Calan (Corbin Fisher)

Corbin Fisher: Bryce Fucks BF Calan (aka James Cassidy) in ‘There’s Something About Bryce’

There's Something About Bryce (Bryce Fucks Calan) at CorbinFisher

Watch Bryce and Calan (aka James Cassidy) take their chemistry to new heights in ‘There’s Something About Bryce’ on Corbin Fisher. Experience the thrill as these two studs explore each other in a passionate and intensely hot encounter. Don’t miss out on the action!

Corbin Fisher: Calan and Eli Reunite in ‘Eli Swallows Calan’

Eli Swallows Calan at CorbinFisher

Eli and Calan reunite for an electrifying encounter in this Corbin Fisher scene, after a fan-inspired Q&A. Experience their undeniable chemistry and intense passion as they deliver one of their hottest performances yet. Don’t miss this unforgettable duo in action!

Corbin Fisher: Eli’s Double Load with Calan After Hours

Eli's Double Load with Calan After Hours at CorbinFisher

Join Eli and Calan in ‘Eli’s After Hours Double Load’ at Corbin Fisher, where their intense chemistry adds them to the list of iconic CF pairs. Experience their undeniable passion and deep connection in this must-see episode that’s as real and raw as it gets. Dive into the action now!

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Corbin Fisher: Calan Fucks Tyler Tanner in ‘Taking Tyler’s Ass’

Taking Tyler's Ass (Calan Fucks Tyler Tanner) at CorbinFisher

Experience the intense chemistry between Calan and Tyler Tanner in Corbin Fisher’s new scene, ‘Taking Tyler’s Ass.’ Watch as they start with a sensual makeout session, leading to a passionate exploration of dominance and submission. This scene promises unforgettable moments and a thrilling climax.

Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2

Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2

Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2

Corbin Fisher: Dallen Fucks Calan

Dallen Fucks Calan at CorbinFisher

Experience intense passion as Dallen takes his Corbin Fisher education to the next level, devouring Calan’s sculpted ass with fervor. Witness the insatiable desire in their eyes as they move swiftly to the main event. Calan craves the relentless pounding, and Dallen delivers with unwavering stamina. Delve into the captivating world of these passionate studs and their unbridled connection at Corbin Fisher.

Corbin Fisher: Calan Fucks A HUGE Load Out Of Chris in ‘Calan Cues Up Chris, Round II’

Calan Cues Up Chris II at CorbinFisher

Calan and Chris return to Corbin Fisher for round 2 of ‘Calan Cues Up Chris’. Discover the electrifying chemistry between Calan and Chris as desires reach their peak. Calan’s mastery goes beyond simply pleasuring Chris; he leaves him craving for more.

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Corbin Fisher: Wyatt & Calan’s Fireside Fuck

Wyatt & Calan's Fireside Fuck at CorbinFisher

In this Corbin Fisher episode, Calan gets his flawless ass raised high, face down and back arched for Wyatt (aka Kane Hardy) to penetrate deep. Calan’s love for sex is evident in every noise he makes and every expression on his face. His enthusiasm is contagious, creating blazing hot results with every partner he’s paired with.

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Corbin Fisher: Rocky Tate and Calan Reunite in ‘Rocky Feeds Calan’

Rocky Tate Feeds Calan at CorbinFisher

Experience the explosive chemistry between Calan and Rocky Tate, former Corbin Fisher freshmen, as they reunite for a blazing hot episode. Rocky’s big, meaty, uncut cock attached to his ripped, buff stud body is irresistible to Calan. With all the ingredients for a steamy encounter in place, get ready for a wild ride that will leave you breathless and Calan drenched in Rocky’s load. Don’t miss out on the next chapter in Calan and Rocky’s hot history together.

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Corbin Fisher: Calan Gets Off With Dylan

Calan Gets Off With Dylan at CorbinFisher

In this steamy Corbin Fisher scene, Calan is back and ready to play with Dylan! His handsome face, toned body, big package, and insatiable sex drive are all on display as he indulges in some hot action with young Dylan. Dylan wastes no time getting to work on Calan’s impressive member, while Calan enjoys the view. These two are a perfect match, and their chemistry is electric. Watch as they let their passion take over and do what comes naturally!

Corbin Fisher: Calan Fucks Rocky Tate in a ‘Blast From The Past’

Calan Fucks Rocky Tate in a 'Blast From The Past' at Corbin Fisher

What is wonderfully cool about this ‘Blast From The Past’ Corbin Fisher episode here is Rocky Tate and Calan were both around several years ago. Further, both had gone away for a little while, then came back looking even hotter than before.

Corbin Fisher’s XXXMas PandeMOANium Fourgy with Calan, Chris, Eli and Rocky Tate

Corbin Fisher's XXXMas PandeMOANium Fourgy with Calan, Chris, Eli and Rocky Tate

Corbin Fisher has a treat for you – a mind-blowingly hot holiday 4-some with Calan, Chris, Eli, and Rocky Tate all going completely wild and holding nothing back in what I am truly convinced has to be one of the all-time hottest foursomes we’ve ever filmed!