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Josh Brady Fucks Cole Claire and Angel Rivera in ‘2-for-1’ at Helix Studios

2-for-1 (Josh Brady Fucks Cole Claire and Angel Rivera) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Two innocent looking, beautiful twinks with EPIC asses have been very, very bad. Cole Claire along with new boy and jock strapped kink lover Angel Rivera are in desperate need of pleasurable punishment. Big dicked ass master Josh Brady owns these two tasty tushes with a strong hand and a huge cock.

Ashton Summers Fucks Travis Berkley in ‘Photoshoot Bareback’ at Helix Studios

Photoshoot Bareback (Ashton Summers Fucks Travis Berkley) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Porn legend Ashton Summers is paired with one of our freshest new twinks, Travis Berkley for a double gorgeous photo shoot. After some horsing around and heavy duty flirting the poses lead to kisses, undressing and- HALLELUJAH- cock sucking!

Joey Mills Fucks Garrett Graves in ‘Close Encounters’ at Helix Studios

Close Encounters (Joey Mills Fucks Garrett Graves) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Sitting on a swing looking adorable, Joey Mills is hungry for cock and using a hook up app not realizing that Garrett Graves, the guy he’s been “Grindr’ing” is right across the street. The two sexpots wave at each other, get indoors and get down!

Corbin Colby Fucks Leo Frost in ‘Rise & Shine’ at Helix Studios

Rise & Shine (Corbin Colby Fucks Leo Frost) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Lovely Leo Frost is fast asleep on the couch until his beefcake boyfriend, Corbin Colby wakes him with a shower of kisses. Not a bad way to wake up at all! The sight and feel of Colby would “get them UP” MIGHTY fast! Frost is up, pointing north and raring to welcome Colby and that giant cock back home!

Helix Studios: Introducing Angel Rivera (with Josh Brady)

Introducing Angel Rivera (with Josh Brady) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

UBER hot 20 year old Angel Rivera is a sexy latin boy from Austin, Texas. Sick of school life, he decides to venture into porn and a new superstar is born! This kid is gifted at each end with an ass to die for and a dick to LIVE for! We’ve paired him with dream boy beefcake Josh Brady for his first non-solo scene and sparks fly from the get go! He opens up to Josh super easy about his ex, his wants and desires AND the LONG list of kinks he’s anxious to try now AND at Helix Academy in the future!

Helix Studios: Angel’s Assets (with Angel Rivera)

Angel's Assets (with Angel Rivera) at HelixStudios

Angel Rivera will seduce you with his movie star good looks fully clothed. But baby, when he starts peeling those clothes away brace yourself for a jaw dropping, mouth watering, cock thickening experience! This boy is BEAUTIFUL and he knows it, but un-cocky and willing to share all his gorgeous gifts with you. The shirt cums off first, revealing a chiseled body and puffed up, smooth pecs along with beautiful back muscles that ripple as he reaches to get at his underwear.

#HELIX: Cameron Parks Fucks Tyler Hill at Helix Studios

#Helix (Cameron Parks Fucks Tyler Hill) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Our series #Helix is BACK with two of our cutest boys, Tyler Hill and Cameron Parks! The guys take questions from their fan’s twitter which run the gamut from fun to down right raunchy in this round of randy queries! The guys are asked and ANSWER all about their first times, high school sex-periences, porn behind the scenes, favorite kinks and even Tyler’s kitten! This sextastic series has it ALL because after the questions cum fan’s fantasy requests which are acted out in deliciously dirty detail by our boys!

Ashton Summers Fucks Leo Frost in ‘Hot Summers Day’ at Helix Studios

Hot Summers Day (Ashton Summers Fucks Leo Frost) at HelixStudios

It doesn’t get much hotter than Ashton Summers! We’ve gifted him (and you) with one of the freshest new faces on the Helix roster, Leo Frost. Little Leo is a tight blond boy with a NOT so little cock! The scene starts perfectly pervy. We get to peep through the curtains at these two sexy bastards like a peeping tom gettin’ all the goods!

