Corbin Fisher: Calan and Eli Reunite in ‘Eli Swallows Calan’

Eli Swallows Calan at CorbinFisher

Eli Swallows Calan at CorbinFisher
Eli Swallows Calan at CorbinFisher
Eli Swallows Calan at CorbinFisher

Eli Swallows Calan at CorbinFisher
Eli Swallows Calan at CorbinFisher
Eli Swallows Calan at CorbinFisher

Eli Swallows Calan at Corbin Fisher:

We filmed this episode around the same time we did a Q&A session with Eli on social media, where he answered questions submitted by fans. A number of fans asked Eli about his favorite scenes and scene partners, and it was no surprise to any of us Eli named Calan as a favorite to film with.

Given just how much Eli is into Calan and how much Calan is into Eli (yup, the feeling is most definitely mutual!), we absolutely had to get these guys into more action with one another. Indeed, whenever we bring these two out to film around the same time, there’s no way around having to pair them up for another round. It’s become a given at this point because they’re so into one another, so eager to fuck, so turned on by one another, and bound to produce some of the hottest action imaginable when teamed up together. It’d be an injustice and total missed opportunity to not get Eli and Calan to fuck when they’re in the same building – heck, same state! – as one another.

Sit back and enjoy as Eli and Calan do what they do best, with the stud they do it best with!

Watch as Calan Fucks Eli at Corbin Fisher

Watch as Calan Fucks Eli at Corbin Fisher

Ed Stoneback says:

Nice pairing Calen is nicely muscular smooth and sexy while Eli is at his sexy hairiest best he reminds me of the beautifully hairy Thomas

Mark Coppola says:

Eli’s furry little body has always made me tingle down below.

Kj says:

The old trashy queens will not like seeing these men looking good and sexy.
Eli & Calan is a must see scene.

BeeBee says:

Tehehehehe! So true! YUMMY Calan and CUDDLY Eli, looking all yummy and cuddly are sooooooooooooo upsetting to TRASHY swan and his Trashettes.

THE one says:

Eli again? No.
I understand why a ton of people sick of him. He makes me feel disgusted.

JT69 says:

Have you applied to model yet?

CM says:

I’m guessing he hasn’t as he’s obviously too hot!!!

swan says:

OMG trashy bottom Eli again? Over using trashy Eli over and over again year after year. Have I seen Calan fucks Trashy Eli last week? still the same that trashy face with unattractive hairy body type. He looks too old and trashy for Calan. So annoying!!

Quietist says:

Beautiful Eli and beautiful Calan.
It’s obvious they have liked each other right from the time they met.
I truly believe Eli is secretly in love with Calan.
A trio with Eli and the boyfriends Calan & Bryce … must be very interesting.

This was the 5th scene in which Eli and Calan were together, spread over a period of 14 months. That’s on average a bit more than once every three months.

It’s nowhere near as much as Rocky and Roman were together: 14 times !!
Of course everybody knows this was due to big problems in maintaining a roster.

Second in the all-time ranking of recurring pairs are Dawson and Connor: 11 times together in gay scenes and 3 times in coed scenes. These models were active for years and years.

Curlee says:

This does look hot. Although CF seems to keep using the word “feed” very loosely.

Jason says:

Calan is a sexy beast.

Quietist says:

Posts of mine keep disappearing. Two of them in this thread.
No idea who is responsible, nor why they were removed. There was no insulting, nor denigrating content in them. Some kind of Cookie Monster? Or WayBig Monster? CF Monster?

DeeGee says:

Been there, done this.

loui says:

Eli is such a turn off