Helix Studios

Helix Studios presents an impressive porn video line-up of college men as well as throughout the teen & twink spectrum.

Helix Studios: Introducing Clay Turner (with Luke Wilder)

Introducing Clay Turner (with Luke Wilder) at HelixStudios

Small town Georgia boy and Helix Studios newcomer, Clay Turner, is a beautiful blond twink with the sexiest southern twang you’ve ever heard!

Spank This!: Johnny Hands Spanks Marcell Tykes in ‘Clean Freak’

Clean Freak (Johnny Hands Spanks Marcell Tykes) at SpankThis!

Helix Studios: When Johnny Hands comes home to find roommate, Marcell Tykes has left their place a mess, he isn’t happy to say the least. Hands runs a tight ship and is hellbent on teaching the tight bootied twink a lusty lesson.

Helix Studios: Josh Brady Fucks Leo Frost in ‘Round 2’

Round 2 (Josh Brady Fucks Leo Frost) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios: Josh Brady and Leo Frost are having a great time together; and, before they know it, Leo finds himself waking up in Brady’s brawny arms which, is definitely not a bad place to be!

Spank This!: Johnny Hands Spanks Dylan Hayes in ‘YES SIR’

YES SIR (Johnny Hands Spanks Dylan Hayes) at SpankThis!

Johnny Hands’s live in lad, Dylan Hayes doesn’t like to share. But, if one is going to be with the brawny, big-dicked dominator, one must cater to his every carnal desire.

Helix Studios: Ryan Bailey Fucks Marcell Tykes in ‘Tongue-Tied’

Tongue-Tied (Ryan Bailey Fucks Marcell Tykes) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Public speaking is a big fear for most folks. Luckily for Ryan Bailey, he has a supportive boyfriend in Marcell Tykes that he can practice with before heading into class.

Helix Studios: Luke Wilder Fucks Andy Taylor in ‘#Helix’

#Helix (Luke Wilder Fucks Andy Taylor) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios has hooked Andy Taylor up with one of our HOTTEST new models, Luke Wilder as a welcome home present and the porntastic sparks fly from the jump!

Helix Studios: Ryan Bailey Fucks Danny Nelson in ’69 Down’

69 Down (Ryan Bailey Fucks Danny Nelson) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios: Danny Nelson is hard at work figuring out “69 down” on a crossword puzzle when smart-alec Ryan Bailey sneaks up behind him and instantly belts out he answer. Which coincidently has to do with greek love gods.

Helix Studios: Corbin Colby Fucks Dylan Hayes in ‘Thick’

Thick (Corbin Colby Fucks Dylan Hayes) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios: Corbin Colby and Dylan Hayes are BOTH gifted in these departments and watching these two stars collide with their heavenly bodies is a sex soaked, celestial experience.

Helix Studios: Jared Scott Fucks Leo Frost in ‘SOAKED’

SOAKED (Jared Scott Fucks Leo Frost) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios: Leo Frost and Jared Scott are horse playing in the pool. Things get a bit saucy after Jared gives Leo a ride on his strong shoulders then tries to take his trunks off.

Spank This!: Max Carter Spanks Trevor Harris in ‘Pleasure and Pain’

Pleasure and Pain (Max Carter Spanks Trevor Harris) at SpankThis!

Helix Studios’ Spank This: We join Mr. Max Carter relaxing after a long day at work with tasty Trevor Harris on his knees helping him unwind. Max has told the boy “no teeth,’ and he only gives ONE warning!

Helix Studios: Angel Rivera Fucks Collin Adams in ‘Choke On It’

Choke On It (Angel Rivera Fucks Collin Adams) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Real life Helix Studios boyfriends Angel Rivera and Collin Adams have been together for a bit. So, Collin feels comfortable letting Angel know he wants to get fucked; like a hoe, and HARD!

Helix Studios: Corey Marshall Fucks Marcell Tykes in ‘Jocked’

Jocked (Corey Marshall Fucks Marcell Tykes) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios: Corey Marshall and Marcell Tykes arrive back home with a horny hunger. Walking next to either one of these hot young muscle twinks with their shirts off would raise anyone’s morning wood

Spank This!: Angel Rivera Spanks Milo Harper in ‘Caught Red Handed’

Caught Red Handed (Angel Rivera Fucks Milo Harper) at SpankThis!

Spank This!: Angel Rivera catches the Milo Harper on camera and decides to give him a few choices: he can tell the boss man; OR, let Angel tan his hide!