Luke Wilder Fucks Joey Mills in ‘Licked and Dicked’ at Helix Studios

Licked and Dicked (Luke Wilder Fucks Joey Mills) at HelixStudios

Luke Wilder is a bisexual hunk of a man who loves twinkie boys so we’ve given him our ultra twink, Joey Mills to do with as he wishes! From the first moment you can tell Luke is blown away by Joey, breathing him in as the perfect pair lock lips. Joey feels the stud’s swole muscles bugling under his shirt and gets rid of that real quick! (Thank you Joey!) Much like the statue of David, this chiseled specimen’s body is a work of art.

Helix Studios: Travis Gives and Takes (with Cameron Parks and Travis Berkley)

Travis Gives and Takes (with Cameron Parks and Travis Berkley) at HelixStudios

Newbie Travis Berkley is a spectacular find, being an ex mormon and finally free to to let his freak flag fly- He GOES for the gold with electrically erotic excitement EVERY time. Paired here with Cameron Parks and his perfect piece of meat, Travis wastes NO time pouncing on the smooth sexpot’s tasty torpedo while on all fours. It’s the perfect position as Cameron’s wandering hands can get at the kid’s cock hungry hole. He spins Travis around like a toy top and tongue blasts Berkley’s butt.

Shane Cook Fucks Kyle Ross in ‘Priorities’ at Helix Studios

Priorities (Shane Cook Fucks Kyle Ross) at HelixStudios

Spend some time chinnin’ with Helix hotties Cameron Parks, Kyle Ross and Shane Cook as the guys hit the town. Twink superstar Kyle is hitting it off with man candy Cook. Being the good wingman he is, Cameron catches on and gets to Grinding on his phone then slips out to let his boys play. Shane is a big beefcake, mountain of a man from Missouri that our pretty blond boy can’t wait to climb.

Helix Studios: Berkley’s Big Dildo (with Travis Berkley)

Berkley's Big Dildo (with Travis Berkley) at HelixStudios

Ex mammoth membered Mormon turned porn pro has had YEARS of pent-up sexual frustration. Travis Berkley is the perfectly pieced good boy gone bad letting his raw sexuality explode onto the screen and we get to watch him explore every inch of himself as well as experience his fucktastic fantasies.

Landon Vega Fucks Leo Frost in ‘Raw and Tight’ at Helix Studios

Raw and Tight (Landon Vega Fucks Leo Frost) at HelixStudios

Adorable, tight Twink Leo Frost is cute cock stretching candy and hung heartthrob Landon Vega has his eyes fixed ready to pounce! He sneaks up behind the tasty morsel and gets to licking Leo’s neck, this must be his sweet spot because it immediately revved this raunchy scene up into high gear! Clothes fly off at light speed because lust has possessed pretty boy Frost who lays a mean licking down on Landon’s oversized lollipop…

Josh Brady Fucks Cameron Parks in ‘Hot Mess’ at Helix Studios

Hot Mess (Josh Brady Fucks Cameron Parks) at HelixStudios

It must’ve been a great night at the club because we catch up with Josh Brady and Cameron Parks after having WAY too much fun! The guys play through the night dancing on street lamps like strip poles, running the deserted roads tackling each other and flirting hard!

Helix Studios: Cook’s Cock (with Shane Cook)

Cook's Cock (with Shane Cook) at HelixStudios

Prime cut piece of hot young man meat, Shane Cook keeps his brawny body in tip-TOP shape! Watch one of the wonders of the porn world do his daily work out, massage his surprisingly pretty feet then stick around as he exercises one of his biggest muscles with an intense, two hander, powerlifting protein pumper!

Max Carter Fucks Ezra Michaels in ‘Tightly Packed’ at Helix Studios

Tightly Packed (Max Carter Fucks Ezra Michaels) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Moving into a new apartment is always a pain in the ass, but sexy studs Ezra Michaels and Max Carter decide to turn tha pain into pleasure! It is their final night in the place so they decide to make one more fucktastic memory. Max starts the bang ball rolling by drooling over Michael’s muscles as he stuffs boxes in a sweaty muscle shirt which he quickly peels off to reveal his perfect pecs…

Helix Studios: Introducing Travis Berkley (with Lanson Vega)

Introducing Travis Berkley (with Lanson Vega) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

There’s nothing more naughty than a good boy gone bad! Ex Mormon masturbation magic makin’ newbie Travis Berkley is finally free to let his freak flag fly and Landon Vega is the lucky lad that gets the on screen deflower power! We always enjoy getting to know our newbies before the wild rumpus begins. This pretty pair has cock stretching chemistry galore so the conversation before the bang is fiery, feisty pre-fuck fun about their fantasies, families and first time fucks!

