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Tom Pollock & Johnny Bloom at Bel Ami Online

Tom Pollock & Johnny Bloom at

Tom Pollock and Johnny Bloom were always a bit of couple during their time in front of the camera at BelAmi, and both boys for a time stuck together and asked for jobs here in the office as well (Tom still works here btw), so we knew that there would be no problem with ‘chemistry’ when we scheduled the together for this photosession.

Johnny Bloom & Tom Pollack Tag-Team Jerome Exupery Bareback at Bel Ami Online

Johnny Bloom & Tom Pollack Tag-Team Jerome Exupery at

Jerome Exupery is very much the proverbial ‘Good time had by all’ in this weeks feature update. If the other boys had not wanted to go to the beach quite so much I am sure we would have ended up with a gang bang here instead of a 3-way.

BelAmiOnline: Bareback Strip Chess (Phillipe Gaudin, Tom Pollock & Gaelan Binoche)

Bareback Strip Chess (Phillipe Gaudin, Tom Pollock and Gaelan Binoche) at

Since you all seemed to enjoy seeing Tom Pollock again in last week’s action picture update we decided to bring him back again for our Tuesday update.

He gets together here with Phillipe Gaudin in a tag team fuck of Gaelan Binoche…. after a little game of special chess.

BelAmiOnline: Claude Sorel, Tom Pollock & Scott Bennet (Part 2) (Bareback Threeway)

Claude Sorel, Tom Pollock & Scott Bennet (Part 2) (Bareback Threeway) at

Today is the flip side of our 3some with Tom Pollock, Claude Sorel and Scott Bennet. On Thursday you saw Claude on the bottom being fucked by both Tom and Scott, and today Tom gets his eagerly awaited turn to bottom.

BelAmiOnline: Claude Sorel, Tom Pollock & Scott Bennet (Part 1) (Bareback Threeway)

Claude Sorel, Tom Pollock & Scott Bennet (Part 1) (Bareback) at

The beginning of this clip is quite revealing in a subtle kind of way. Tom works in our Prague office taking care of pre-castings and also the archive. His biggest passion however is amateur bodybuiding and the kitchen always seems to be full of protein and dietary supplements, so, it is no surprise to see him here posing in front of the mirror admiring the fruits of his hard work.

BelAmiOnline: Tom Pollock (Art Collection)

Tom Pollock (Art Collection) at

Tom Pollock is our cowboy of the week, starring in tis Art Collection photoshoot by Joan Crisol.

BelAmiOnline: Tom Pollock & Rocco Alfieri (Bareback)

Tom Pollock & Rocco Alfieri (Bareback) at

After we get a little history lesson, Tom has to follow some secret instructions that Rocco has been given to bring with him to Budapest. (hint: It involves licking, ice-cream and what he should do with Rocco).

BelAmiOnline: Orgy (24 Boys In Blow Job Action) (Part 3)

Orgy (24 Boys In Blow Job Action) (Part 3) at

It’s oral obsession day today with the blow job part of the orgy. 24 boys means also that we needed to have plenty of cameramen on hand to catch all the action from every possible angle, the full effect you will start to see tomorrow with a special cum shot edit from todays action.

BelAmiOnline: Orgy (24 Boys In Action) (Bareback) (Part 2)

Orgy (24 Boys In Action) (Bareback) at

Despite Kevin’s best efforts at organizing, all of the boys make it to the location for the big 20th Anniversary orgy and it is time to get things underway.

For those of you who may think that producing and orgy is simply a matter of getting all the boys together and filming them have sex, nothing could be further from the truth: Filming outside, the boys need sunscreen, they need a makeshift gym to tone their bodies into perfect shape, and most importantly, boys being boys, they need food and to be entertained.

BelAmiOnline: Jim Kerouac & Tom Pollock

Jim Kerouac & Tom Pollock at

We all know that Jim Kerouac has a magic dick for fucking, but in today’s scene with Tom Pollock we also find out that he has magic hands when it comes to giving a massage, completely relaxing his partner before working him up into a frenzy.

BelAmiOnline: Tom Pollock & Johnny Bloom (Bareback)

Tom Pollock & Johnny Bloom (Bareback) at

Today’s update features 2 of your newest favorites, Johnny Bloom and Tom Pollock. In addition to this scene together, they also work in the same room in our Prague office and are about to take a big step and become flatmates as well. I am not sure if this is a burgeoning romance, but at the very least the guys will be spending almost all of their time together and we will just have to imagine how they put that time to use.

Watch Tom Pollock & Johnny Bloom at BelAmiOnline

BelAmiOnline: Harris Hilton & Tom Pollock (Bareback)

Harris Hilton & Tom Pollock (Bareback) at

Harris Hilton has trouble even to wait for Todd to go pick up lunch before putting the moves on Tom Pollock. As soon as Todd is out of the room a first course of sausage is on the menu and a main course of Harris himself.

Watch Harris Hilton & Tom Pollock at BelAmiOnline

BelAmiOnline: Jason Clark & Tom Pollock (Bareback)

Jason Clark & Tom Pollock (Bareback) at

Our latest update features a contrasting combo of the archetype blond Tom Pollock with the dark haired brunette Jason Clark. Watch the chemistry explode and the action unfold condom free!

Watch Jason Clark & Tom Pollock (Bareback) at BelAmiOnline