Corbin Fisher

Corbin Fisher’s Amateur College Men features the most gorgeous young men. CF consists mostly straight boys showing off their finest assets all while earning an education in hot, gay porn action!

Corbin Fisher: Jack (III)

Jack (III) at CorbinFisher

The first thing that struck Corbin Fisher about Jack was his sexy accent. He’s spent his life in a lot of different countries, and that British accent really stands out.

Corbin Fisher: Beau & Elian Cum Everywhere

Beau & Elian Cum Everywhere (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

It’s a sunny day in the park and Elian is giving Beau some Spanish words – only the essentials, of course, like “awesome muscles,” “hot ass,” and “big cock.”

Corbin Fisher’s Pura Vida: Cain Deep Dives Into Connor

Cain Deep Dives Into Connor (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Cain and Connor take a break from the rest of the group and the Central American summer by hanging out at the pool.

Corbin Fisher: Lachlan Paints Wesley (Bareback)

Lachlan Paints Wesley (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Lachlan is eager to hit the ground running with his Corbin Fisher education. So we’ve paired him up with Wesley to make sure that he’s in good hands. Wesley is more than happy to mentor this horny freshman.

Corbin Fisher: Sawyer Fucks Max (Bareback)

Sawyer Fucks Max (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

This one is truly a clash of titans, when we let Sawyer (a.k.a. Calhoun at ChaosMen) and Max loose on each other! These two horse-hung studs are a study in contrasts – Max is smooth and clean-cut, and Sawyer’s ginger mane and beard give him a more rough-and-tumble look, but you know what they say about opposites attracting!

Corbin Fisher: Calvin (Solo In Lake Tahoe)

Calvin (II) at CorbinFisher

Southern boy Calvin loves to climb rocks and spend time in the great outdoors. So Corbin Fisher decided to take him to one of the most beautiful spots in America: Lake Tahoe!

Corbin Fisher: Dane Bones Beau (Bareback)

Dane Bones Beau (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Beau and Dane go way back. Dane had the honor of being the first guy at Corbin Fisher to take Beau’s cock. Therefore, it’s only natural that Dane should finally get the chance to return the favor!

Corbin Fisher: Wesley Rides Zachary [Bareback]

Wesley Rides Zachary (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Wesley thought he was in for a peaceful morning settled in on the couch in a soft robe with a novel. But he wasn’t counting on Zachary also being up early.

Corbin Fisher: Collin Creams Brady (Bareback)

Collin Creams Brady (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher’s Collin and Brady have been hanging out, and we couldn’t help but notice their natural chemistry together.

Corbin Fisher: Lachlan (Introductory Solo)

Lachlan (Introductory Solo) at CorbinFisher

The first time Corbin Fisher met Lachlan, he was wearing a colorful tie-dyed shirt. He also got all dressed up when they took him out to the park. CF doesn’t get a lot of fashion aficionados, especially ones that are also multi-sport athletes.

Corbin Fisher: Kingston Fucks Beau (Bareback)

Kingston Fucks Beau (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

After letting Kingston have control for a while, Beau climbs up on his cock to ride it. Loving it so much that he actually cums hands free!

Corbin Fisher: Sawyer Fucks Wesley (Bareback)

Wesley Gets A Load Of Sawyer (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Sawyer’s (a.k.a. Calhoun at ChaosMen) pretty hung. Well, Sawyer’s incredibly hung, I should say. He’s definitely a fan of getting that beautiful cock sucked, too. But he’s rarely found someone who can take all of him. Enter: Wesley, who is more than eager to give him his best shot.

Corbin Fisher: Collin (Introductory Solo)

Collin at CorbinFisher

Collin has striking eyes – he told us they’re his favorite feature about himself – and a tight, lean body that he’s constantly working on in the gym and in the pool. We wish we could also look like that only going to the gym three times a week!

Corbin Fisher: Max Pounds Devon (Bareback)

Max Pounds Devon (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Easy boys! Max and Devon were getting so into tossing each other around on the bed that we thought they were going to break something. This was before they even got their clothes off!

Corbin Fisher: Kellan Takes On Kingston (Bareback)

Kellan Takes On Kingston (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Kingston and his huge dick are back and ready to play! Lucky for him, it’s Kellan that gets to be the first one on campus that he has his way with! Kellan is all over Kingston from the start. He drops to his knees and giving his massive member the deep-throating it deserves.

Corbin Fisher: Elijah Fucks Travis in ‘Hands-Free Cowboy Cum’

Hands-Free Cowboy Cum (Elijah Fucks Travis)

Elijah and Travis have hidden out in the barn loft until it’s almost dinner time. These two cowboys are going to make the most of their time alone. Travis can’t wait to get Elijah’s cock inside him and Elijah can’t wait to put it into Travis!

Corbin Fisher: Rocky Explodes On Beau (Bareback)

Rocky Explodes On Beau (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

One of the most exciting parts about getting to know the guys here at Corbin Fisher is seeing them figure out what really gets them off and develop their talents. Beau and Rocky know exactly how to get each other off. Beau demands a rimjob before sliding down Rocky’s huge dick. You can really tell that these two keep each other on the edge the whole time they’re fucking, just like we like it!