Helix Studios

Helix Studios presents an impressive porn video line-up of college men as well as throughout the teen & twink spectrum.

Helix Studios: Shane Cook Fucks Cameron Parks in ‘Dig In’

Dig In (Shane Cook Fucks Cameron Parks) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios Cameron Parks is hard at work doing some gardening. Meanwhile his boyfriend Shane Cook sits back sunning himself and flirting with his fella who is doing ALL the work.

Spank This!: Joey Mills, Danny Nelson and Max Carter in ‘Double Trouble’

Double Trouble (Joey Mills, Danny Nelson and Max Carter) at SpankThis!

Max Carter returns home to find his roomie Danny Nelson has been up to no good. Danny has been fucking Joey Mills in his bed! Max spanks this to even the score!

Helix Studios: Blake Mitchell Fucks Joey Mills in ‘Mine’

Mine (Blake Mitchell Fucks Joey Mills) at HelixStudios

Every couple goes through trials and tribulations, including perfect pair Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills. After a night on the town, Joey confesses he’s been unfaithful.

Helix Studios: Aiden Garcia Fucks Collin Adams in ‘Bareback Reunion’

Bareback Reunion (Aiden Garcia Fucks Collin Adams) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Aiden Garcia has had the hots for cutie Collin Adams for ages. Unfortunately Collin had a boyfriend back in the day. So, until now, he’s always been Aiden’s fantasy fuck.

Spank This!: Blake Mitchell Spanks Jamie Ray in ‘Training Session’

Training Session (Blake Mitchell Spanks Jamie Ray) at SpankThis!

The booty beating definitely worked! As soon as Blake Mitchell takes off, Jamie Ray begins his squats for his next “Training Session.”

Helix Studios: Ryan Bailey and Joey Mills in ‘Dick Dream Flip-Fuck’

Dick Dream Flip-Fuck (Ryan Bailey and Joey Mills) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Ryan Bailey wakes sleeping Helix Studios superstar Joey Mills then asks what he was dreaming about. Much to Ryan’s delight Joey says, “you”. From then on it’s pedal to the medal porn perfection!

Spank This!: Max Carter Spanks Dustin Cook in ‘Taquito Thief’

Taquito Thief (Max Carter Spanks Dustin Cook) at SpankThis!

Blond adonis Max Carter has a horny hunger. He has taken his time putting together the perfect lunch of tasty taquitos when the doorbell rings. It seems to be a pranker pulling a ring and run. So, he goes back inside only to find neighborhood naughty boy Dustin Cook chowing down on HIS mighty meal!

Helix Studios: Cameron Parks Fucks Aiden Garcia in ‘Summer Swim’

Summer Swim (Cameron Parks Fucks Aiden Garcia) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

It’s a brutal, sun-beaming summer day at Helix Studios but Aiden Garcia and Cameron Parks have found a way to beat the heat…. with their meat!

Helix Studios: Tyler Hill Barebacks Danny Nelson in ‘Tyler Tops’

Tyler Tops (Tyler Hill Barebacks Danny Nelson) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios has given superstar bottom Tyler Hill a tasty topping roll. He takes Danny Nelson by the neck, then works his way down to the boy’s beautifully smooth butt.

Helix Studios: Dressed For Success (A Blake Mitchell Photoshoot)

Dressed For Success (A Blake Mitchell Photoshoot) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios’ fashionable and super-sexy porn star, Blake Mitchell, shows off his dapper side in this MENatPLAY-esque exhibition.

Helix Studios: Joey Mills Fucks Angel Rivera in ‘Prime Real Estate’

Prime Real Estate (Joey Mills Fucks Angel Rivera) at HelixStudios

Joey Mills has a new job at a real estate agency and an amazing new listing! He’s so excited about the prime real estate opportunity he takes boyfriend Angel Rivera to the amazing mansion that he’s sure to make a killing on.

Helix Studios: Corbin Colby Fucks Danny Nelson in ‘RUSH’

RUSH (Corbin Colby Fucks Danny Nelson) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

A breakfast boning is on today’s menu as sun streams through glass block windows in the kitchen. This creates a feast for the eyes and a kaleidoscope of cock before Danny Nelson and Corbin Colby come into full focus. The celestial sunlight settles on these two heavenly bodies while Danny is sucking up a heaping helping of Corbin’s big breakfast sausage.

SpankThis!: Jeff Sterne Spanks Jimmy Andrews and Adam Hunt in ‘Double Discipline’

Double Discipline (Jeff Sterne Spanks Jimmy Andrews and Adam Hunt) at SpankThis!

Adam Hunt has dirty blond boy Jimmy Andrews over in the middle of the night for some some fun. The only problem is, mommy and daddy are sleeping in the room right next door! The dynamic duo are having such a great time they wake up Adam’s dad (Jeff Sterne) who isn’t too happy.

Helix Studios: Josh Brady Fucks Landon Vega in ‘Just Friends’

Just Friends (Josh Brady Fucks Landon Vega) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

When Landon Vega comes home late, his “roommate” Josh Brady can’t help but be a bit jealous. After all, you could cut the sexual tension between these cock stars with a knife! Brady finally lets his tough top jock wall down and admits he DOES have feelings for Landon; then the lovin’ begins!

Helix Studios: Cameron Parks Fucks Collin Adams in ‘Cum Inside’

Cum Inside (Cameron Parks Fucks Collin Adams) at HelixStudios

This scene starts off with a bang as Cameron Parks can’t wait to get his hands Collin Adams. He slams the tiny treat of a twink against the front door for a manhandle-outdoor-make out that’ll have the neighbors talkin’! They guys head inside, shutting the neighbors out but allowing us FULL ass and dick access!

Helix Studio: Max Carter Fucks Leo Frost in ‘Take It’

Take It (Max Carter Fucks Leo Frost) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios superstar, Max Carter’s, sinewy body is pure perfection showering as the warm water caresses his chiseled body before dripping down to his swinging cock. His shower is cut short however since his housemate Leo Frost used up all the soap! Don’t worry boys, it’s about to get REAL GOOD!

Helix Studios: Shane Cook Fucks Tyler Hill in ‘Afterparty Pound’

Afterparty Pound (Shane Cook Fucks Tyler Hill) at HelixStudios

Shane Cook and Tyler Hill have been flirting during the entire Helix Studios party and they finally drift off to a secluded bedroom for an afterparty pound!

Helix Studios: SPLASH Bareback Fuckfest (feat. Corbin Colby, Luke Wilder, Angel Rivera, Josh Brady, Joey Mills and Cameron Parks)

SPLASH Bareback Fuckfest (feat. Corbin Colby, Luke Wilder, Angel Rivera, Josh Brady, Joey Mills and Cameron Parks) at HelixStudios

Jump in to this ORGY and SPLASH around with all of your favorite Helix Studios porn stars: Angel Rivera, Cameron Parks, Corbin Colby, Joey Mills, Josh Brady and Luke Wilder! With all that sexiness in tiny swim trunks swingin’ around, things are BOUND to get GOOD and they definitely do!