Freshmen: Issue #65 (Ben Radcliffe & Jeff Mirren) (Scene 1)

Issue #65 (Ben Radcliffe & Jeff Mirren) (Scene 1) at

Those averse to twinks should skip to the second video. Ben Radcliffe appears terrified at the scene’s beginning. His nerves were not due to the impending sex but were the result of the beginning interview. When the sex starts, and you see that he’s as intense as any “old” pro, it’s evident that he’s afraid of speaking, not fucking. While Ben may look very young, he is 19 years old.

Freshmen: Issue #62 (Justin Saradon Fucks Nino Valens) (Scene 2)

Issue #62 (Justin Saradon Fucks Nino Valens) (Scene 2) at

We have chosen 2 of your favourite models from 2017 here with Justin Saradon and Nino Valens. Since the only common language spoken here is English, it is one of few clips we have that didn’t require translation. The sexual intensity in this clip is high and both boys reach climax together with Justin holing on just long enough to let Nino cum with Justin still inside him.

Freshmen: Issue #62 (Dylan Maguire Fucks Felix Gaul) (Scene 1)

Issue #62 (Dylan Maguire Fucks Felix Gaul) (Scene 1) at

For Christmas we decided to give you a special treat with Dylan Maguire. We selected his scene with Felix Gaul as it displays a remarkable sexual chemistry between them both. According to our internal reviewers, this is Felix’s best scene, archieving an A+ Rating, so we hope that you agree and will enjoy this scene. Issue #61: Luca Carrera & Liam Efron (Scene 2)

Issue #61: Luca Carrera & Liam Efron (Scene 2) at

Our second Freshmen this week is Luca Carrera. Unlike Benoit, Luca only has about a half-dozen scenes with us. You will see that it was a masterstroke to pair him with Liam Efron as both boys masterfully stroke each other as totally uninhibited, energetic lovers. There’s a chance Liam has finally met his match here. What do you think? Issue #61: Benoit Ulliel & Andre Boleyn (Scene 1)

Issue #61: Benoit Ulliel & Andre Boleyn (Scene 1) at

To start with, there are a couple things to tell you about Benoit Ulliel: First, he is a very accomplished and talented dancer. Secondly, he works very hard doing manual labour in a factory. If you like him, let us know so that he can offer him more work thus allowing him to focus more on dance and less on labour. As a change up to our usual training we have him starting out as the top, with Andre Boleyn as the lucky bottom. We keenly await your feedback.

Mario Galeno Fucks Hans Berlin in ‘Hunk Mates’ at Fuckermate!

Hunk Mates (Mario Galeno Fucks Hans Berlin) (Bareback) at Fuckermate

This week two hunk friends give their best for your pleasure: Hans Berlin, with his charming smile and his muscled trained body, bottoms for our Brazilian blonde Mario Galeno and takes his thick cock like a pro. The final reward for Hans is a juicy load to taste till last drop! Issue #60 {Home Video Special}: Andre Boleyn Fucks Pip Caulfield (Scene 2)

Issue #60: Andre Boleyn Fucks Pip Caulfield (Scene 2) at

In our 2nd video for this Home Video special, the old rivalry between Adam Archuleta and Andre Boleyn resurfaces, this time with Andre stealing Pip Caulfield away before Adam has a chance to do his casting. Pip does not seem to mind at all and the boys reach a happy settlement by agreeing to give Pip a ‘Special Casting’ session where Andre fucks him and Adam films it all. Issue #60 {Home Video Special}: Joel Birkin Fucks Christian Lundgren (Scene 1)

Issue #60: Joel Birkin Fucks Christian Lundgren (Scene 1) at

We start with a half-selfie between Joel Birkin and Christian Lundgren with Adam acting mainly as second cameraman. Your feedback regarding this more casual style of shooting would be greatly appreciated as we are planning more of this in the future. Issue #57 Mael Gauthier Fucks Jordan Faris (Scene 1)

Issue #57 Mael Gauthier & Jordan Faris (Scene 1) at

Mael Gauthier, like everyone else, has his faults. However, as he’ll demonstrate to you- and Jordan Faris- in this scene, a low sex-drive is not among them. Mael plays Jordan as a virtuoso with a fine violin, starting slowly and building intensity and tempo until he is fucking him into a crescendo of cum. Please let us know if the boys made beautiful music together, or fell flat. GD: Forgive Mael’s occasional strange facial expressions. You crave authenticity, right? Well, we all make weird expressions during sex at times. Issue #44: Bastian Dufy, Jason Bacall & Jarrod Lanvin (Scene 1)

Issue #44: Bastian Dufy, Jason Bacall & Jarrod Lanvin (Scene 1) at

Our more observant members may have noticed a pattern: Every fourth week of summer features a two-part scene with three of your favourites. This week we have Jarrod Lanvin, Bastian Duffy and Jason Bacall! Jason Bacall & Hoyt Kogan (Bareback)

Jason Bacall & Hoyt Kogan (Bareback) at

Today’s scene was shot as a part of the African production last December. I admit it is neither an early, nor the only scene with Hoyt Kogan and Jason Bacall. I selected it for Jason’s debut simply because it was good, and thanks to its opening, also untraditional. Admittedly it is a bit out of context because it was shot as a part of an African reality show, but I am sure you’ll enjoy it. Bob Marghiela