Corbin Colby Fucks Cole Claire in ‘Jock Cock’ at Helix Studios

Jock Cock (Corbin Colby Fucks Cole Claire) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Corbin Colby is killin’ it shooting hoops alone on the basketball court while cutie Cole Claire sits on the bench getting a bird’s eye view of the baller’s HUGE bulge bouncing around in his shorts. When Colby’s ball rolls out of bounds towards the twink, he starts fantasizing about the balls in Corbin’s shorts hanging under his chin. Luckily, we get to crawl inside Cole’s cock filled imagination and it is down right dirty!!!!

Helix Studios: First Time Flashback: Luke Wilder (with Leo Frost)

First Time Flashback: Luke Wilder (with Leo Frost) at HelixStudios

Uber hottie masculine, muscled up surfer dude Luke Wilder is a prime cut of fresh new bisexual man meat on the scene. He’s just discovering he likes boys, twinks specifically. Here, our muscled up young newbie spills his sexy secret about the first time a tasty college twink caught his eye AND his cock! Wilder talks us through every delicious dirty detail as super twink Leo Frost happily helps him reenact every exciting moment from Wilder’s first time with a guy!

Ashton Summers Fucks Landon Vega in ‘Latin Lust’ at Helix Studios

Latin Lust (Ashton Summers Fucks Landon Vega) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Heated up latin hotties Ashton Summers and Landon Vega ignite the screen from the word go with a lip smacking make out session that leads them south of the border. Ashton takes control of the tasty bronze twink, getting between his legs and going to work on that mammoth member of his.

Helix Studios: Little Leo Frost in the Big City

Little Leo Frost in the Big City at HelixStudios

Leo Frost just made the move to the big city! Fresh off the train with only one suitcase he arrives at his new apartment. He’s alone and has no furniture yet, but what he does have is a hot body, a hard cock and idle hands! With nothing else to do, the angelic blond relaxes, takes his time enjoying his own beautifully chiseled young body with caring caresses to every smooth inch of himself.

Helix Studios: Introducing Shane Cook (with Joey Mills)

Introducing Shane Cook (with Joey Mills) at HelixStudios

Newbie to the industry Shane Cook has been following twink super star Joey Mills for a while. Our specialty is making fantasies cum to life so we’ve paired the hunky St. Louis native with his twink crush whose also from St. Luis. Naturally the boys have a connection being from the same place but the connection is about to go even deeper. Porn pro Joey asks probes inside Cook’s cocky conscience, talking school, upbringing, and sexy questions about public sex and the thrill of being caught.

Helix Studios: Introducing Luke Wilder (with Cole Claire)

Introducing Luke Wilder (with Cole Claire) at HelixStudios

Luke Wilder is a sexy surfer and a fresh piece of manly meat cute twink Cole Claire has brought to Helix Studios. The guys discuss their first few meetings through Grindr with some funny stories and you can totally tell there’s great chemistry here.

Luke Wilder’s Surfer Solo at Helix Studios

Luke Wilder's Surfer Solo at HelixStudios

Sexy surfer Luke Wilder catches his last wave of the day and emerges from the ocean wet and ripped riding on his big board. His muscled body still looks elegant and graceful as he packs up his gear and changes shorts right there on the beach. The gorgeous setting ignites an orgasmic itch Luke needs to scratch so our beach boy finds a secluded spot to “wax his board.”

Ashton Summers Fucks Gabriel Martin in ‘Fuente De Amor’ at Helix Studios

Fuente De Amor (Ashton Summers Fucks Gabriel Martin) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Super star Ashton Summers and gorgeous new boy Gabriel Martin make masturbation magic that will set your screen on FIRE! They flirt in their native language of lust, even if you don’t speak Spanish, the seductive sounds rolling off these golden god’s talented tongues will transport you to an exotic, erotic journey.