Helix Studios

Helix Studios presents an impressive porn video line-up of college men as well as throughout the teen & twink spectrum.

Helix Studios: Kevin Daley Fucks Kyle Ross in ‘HUGE’

HUGE (Kevin Daley Fucks Kyle Ross) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

We catch hard bodied, King Kong donged Kevin Daley sudsing up in the shower before bed. Kyle Ross is on the bed in tighty-whities and that ass is lookin’ all kinds of edible!

Helix Studios: Micah West Fucks Dylan Hayes in ‘Light My Fire’

Light My Fire (Micah West Fucks Dylan Hayes) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios: Dylan Hayes and Micah West are on a romantic getaway at a picturesque cabin in the woods. Mr. Hayes likes to keep things hot; so, he suggests they light a fire.

Helix Studios: Aiden Garcia and Andy Taylor Flip-Fuck in ‘Muse’

Muse (Aiden Garcia and Andy Taylor Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios: Aiden Garcia offers his photography skills to Andy Taylor, and the tasty twosome pool their talents by taking some seriously sexy shots in a gorgeous garden.

Helix Studios: Micah West Fucks Aiden Garcia in ‘Morning Bulge’

Morning Bulge (Micah West Fucks Aiden Garcia) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

From a snuggly spooning slumber, Aiden Garcia wakes at the same time big spoon boyfriend, Michah West’s morning wood decides to rise.

Helix Studios: Corbin Colby and Luke Wilder Tag-Team Joey Mills in ‘Big Game’

Big Game (Landon Vega Fucks Leo Frost) at HelixStudios

Joey Mills is hangin’ at the Helix Studios mansion watching hard bodied boys Luke Wilder and Corbin Colby play pool. However, he’d MUCH rather be playing with THEIR balls instead of sitting on the sidelines during their game!

Helix Studios: Josh Brady and Johnny Hands in ‘Alpha Top Flip-Flop’

Alpha Top Flip-Flop (Josh Brady and Johnny Hands) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios’ two alpha tops, Johnny Hands and Josh Brady together…for a flip flop fuck fest of EPIC proportions!

Spank This!: Johnny Hands Spanks Julian Bell in ‘HOGTIED’

HOGTIED (Johnny Hands Spanks Julian Bell) at SpankThis!

Blond twink Julian Bell has been a bad boy. Purposely so in hopes that Johnny Hands notices his naughty ways and will deliver the appropriate spanking.

Helix Studios: Introducing Micah West (with Andy Taylor)

Introducing Micah West (with Andy Taylor) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios: Micah West is a slim, sexy, lanky 18 year old dude. This is his first ever fuck flick and we’ve paired him with Andy Taylor, the perfect porn pro to make him feel comfortable & bring him out of his shell.

Spank This!: Blake Mitchell Spanks Trevor Harris in ‘Belted’

Belted (Blake Mitchell Spanks Trevor Harris) at SpankThis!

Blake Mitchell is up waiting for twink Trevor Harris who took his car out for a joy ride without telling him. Blake is PISSED and takes to spanking Trevor’s sweet seat.