Bob Marghiela at

As we labeled this edition “Athletic”, the choice to highlight Bob Marghiela was obvious. The reviews of his casting on BelAmi were mixed. While everyone appreciated his great body and big dick, others felt his facial features lacked the classic beauty Bel Ami is known for. He is the best sexual performer of all the boys with a questionable future. You will appreciate his skills next week in a scene with Charlie Bogard. Issue #13: Joaquin Arrenas & Jeff Mirren (Scene 1)

Issue #13: Joaquin Arrenas & Jeff Mirren (Scene 1) at

Joaquin Arrenas was given a Spanish name for several reasons: First, he has a bit of a Latin lover look to him. Second, he is fluent in Spanish having spent several years in Barcelona. When on location we sometimes catch him watching Spanish “Tele Novellas” on TV. Issue #11: Kevin Warhol Fucks Lars Norgaard (Scene 2)

Issue #11: Kevin Warhol Fucks Lars Norgaard (Scene 2) at

…and in the 2nd part Kevin Warhol again has the privilege to take away Lars Norgaard’s cherry! Believe us that despite all the uneasiness, it was also the moment when Lars found out a bit more about his sexuality and his erogenous zones and wasnít sure if to be happy or scared about it. Some members looked at the cover picture for this scene and figured out that it was Kevin bottoming for Lars in this duo and rejoiced, but trust us the real reward here is Lars bottoming, not Kevin. Issue #11: Lars Norgaard with Kevin Warhol & Joel Birkin (Scene 1)

Issue #11: Lars Norgaard with Kevin Warhol & Joel Birkin at

So in this issue some of you may be unhappy with the fact that 1 of our 2 scenes is only a blow job. On the other hand all 3 entries are featuring Lars Norgaard, which should make up for it. The first part of this issue has Kevin Warhol with the good luck to be sucking 2 of the biggest and most beautiful Hungarian dicks around…

Freshmen: Issue #8: Scene 1 (Dylan Maguire Fucks Liam Efron)

Issue #8: Scene 1 (Dylan Maguire Fucks Liam Efron) at

Some of you are under the impression that Liam Efron is a little bit hyperactive. I guess the same thing can also be said about Dylan Maguire, so we decided to try and combine their energies and see if the sexual dynamic worked. For some reason (maybe it was Marty’s sometimes sleepishness) the scene didn’t turn out how we expected it would, but it is certainly good and worth watching. Issue #5: Jon Kael’s Interview & Solo

Jon Kael's Interview & Solo at

Jon Kael does not need any special introduction here but we still decided to include him in the 1st regular edition of Freshmen as he was never formally introduced. Hopefully today’s interview and solo will bring him even closer to you as a person. Jon will appear on Freshmen primarily in the series with the Musketeers, but he is headed mainly for BelAmiOnline because of his more athletic build. Issue #4: Raf Koons Fucks Jerome Exupery (Scene 1) (Bareback)

Raf Koons Fucks Jerome Exupery (Bareback) at

Raf Koons is obviously the kind of boy who will either appeal to a customer or not with very little inbetweens. His main attribute of course is his huge dick and he is also a way better top than bottom.

Don’t be deceived by his innocent looks: In his private life he likes really rough sex. Gino Mosca & Jean-Luc Bisset

Gino Mosca & Jean-Luc Bisset (Bareback) at KinkyAngels

Last month you saw Jean-Luc Bisset’s first oral scene with Gino. His introduction that we mentioned in an earlier edition of Kinky Angels begins in this issue. Jean-Luc and Gino have three pieces together; this art collection stems from their photo-session taken last year in Budapest.

Joel Birkin Fucks Torsten Ullman Bareback in ‘Immediate Attraction’ at

Joel Birkin Fucks Torsten Ullman (Bareback) at KinkyAngels

We decided upon this early scene with Joel Birkin to serve as Torsten Ullman’s Kinky Angels’s introduction. Hoyt Kogan and Claude Sorel (Bareback)

It was rather difficult to select the premiere scene for Hoyt. His early scenes are from the period where he was still chubby and his hair was close cropped and his overall look was substantially different than it is now. He then had a period where he couldn’t bottom for a couple of months and in between then someone broke his nose, and the list goes on. Lars Norgaard (First Look at Lars)

Lars Norgaard (First Look at Lars) at KinkyAngels

We all know that reality interferes with our fantasies. Lars Norgaard from Budapest proves that fantasy can interfere with reality as well. Lars’ has some fantastical ideas about shooting porn that makes shooting with him difficult. Don’t be optimistic about seeing him a lot. As Lars’ shares a “plastic doll” chiseled physique similar to Hoyt’s I’m sure you will hate him anyway. Never fear, I have Dehanoia busily preparing our Jelly-belly June edition now. ;-) Kevin Warhol Initiates Jerome Exupery (Bareback)

Kevin Warhol Initiates Jerome Exupery (Bareback) at KinkyAngels

First times, though unforgettable to those who experience it, can also be awkward and clumsy. This is why we refrain from tendering an introduction to models with their first filmed porn scene. It might make a bad first impression.