Corbin Fisher REMATCH: Calan Pumps Oakley

Calan Pumps Oakley at CorbinFisher

Calan Pumps Oakley at CorbinFisher
Calan Pumps Oakley at CorbinFisher
Calan Pumps Oakley at CorbinFisher

Calan Pumps Oakley at CorbinFisher
Calan Pumps Oakley at CorbinFisher
Calan Pumps Oakley at CorbinFisher

Calan Pumps Oakley at Corbin Fisher:

The last time Calan and Oakley teamed up with one another, Oakley treated Calan to a sensual massage and Calan treated Oakley to a deep drilling. That experience left each of these young studs eager for another go at one another and counting down the days until they’d get a chance for a round two, and that day’s finally arrived!

Given just how much Calan wanted to get his dick back inside Oakley’s hole, I’m surprised he survived through so many minutes of foreplay here! I guess being able to hold off from fucking for a good long while was made easy by the fact that Calan spent a whole lot of the early parts of the action here with his face buried between Oakley’s cheeks – he wanted to eat that hot ass just as much as he wanted to fuck it!

By the time Calan’s done warming up Oakley’s hole with his lips and tongue, Oakley is putty in his hands and ready for anything Calan has in store for him!

Watch as Calan Pumps Oakley at Corbin Fisher

Watch as Calan Pumps Oakley at Corbin Fisher

Elza says:

Stunning men. And I’m so glad they switched it up for a proper “rematch”!

swan says:

Oakley with ugly haircut is back again. He looks awful !

Elza says:

Do you ever have something nice to say?

Is literally anything in this world good enough for you?

Curlee says:

Obviously he likes to project. Swan is most likely himself a very ugly person and very lonely and very miserable.

Glenn says:

I agree with you. That haircut is indeed ugly

JJ says:

Wait, did Oakley swallow all that Calan has to offer? I hope that can be seen clearly ❤️

Quietist says:

Oh yeah, I like this one, except for O.’s hair. Boy get rid of that hamster, it looks silly.
Calan isn’t a champion at fucking. I don’t know, maybe he’s too busy pleasing himself and doesn’t get around to pleasing his partner? Mind you, it’s not that I’m a fan of continuously violently hard pumping. I consider that to be robotic and not ‘loving’/’pleasing’.
I do like to watch Calan, practically in every scene he did.
He is a good kisser too. Oakley has to learn to use his tongue much more. His kissing with Eli in one of his previous scenes was just terrible. But he’s pretty new yet, he can learn.
I liked it a lot that he opened his mouth for Calan’s load. Didn’t get all of it, but here Calan is partly to blame. And it wasn’t a massive load. But I think he swallowed what he got. And the kissing that followed (Calan a bit reluctant at first?), I love kissing a mouth that just took some cum.

B.t.w. Virginia crossed the water and no swan in sight.

Kj says:

Calan and Oakley are hot together

Darkhog says:

Two healthy looking studs!

Joe Hahn says:

Would be better with Chris. Where is he bring him back soon!

Gazzaq says:

Not a fan of Callan so will give this a miss. Him and that other one Eli do knowt for me!

Scrapple says:

Calan is “topping.”

DeeGee says:

Aww, as much as I’m over Shannon, I loved her little ghostly homage to Luke in Riverdale after his death…

Scrapple says:

I’ll take Shannon over Alyssa.

DeeGee says:

This whole site should just be renamed “Rematch: No Fucks Left to Give.”