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ChaosMen: Johnny Dees

Johnny Dees at ChaosMen

Chaos Men Johnny Dees has done some video work before, and I thought I would get him in for a solo/serviced combo to check out his skills.

ChaosMen: Dani deMuse & Justin Derra (Serviced)

Dani deMuse & Justin Derra (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Despite Justin Derra having some guy-guy experience, he wanted to start with a traditional Serviced video. He would try more things with Dani deMuse.

ChaosMen: Jake Hart (Nipple Play Solo)

Jake Hart (Solo) at ChaosMen

ChaosMen’s latest model, Jake Hart, is one sexy dude! He has some aggressive ink, but is a kind and thoughtful dude. Maybe a little cocky, but with that nearly 9-inch cock of his, I guess he has reason.

ChaosMen: Barton Fucks Nikolai Rapid’s Boy Hole (Bareback)

Barton Barebacks Nikolai Rapid at ChaosMen

Barton fucks Nikolai Rapid’s boy hole and unloads inside him. Barton then encourages Nikolai to bust his own nut in this ‘older vs younger’ ChaosMen scene.

ChaosMen: Bentley Layne & Espen (Serviced)

Bentley Layne & Espen (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Espen is young and really doesn’t have too much experience. He definitely has some with girls, but with guys, he just said he was curious. Bentley Layne is more used to taking charge, but I wasn’t sure what setting to start Espen in for his intro to sex with other guys.

ChaosMen: Justin Derra

Justin Derra at ChaosMen

Justin Derra jerks his cock furiously and a huge wad of cum flies in the air when he cums, coating his stomach and pubic hair!

ChaosMen: Lorenzo and Wills Flip-Fuck RAW

Lorenzo and Wills Flip-Fuck RAW at ChaosMen

Wills was ready to take on getting fucked on ChaosMen. He was willing to try bottoming his first time out. Lorenzo was just the guy to do it!

ChaosMen: Michael Shores & Peter Marcus ‘Serviced’

Michael Shores & Peter Marcus 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

After having a string of newbies doing blowjob videos at ChaosMen, I was pleased to have two pros in, Michael Shores and Peter Marcus.

ChaosMen: Espen (Solo)

Espen at ChaosMen

ChaosMen newcomer Espen’s solo is awesome, and though he wants to start by topping dudes, that perfect pink hole of his needs a cock to plunge into it.

ChaosMen: Dani deMuse & Timmy Tag-Team Matthew West

Dani deMuse & Timmy Tag-Team Matthew West at ChaosMen

Both Dani deMuse and Timmy delight in fucking their Boy, but also the have a lot of chemistry between each other. They take turns sucking each other cocks while also urging the other to fuck Matthew.

ChaosMen: Chett & Wills [Serviced]

Chett & Wills [Serviced] at ChaosMen

I mentioned during Chett’s solo summary that he is Bi. But has not had a lot of chances to explore with guys. So, he was eager to do a video with another guy. Chett is a big fan of oral, and most especially likes grinding cocks together.

ChaosMen: Michael Shores [Solo]

Michael Shores at ChaosMen

ChaosMen presents Michael Shores, a hot muscle daddy type. He is a verse bottom with an awesome bubble-butt! He is packing a 7-inch rod with natural pubes.

ChaosMen: Mason Lear and Vander Popper-Fuck (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Mason Lear and Vander (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at ChaosMen

Vander and Mason Lear are definitely professionally skilled at what they do. They actually get down to popper-fucking right away, as Mason really wanted to eat Vander’s ass and plunge his cock in it as soon as possible.

ChaosMen: Chett (Solo)

Chett (Solo) at ChaosMen

Chett is so adorable! Ok, so he had more pubic hair in his submission pics, so I don’t know what to say given how many times I tell them to NOT shave. ~sigh~

ChaosMen’s PURE: Calhoun and Dani deMuse (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Calhoun and Dani deMuse (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at ChaosMen

With so much passion coming from both Calhoun and Dani deMuse, I knew they would be perfect to do a ChaosMen’s PURE video together. Sure enough, they are amazing in this video.

ChaosMen: Lorenzo Services Marty

Lorenzo Services Marty at ChaosMen

Marty really wants to do full-sex videos, but he is starting from zero interaction with guys. So, I figured it would be best to set him up with a traditional ChaosMen Serviced video and see how far he would go. He got himself hard for the initial photos, and then Lorenzo jumps in while Marty has a start on being hard.

ChaosMen: Declan (Solo)

Declan (Solo) at ChaosMen

ChaosMen newcomer, Declan, is a sweet and intelligent dude. He is straight but very eager to try new things. He and his girlfriend have been experimenting with toys, just in case he might end up bottoming. What an ass on this guy too!