’

Cy Fucks Antonio Cervone 'Raw' at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: Cy used to do massage therapy, but I didn’t want to do a massage table scene. So, he starts by using some oil on Antonio Cervone, concentrating on his ass. He also took full advantage of Antonio’s special cock-sucking skills.

ChaosMen: Argos

Argos at ChaosMen

ChaosMen newcomer, Argos, was such a great surprise. I was pleased that he was Bi, but mostly into guys. It seems like playing with dudes is a new thing for him.

ChaosMen: Aidan Anthony Fucks Thompson [Bareback]

Aidan Anthony Fucks Thompson [Bareback] at ChaosMen

Another hot pairing that ChaosMen had been wanting to do. Aidan Anthony’s has such a great Top vibe and with Thompson’s Bottom Boy attitude, I knew this would be a sizzling hot video.

ChaosMen: Bentley Layne Services Bogart With Flashjack

Bentley Layne Services Bogart With Flashjack at ChaosMen

Bentley Layne is used to nervous ChaosMen first-timers. He easily takes Bogart through his paces. Bentley is Bi, and he was definitely into Bogart. You can tell he liked gagging himself on Bogart’s cock during one portion of the video.

ChaosMen: Bogart

Bogart (Solo) at ChaosMen

ChaosMen newcomer, Bogart, has got to be one of the most quiet and shy guys I have worked with in a long time. It was hard digging for personal information on him because of the shyness.

ChaosMen: Dimitri Porter

Dimitri Porter at ChaosMen

Dimitri Porter is boyfriends with Luca Rosso. When Dimitri mentioned he wanted to do porn, Luca suggested he start with ChaosMen.

ChaosMen: Lorenzo Fucks Ron

Lorenzo Fucks Ron (Bareback) at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: Lorenzo fucks Ron, eager to make Ron’s cock leak pre-cum. Ron’s cock would get harder with each and every thrust.

ChaosMen: Jerome & Kelly Evans ‘Serviced’

Jerome & Kelly Evans 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Another scorching hot ChaosMen massage table Serviced video! Jerome totally takes charge during other videos, and I was certain he would be into rubbing Kelly Evans.